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  1. that fixed the issue, thanks for all your assistance. One final question, it stated in the log that it moved files to lost+found, but where do I find this folder?
  2. I have no drives showing unmountableI attached the file already, but here it is again in case it didn't attached correctly. I have rebooted the server a couple of times (once after the parity rebuild after the read errors on drive 1 and when the server came backup good, I rebooted a second time just for good measure as I still saw the problem)
  3. I was copying files between drives using krusader and got read errors on 2 drives (drive 1 and drive 8). As was previously recommended when troubleshooting read errors I replaced the sata cables. Once I replaced the sata cables and checked drives, the drives show clear. Now when I browse to 2 of my shares on my windows machine, the directories are blank, but when I browse to them through unraid on the drive share and not the user share I show files. Screen show from user share in unraid: here is when I browse to the disk share via unraid I'm confuse
  4. ok i have swapped cables, how do I put the parity drive back in service
  5. thanks for the command to turn on.. report as requested
  6. I swapped data cables with another drive to see if the issue follows the cable or stays with the drive. I'm unable to start a smart short or extended self-test when I click on start it doesn't do anything. When I try to show self test history or error log they are blank. I have attached the smart report.
  7. to check cables I need to turn off server. Is there any other info I need before I turn off the server?
  8. Got notified that I have parity read errors (896) on my server. How can I troubleshoot to see if it is in fact a bad drive or something else. I have attached diagnostics for your reference. Thanks for taking the time. parity drive - WD red 6TB Unraid ver - 6.8.3
  9. I have swapped SATA cables and rebuilt. I again have read errors. I have attached diagnostics
  10. finished SMART extended self test and it completed without error
  11. I got disk read error on Disk 8. Can someone assist me in diagnosing if this is either a stop and start array and watch or if I have a failing drive. Also I'm now in the process of running a SMART extended self test on the drive in question. Thanks for taking the time hoth-diagnostics-20200208-1208.rar
  12. First let me start by saying awesome videos. I have successfully installed bitwarden on unraid 6.8.2 and it is working correctly. However I didn't write down the admin token when I initially created it and now that I want to go back into the admin portal it shows hidden in the docker container settings page. Do you know of a way to see the token or do I need to delete and reinstall this time keeping a copy of the token? Thanks for your great assistance. ********** SOLUTION ********* found a way to view the key, it is under appdata\bitwarden in the config.json fi
  13. ok I found it. After I changed it from yes to no. It works as wanted.
  14. How does one stop all post processing in RADARR. After SAB downloads files I don't want RADARR to do any post processing of files?