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  1. I will attempt to post this to github In the meantime I'd like to get the nginx config working, but I am very lost. There is no template on the linuxserver letsencrypt docker for the subdomain.conf file and I cannot find one in google. Can someone help with this please?
  2. Good morning Thanks for the responses, I managed to get it working.. The FF_DB_HOST must be IPADDRESS:PORT I was asking for someone to make a community app so that it's easier for people to use this program. It takes some time to go through and add the variables. Thanks
  3. Hi Please can someone make a community app for Firefly III I have tired to get it running myself using this info I cannot get the docker to run successfully after manually adding all the variables. Thank you
  4. Thank you for sorting this binhex
  5. I should also add the sonos integration was not working on the last stable update.
  6. Morning Libresonic updated this morning and is no longer working. Logs show Error: Invalid or corrupt jarfile /opt/libresonic/libresonic.war Can this be fixed please.
  7. Hello Thank you for the zoneminder 1.29 docker. Is it possible for you to update the docker to the most recent version of zoneminder? Also is there a way to change the location where the recordings are saved to? Thanks
  8. Good afternoon tdallen Thank you for taking the time to reply, I will stick with a USB2 thumb drive, can you recomend the best way to transfer my data from the QNAP? Should I use Rsync instead of transfering files through my iMac. The only thing I was thinking was that the Motherboard is from 2013, is there anythinig more recent that performs better? Is skylake worth the extra ££? I don't have a monitor or keyboard, can I do the full setup using IPMI via my imac? Thanks
  9. Hello What a great forum! I've been a long time lurker and now getting close to pressing the buy button. My current setup is a QNAP TS-219p II NAS with 2 x 3TB drives. I need more power, space and speed and was about to purchase a Synology 1815+, the cheapest I can find one is £671.90 with a 4GB ram chip. For this kind of money I though that I would look at alternatives, I had heard and read about unraid before and I think it will fit my needs as I can expand when required. Case - Fractal Design R5 - £77.40 Motherboard - Supermicro X10SL7-F - £207 CPU - Intel Xeon E3 1231 V3 - £210.97 Ram - Crucial CT2KIT102472BD160B ECC DDR3 1600 x2 8GB - £85.73 PSU - Newton 600W 80 Plus Platinum Modular Power Supply - £82.99 Functional hardware subtotal - £664.09 SSD - Samsung 850 Evo 250GB - £68.99 HDD - 3TB WD Red - £90.99 each - £181.98 Unraid License - Pro key - £42.00 Grand total £957.06 I've got a USB2 thumb drive somewhere already that I can use, is there a befnift to using a USB3 drive? Can I build my array with the 2 new WD reds then once working I will add the 2 drives from my QNAP? I've read so many posts and I think this motherboard will suit me as I can expand to 14 drives without an additional PCI expander, once I flash the LSI on the motherboard to IT mode can I then use the blue sata ports directly to my hard drives? Do I use the SSD as a cache drive or just for Apps and Dockers? Will this all work together, can anyone shed some light on the wattage this will use? I've seen many posts with some that say 18w idle and others 35w? Thank you
  10. Hi Total newbie, I've ust joined the forum and looking for info for my first build. Is your system stable and working well? I noticed that the CPU cooler Noctua NH-U9B SE2 is not listed for socket 1151, did it fit ok? I'm looking at getting a E3-1245 v5 on the same mobo as yours so I have the option for HD graphics, is this required for VM's? Do you have any more info on wattage? low usage etc? Thanks