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  1. Hi Yoshi, any chance we could update this docker? I know you left unraid, but if there's some way we can help out let us know. thanks.
  2. still updates at only 1-2MBps with the docker. Without the docker i can hit 26-30MBps.
  3. Steam caching is working great. caching is pretty slow on the initial download. 1gig connection and i'm maxing at 4.5MB down. I normally pull around 40-60MB.
  4. Looks like another update. Thanks for keeping this going!
  5. I'm currently experiencing the same issue. All dockers hang, including Pi Hole for my DNS. Plex doesn't respond. I also had high io-wait showing in netdata. I'm running 6.7 with the nvidia plugin for plex transcoding.
  6. @mlebjerg that would be awesome, keep us posted!
  7. Followed the guide and it's working perfectly with a P2000. Thanks!
  8. can anyone explain how i can use the awawis fork for the comcast dns issue?
  9. if i set my remote access to manual port, it seems to be working. thanks.
  10. Anyone else with comcast still having their caches bypassed? [2018-08-07 21:12:48] HTTP (CDN,64) - ( /, host: Closing connection [2018-08-07 21:12:48] HTTP (CDN,64) - ( /, host: Closing connection [2018-08-07 21:12:48] HTTP (CDN,64) - ( /, host: Closing connection [2018-08-07 21:12:48] HTTP
  11. or regular websites work fine, just no game updates or downloads.
  12. Still can't get this to work. Steam Cache config as follows... Network Type: Custom br0 Fixed IP: Privileged: Off Lancache IP: (IP of unraid server) data: mnt/user/LanCache/Data logs: user/appdata/steamcachebundle/data/logs Port 80 on a virtual machine with DNS set to [2018-07-10 15:21:58] Failed to get "/serverlist/1/20/" from (HTTP Error 401) [2018-07-10 15:22:00] Failed to get "/serverlist/1/20/" from (HTTP Error 401) [2018-07-10 15:22:02] Fail