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  1. so I dont have hostnames set up, but my domain points to my IP, and I have www and vpn subdomains I changed my nginx.conf to (sites-config/default server also listens on 4430): stream { map $ssl_preread_server_name $name { fred; barney; } upstream barney { #openvpn container server; } upstream fred { # upstream nginx virtual hosts such as sonarr, radarr, nzbget, etc. server; } server { listen 443 so_keepal
  2. I dont mind setting up a subdomain like, but is there a way to set this up without duckdns? my use case, I think, is similar to yours. When I want to use the vpn or access the webgui I want to access it via If I want the rest of my other containers I want to go to
  3. Thanks, I tried it but none of my sites are working now. Most likely due to me not know exactly what needs to be changed. Here's what I changed things to: stream { map $ssl_preread_server_name $name { fred; default barney; } upstream barney { #openvpn container server; } upstream fred { # upstream nginx virtual hosts such as sonarr, radarr, nzbget, etc. server; } server { listen 443 so_keepalive=on; proxy_pass $name;
  4. is there a way to put openvpn access server's webgui behind an nginx reverse proxy?
  5. any chance of adding letsencrypt to this for the webgui?
  6. Nem

    appdata location

    thanks. if theres essentially no difference, whats the reason for leaving it in /mnt/cache ?
  7. whats the difference between /mnt/cache/appdata and /mnt/user/appdata? Should I be using one over the other for storing my container config directories? I've been using /mnt/cache/appdata for my containers, but if I need to switch over to the other is it safe to just point my container to the other location without affecting any existing config/settings?
  8. ok I think I found the problem. I had to change my ports, use "auto" mode and change my router DNS server to something other than my ISPs. I think everything is good now
  9. I tried changing my ports from 80/443 to 8181/4343 and now the webgui works, but the SSL certificate I was issued was invalid (chrome says the site is not secure) could this be because I was already issued a certificate with the old port numbers? how do I get around this problem?
  10. awesome, didnt know ASRock made server boards so originally I was planning on using a riser to plug my 16x graphics card into the 8x slot. I dont think it would fit otherwise? it might be good to have an option without needing a riser, so are there any motherboards that support 2 16x slots if I relax my requirements about motherboard size and allow for an ATX board?
  11. a 16x and an 8x would be fine for my purposes
  12. is there a plugin that tracks disk usage over time? I'd like to be able to see how quickly I'm filling up my storage EDIT: I know there are plugins that track array storage over time, but I'm looking for info about specific drives
  13. the current way of logging into the unraid webgui (using chrome) is through the little dropdown box for entering a username and password. However, this method isn't compatible with password managers like lastpass because the fields arent part of a form on a webpage Would it be possible to change over to a webpage form based method? currently I either have to either manually copy and paste my password from lastpass (which takes time) or to keep my password simple so I can remember it (which is insecure)
  14. Im planning on getting a Xeon E3 1245v6 and I'm looking for a motherboard. Must meet the following requirements: - Must be able to hold two dual slot graphics cards (1080Ti). These will be passed through to different VMs - Micro ATX or smaller - ECC RAM (not sure to what degree this is determined by the motherboard) - At least 6 SATA ports - The machine is on 24/7, so presumably some server grade board would be better Any recommendations?
  15. perfect, I think I'll go with the E3 1245v6, thanks!
  16. I had the same issue and just added port 58946 to the docker, which fixed the problem. But yes, also curious why its not included in the template
  17. I have the same issue. Made a thread about it here but no solution so far:
  18. Probably at least 4C/8T 3.3+GHz. Not an insane amount of horsepower as the GPUs will be doing the heavy lifting Dont I need integrated graphics in order to do GPU passthrough? I seem to remember trying passthrough with one of the i5s or i7s and it didn't work because it lacked an iGPU, but I may be remembering wrong... Do none of the E5s have integrated graphics?
  19. Im planning on upgrading CPU, motherboard, and RAM in my server. Currently trying to find a CPU. Any recommendations for a Xeon that supports the following: - ECC RAM - hyperthreading - VTx and VTd - Integrated graphics The main reason for the upgrade is that I have 2 VMs, both of which need access to 2 separate physical GPUs for machine learning purposes, so I think this requires the CPU to have integrated graphics and support both VTx and VTd I took a look at the ARK website, but there are so many CPUs that meet the requirements. Anything I
  20. the FAQ has been updated to include log rotation for docker containers. If I turn this feature on now, does affect existing containers? i.e. should I expect it to go through my existing (overly large) log files and rotate them out based on the options I chose? Or do you need to reinstall the container for log rotation to apply?
  21. The Fix Common Problems plugin has indicated a similar warning for a number of my containers: CouchPotato (needo/couchpotato:latest) has the following comments: The unRaid community generally recommends to install the CouchPotato application from either linuxserver's or binhex's repositories This application has been deprecated from Community Applications for that reason. While still functional, it is no longer recommended to utilize it. Whats the correct way to migrate to, say, linuxserver's version of couchpotato while retaining all of my settings and related fi
  22. anyone notice, since updating, that the FTP server is re-enabled automatically after a reboot? I've tried disabling it and removing all ftp users from the list, but it still gets enabled again...
  23. Just updated unraid to 6.4 and turned on SSL. It redirects me to https://server.local/Settings/Identification (the unraid machine is called "Server"), but its an error page containing: server.local didn’t send any data. ERR_EMPTY_RESPONSE When I try to navigate to http://<localip> I get redirected to the same place As of right now, I can't access the webgui. The array still seems to be online, and I can manually turn off SSL in the ident.cfg file, which brings everything back Probably unrelated, but I have a VM set up as an apache prox
  24. whats the ETA on 6.4? If its still far from release, is the recommended way of dealing with this still to reinstall the container?
  25. Is it possible to plug an external USB drive into an unraid box, and have it perform some action? Say, rsync some directory with the external USB automatically? I've seen this type of functionality on synology boxes and was wondering what support unraid has for external (temporary) drives