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  1. Unfortunately, my programming skills are limited. A simple Snapraid binary I can schedule would do the job for me. Also, is it possible to add Fish shell? Thanks.
  2. I got PA-VM working with Q35-2.6, anything newer hangs at boot. PCI passthrough works as well, I used an old Intel quad PT and the interfaces are detected as e1000e. Looking to buy an ixgbe card for DPDK support. Something to keep in mind, only the first virtio interface (mgmt) was detected so you may need to passthough. I tried rebooting a couple of times and it wouldn't recognize the other virtio NICs. There may be a troubleshooting step I missed but I was going to passthough anyway so I skipped that part.
  3. I edited the config file as follows and it works! Thanks. cipher aes-128-gcm auth sha256 ncp-disable
  4. PA-VM supports CentOS so I'm optimistic. Has anyone gotten it working?
  5. PIA now supports AES GCM. Is it possible to make that the default cypher? It's less than half the CPU cost, or double the bandwidth if you're maxing out one core. Thanks.
  6. Snapraid please please. I'd love to have options to protect unassigned devices.
  7. Thank you @Freddie @Benni-chan! When I first migrated to unRAID, even though I had researched split levels and set them up accordingly, rsync sprayed folders all over the array and the files ended up scattered. Finally fixed!
  8. If you're running your own upstream DNS proxy and you only use DNS1, you set DNS2 to the same address or an update will set it to
  9. If you set both to the same IP in the docker template, the container start process stops with "upstream DSN error"
  10. How do I prevent a container update from resetting my custom upstream DNS setting (internal router IP running Unbound)? I entered the IP in the template and I tried it three ways, with the second DNS server blank, repeating first IP, and deleting the variable. None worked ,the container started with an upstream DSN error and disabled the resolver and UI.
  11. I would be happy to test Nvidia driver integration. HEVC is coming and my CPU is going to to hurt.
  12. It's unlikely that a 1700 is double the single core performance of a 3.2GHz Sandy Bridge so would it be safe to assume AES-NI is working?
  13. I just upgraded to gigabit internet and it turns out the openvpn process inside this container maxes out ~250 Mbit/s with 100% of one CPU core. When PIA starts supporting AES-GCM this should improve but in the meantime I'm inclined to upgrade to a CPU that supports AES-NI. OpenSSL 1.1.0e inside the container should automatically leverage AES-NI, can someone with AES-NI run a speed test and report back?
  14. Zsh would be awesome. You already have git so pulling custom configs would be easy. Dstat would help for IO monitoring.
  15. Works now, thank you very much! I'm trying to set it up the way I had it before, did something happen to 'automove based on label'? I don't see the option to set up the label filter anymore or tell it how to create the nested folders.
  16. I think he meant that was the torrent he was downloading, as per the image, not the OS he was using. Lol I'm blind.
  17. Just tested with ubuntu 15.10 with unlimited speed, and I got 9.0MB/s. I have seen 10MB/s with multiple torrents.[/img] How did you get it to run on Ubuntu? I just tried in a Ubuntu Server VM and I get the same permissions issue on /var/log/nginx as I did on OMV.
  18. Just tried it on unRAID 6.2 b21 using default PID/GID. The UI loads but can't talk to rtorrent. Log attached. Same result on OVM when forcing root. supervisord.log.txt
  19. Hey, since we couldn't write to /var/log/nginx I created a folder for it on the host (chowned to 1005:1000) and added the following adding the following to my docker run command to see what would happen: -v /docker/rutorrent/log:/var/log/nginx \ With this it went further than before and the webui comes up but still not starting rtorrent correctly. Log included, maybe it can help. I'll likely be migrating to unRAID soon anyway. Thanks. supervisord.log.txt
  20. Definitely works on unRAID 6.2. My OMV box is basically Debian 7, docker daemon is running as root, and all my other containers work.
  21. It's my powerline font for zsh, it doesn't copy and paste well into the forum. It shouldn't matter since inside the container we're running bash.
  22. ? root@nas ? ~ ? docker exec -it rtorrent /bin/bash -c "chown -R nobody:users /var/log/nginx" ? root@nas ? ~ ? ? root@nas ? ~ ? ? root@nas ? ~ ? ? root@nas ? ~ ? docker exec -it rtorrent /bin/bash -c "su -c 'touch /var/log/nginx/test.log' - nobody" touch: cannot touch '/var/log/nginx/test.log': Permission denied no dice
  23. ? root@nas ? ~ ? docker exec -it rtorrent /bin/bash -c "su -c 'touch /var/log/nginx/test.log' - nobody" touch: cannot touch '/var/log/nginx/test.log': Permission denied ? root@nas ? ~ ? docker exec -it rtorrent /bin/bash -c "id nobody" uid=1005(nobody) gid=1000(users) groups=1000(users),99(nobody) ? root@nas ? ~ ? docker exec -it rtorrent /bin/bash -c "ls -al /var/log/nginx" total 8 drwxrwxr-x 2 nobody users 4096 Jan 26 12:22 . drwxr-xr-x 8 root root 4096 Apr 7 11:54 ..
  24. It doesn't seem to do anything, I even tried it running it separately inside the container: [root@fd072eedb8b3 /]# chown -R 1005:1000 /var/log/nginx/ [root@fd072eedb8b3 /]# ls -la /var/log/nginx/ total 8 drwxrwxr-x 2 nobody users 4096 Jan 26 12:22 . drwxr-xr-x 8 root root 4096 Apr 7 11:54 ..