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  1. Hi Yoshi, any chance we could update this docker? I know you left unraid, but if there's some way we can help out let us know. thanks.
  2. still updates at only 1-2MBps with the docker. Without the docker i can hit 26-30MBps.
  3. Steam caching is working great. caching is pretty slow on the initial download. 1gig connection and i'm maxing at 4.5MB down. I normally pull around 40-60MB.
  4. Looks like another update. Thanks for keeping this going!
  5. I'm currently experiencing the same issue. All dockers hang, including Pi Hole for my DNS. Plex doesn't respond. I also had high io-wait showing in netdata. I'm running 6.7 with the nvidia plugin for plex transcoding.
  6. @mlebjerg that would be awesome, keep us posted!
  7. Followed the guide and it's working perfectly with a P2000. Thanks!
  8. can anyone explain how i can use the awawis fork for the comcast dns issue?
  9. if i set my remote access to manual port, it seems to be working. thanks.
  10. Anyone else with comcast still having their caches bypassed? [2018-08-07 21:12:48] HTTP (CDN,64) - ( /, host: Closing connection [2018-08-07 21:12:48] HTTP (CDN,64) - ( /, host: Closing connection [2018-08-07 21:12:48] HTTP (CDN,64) - ( /, host: Closing connection [2018-08-07 21:12:48] HTTP
  11. or regular websites work fine, just no game updates or downloads.
  12. Still can't get this to work. Steam Cache config as follows... Network Type: Custom br0 Fixed IP: Privileged: Off Lancache IP: (IP of unraid server) data: mnt/user/LanCache/Data logs: user/appdata/steamcachebundle/data/logs Port 80 on a virtual machine with DNS set to [2018-07-10 15:21:58] Failed to get "/serverlist/1/20/" from (HTTP Error 401) [2018-07-10 15:22:00] Failed to get "/serverlist/1/20/" from (HTTP Error 401) [2018-07-10 15:22:02] Fail
  13. Is this docker supposed to create logs with root/root access? Neither of my log files grow, they all stay 0KB.
  14. This is a snippet of my content_log.txt. GenericCache was running and working for blizzard/origin at the time. [2018-06-13 16:07:42] HTTP (CDN,64) - ( /, host: Closing connection [2018-06-13 16:07:42] HTTP (CDN,64) - ( /, host: Closing connection [2018-06-13 16:07:42] HTTP (CDN,64) - ( /, host: Cl
  15. I had it working previously where it would work for blizzard/origin/windows updates, but rarely for steam. I have Comcast and it always bypassed the cache and downloaded from the internet. Seemed like a similar issue.
  16. Did they ever fix the issue of steam downloads hitting the comcast cdn servers? Link to the discussion
  17. I uninstalled the 3 apps and installed the bundle. Steam updates wouldn't connect, just sat there. Other DNS requests worked (I copied over all of my other settings). Previously i was having an issue with steam where it would hit the comcast server for updates, not my cache but this is a different issue. I couldn't tell if it was a permission issue or something in the bundle. I have uninstalled it for now.
  18. Yep, that was the issue. For server IP i had the IP of Unraid, not the different IP of pihole. Thanks!
  19. so i have this installed and running, but for certain websites on all devices i get a pop up similar to this. Pop Up This is when sites such as or are loaded. I have the docker on br0 with it's own IP.
  20. I'm having the same issues with 2x512GB Samsung 850 Pros with BTFRS. I've changed cables and ports. No luck. Running 6.4.1.