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  1. It appears it is happening on both my unraid servers on Version: 6.8.3
  2. I think there is something wrong with my Wireguard plugin. Adding a 2nd Tunnel WG1 shows the fields all weird with underscores and any changes I make I cannot click the Apply button. Has anyone experienced this before?
  3. The Docker Hub URL seems to 404 in your template.
  4. Is there a way to get the Auto Fan Control plugin to ignore unassigned device drives? I have an SSD there which runs hotter than the regular mechanical drives so the fan is spinning at a higher RPM than I need.
  5. Can someone get this Youtube frontend working on Unraid?
  6. Is it possible to get this plugin to show which users are accessing what files in shares? Or is this a feature on another plugin that I have no idea about.
  7. Same issue with two of my servers. SHFS and FIND constantly running using up 20-30% CPU after the latest update 2020.08.01a. Had to disable the plugin to give my drives and CPU some time to rest 😀
  8. What happened to the disable Telnet option in Tips and Tweaks? I see there is only the option to disable FTP Server.
  9. I can't seem to get photos to show in the PhotosPrism container. Using the console and navigating to /originals brings up 0 photos while my host path in unraid has photos.
  10. I hope the new image lets us set kdeglobals to change the date format and easily change kde themes 😃
  11. Just a heads up, in CA Auto Update Applications (where we can set plugins to auto update or not) it seems like Plex Streams is missing info so it comes up blank there.
  12. Today I had to restart my server and noticed that the nav link reappears even with the setting for it to be hidden. I had to enable it the re-disable it to hide it. This setting doesn't appear to be persistent during reboots.
  13. Can we get a setting to hide the "PLEX_STREAMS" link in the top Unraid menu?