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  1. whats the ETA on 6.4? If its still far from release, is the recommended way of dealing with this still to reinstall the container?
  2. Is it possible to plug an external USB drive into an unraid box, and have it perform some action? Say, rsync some directory with the external USB automatically? I've seen this type of functionality on synology boxes and was wondering what support unraid has for external (temporary) drives
  3. My webgui doesnt appear to be working. Attached is my log file I notice the line that says AUTH: Received control message: AUTH_FAILED. Is that referring to my airvpn account authentication or something else? log.txt
  4. How do you turn on debug mode and get access to the correct log file? (the https fix didnt work for me, nor did using a different device)
  5. I'm experiencing the same thing (although I'm on 6.3.2 and using airvpn instead of pia). I cant access the webgui, and I cant connect using desktop Deluge either (host status is red) When I look in the log for deluge (through the unraid gui) I dont see anything in there that stands out as being problematic. How else could I diagnose this problem?
  6. How much truth is there to an article like this: I've seen many posts/articles claiming the same thing, which was the primary reason for not giving freenas a go back in the day. Are these concerns applicable to ZFS on unraid?
  7. which part? changing the baseurl or reverse proxy?
  8. Is there a place in the unraid settings where we can change the base url to add a subdirectory like http://localip/unraid ? I'm trying to reverse proxy unraid admin through apache but the admin links are broken if I set the unraid url to
  9. sorry - minor oversight when I was typing. I do pass 443 to nginx and use https. I also pass 80 to nginx but it forces a redirect to 443 if any traffic comes in on 80
  10. well I have nginx on port 80 and moved unraid to 88. So on my router I pass port 80 through to the nginx docker, which has an SSL certificate, so I'm guessing thats a secure setup?
  11. ok everything seems to be working now, thanks any thoughts on what might have caused this? anything to avoid in the future?
  12. I'm getting an error when I try to run this from the command line: Phase 1 - find and verify superblock... - block cache size set to 709592 entries Phase 2 - using internal log - zero log... zero_log: head block 2424704 tail block 2423719 ERROR: The filesystem has valuable metadata changes in a log which needs to be replayed. Mount the filesystem to replay the log, and unmount it before re-running xfs_repair. If you are unable to mount the filesystem, then use the -L option to destroy the log and attempt a repair. Note that destroying the log may cause
  13. so I logged into root by plugging a keyboard into the server, changed the line in disk.cfg so start array is set to no rebooted logged back in as root and tried to run xfs_repair -v /dev/md2 It gives me an error: /dev/md2/: No such file or directory Could not intialize XFS library I guess thats happening because its not part of the drive array anymore because I stopped it so I should use /dev/sdXX/ instead, but how do I tell which one is disk2? I have sda, sda1, ..., sde, sde1
  14. I upgraded to the latest version of unraid the other day and today I've been going through the process of upgrading docker containers. Some strange things started happening, but unfortunately I cant go into specifics because I wasnt expecting anything to go wrong so didn't go looking for warnings/error messages The server started its monthly parity check and at about 70% I noticed that the web ui was no longer responsive and I couldn't access my shares. I thought maybe the server had crashed and restarted the server physically. Web ui started working again and a notification said the pari
  15. I've read in a number of places that unraid is not secure enough to run an internet facing web server on the machine, and running things like nginx/apache reverse proxy are not advised. Could anyone explain why this is the case? I would like to be able to hook up a domain name and access some of my dockers while I'm away from my LAN On a related note...if it is insecure to run a webserver/reverse proxy on an unraid machine, is it also not advised to run an openvpn server on the machine for the same reason? If ovpn servers (in a container) is secure, what makes that different from running
  16. Nem

    Cloning a VM

    I just tried that but its giving me an error: cp: failed to clone ‘/mnt/cache/VM/UbuntuNew/vdisk1.img’ from ‘/mnt/cache/VM/UbuntuBase/vdisk1.img’: Invalid argument What I ran was: cp --reflink /mnt/cache/VM/UbuntuBase/vdisk1.img /mnt/cache/VM/UbuntuNew/vdisk1.img Both source and destination are on my SSD, which is BTRFS formatted A file shows up at the destination but its size is 0, so at least the paths are correct
  17. Is it possible to clone a VM that has already been created, and have it behave completely independently of the original?
  18. When I started using unraid almost year ago I used to check my docker containers for updates weekly, and every week there was at least 1 container that needed to be updated to a newer version However, I've noticed that for the past 2 months whenever I check for updates, no update has been available for any containers as they are all always 'up-to-date' I'm wondering if this is a bug, or if something changed in unraid that is causing it to say there are no updates, even if there might be? Plugin updating (e.g. community applications) seems to be fine as I see updates every now and the
  19. Yeah I started seeing that as well. Not sure why I'm on a dev release now...
  20. I thought about doing something like that, but the way I have nginx-letsencrypt set up is all port 80 traffic it receives gets automatically redirected to 443 Furthermore, a splitting traffic by protocol alone would lead to problems. lets say on my router I forward 80 to nginx ( and 443 to nginx-letsencrypt ( Both domains will point to the same IP. So if someone goes to, they will be incorrectly taken to the proxy site, and if someone goes to they will be taken to personal site because of how the ports are forwa
  21. So nginx-letsencrypt is running on 443, but for my personal website I dont actually need 443 and can run it without SSL. The site is entirely static and doesnt require the user to send/receive any personal data to the server. In other words I dont actually need a SSL cert for the personal site. Does this change things at all?
  22. I'm currently using the Nginx-letsencrypt app, where the nginx server is used as a reverse proxy for all of my other applications. I have a domain name pointing at the server so everything can be accessed with for example I also currently run my personal website on digital ocean, but my credit just expired and I'm looking for alternative ways to host it and thought that I could host is on my unraid server through a new docker container Is it possible to set up a second nginx container to host my website such that when people go to they'll g
  23. I'm trying to install privoxy directly from dockerhub because the only one I could find an unraid template doesn't expose the config file. After install, the container doesn't start. In my unraid log I see: Apr 17 05:59:26 Server php: /usr/local/emhttp/plugins/dynamix.docker.manager/scripts/docker 'start' 'privoxy' Apr 17 05:59:26 Server kernel: device veth79efe2e entered promiscuous mode Apr 17 05:59:26 Server kernel: docker0: port 6(veth79efe2e) entered forwarding state Apr 17 05:59:26 Server kernel: docker0: port 6(veth79efe2e) entered forwarding state Apr 17 05:59:26 Serv
  24. I'm considering installing the graylog container just to see what its like. Could anyone explain what gets stored in the following volumes, how big each directory tends to get, and whether each should be stored on the cache drive or a user share? /var/opt/graylog/data /var/log/graylog /opt/graylog/plugin
  25. is the go file something that gets overwritten during unraid upgrades?