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  1. Nope this docker for one still comes with the override directory when you pull it. Its still in the template. Two that override dir does nothing as netdata no longer uses it and so when you modify the template before installing to be etc/netdata it doesn't work their are no configs but there were configs when the the template was pointing to the override folder. Also I checked it on the other one you mentioned and both have the same behavior. The etc/netdata folder the should contain configs is empty except for .opt-out-form.... and the claim.d
  2. Ok so I found a weird bug I think. When I install the netdata-glibc stock their is no config file in the override folder. I noticed that when I told it to not mnt the override folder all of a sudden the config files appeared in the /etc/netdata. Has anyone run into something similar and or a fix for this?
  3. I did add the --runtime=nvidia and it didnt work. I was able to get it to work with another container the has a glib added.
  4. Guys I posted this on Reddit and got it to work by using a different docker. Linked is the Reddit thread. And what I did: "I took D34DC3N73R's docker and shoved it in Data-monkey aka roland's template from the CA Hub and tada it works. All of my gpus that support nvidia-smi showed up! Now onto custom configs and things. Muahahaha!" I dont know if everything works but it seems to be! D34DC3N73R's docker: https://hub.docker.com/r/d34dc3n73r/netdata-glibc
  5. I have tired to get it to work as well and I cant figure it out. Anyone know of a way to install an earlier release of the container? Maybe that would work?
  6. Is anyone having the issue of when uninstalling the plug in it doesn't get rid of the tile on the dashboard?
  7. First specs: unraid 6.8.2 - from the version from the unraid nvidia plugin threadripper 1950X 128GB Ram 3 x gtx970 1 x quadro 2000 Hi Guys. I just have a quick question for everyone using the netdata docker in conjunction with unraid nvidia and also everyone else . I have been trying to pass through my gpus to netdata for like the last 2 weeks trying all different kinds of steps like putting in the correct extra parameters into the docker. I followed what others have done like: But even with that I cant see nvidia-smi in the docker from the console. I have a folding at home docker and that can see nvidia-smi with no issues but I cant seem to get it to work with the netdata docker. Others have also had this issue with the docker. Are we doing something wrong? Steps I have tried: Just one gpu Uninstalling and reinstalling apps, dockers, plugins, Passing through individual UUIDs of cards rather than just "all" Running scrips mentioned by others to make sure the correct config is edited I even went as far as installing random dockers and putting in the above variable and parameters and nvidia-smi worked in them....
  8. I second this when you get the chance! Thank you for the great plugin!
  9. Hello everyone, I am running Unraid 6.4.0. I just got a used APC Smart-UPS specifically a APC Smart-UPS SMX1500RM2U X 1200W/1500VA LCD 120V 2U/Tower UPS System https://www.amazon.com/APC-Smart-UPS-SMX1500RM2U-1500VA-System/dp/B002TIR2Z2. I have it connected with USB to my server. I have tried ever setting and can not get it to connect. I have also tried Network UPS tools but that didn't work either. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Mark
  10. Hi Everyone, Just a bit of an update that seems weird to me is that the ports aren't being forwarded. Am I seeing things or could this be my problem?
  11. Hi everyone, I am currently trying out gitlab for the first time and am having issues with the ssh connection. It continues to ask for a password and I cant seem to find out what is causing this issue. Does anyone have any ideas what could be causing this and or also having this issue? Mark
  12. Ah alright. Awesome. That seems to have fixed the issue about running out of room. But I am not 100% sure if thats the case because it crashed. and then i restarted the server because it has crashed before and that fixed it but this time something different happened. The name of the container changed from Crashplan to ecstatic_darwin and here is the proof below. Any idea what possibly could have happened? And if any other information is needed please let me know! Thank you for your help in advance! Mark
  13. Hello Everyone, I apologize in advance for an stupid questions I may have as I am new to linux, unraid and defiantly containers. Now with that being said I am having issues with my crash plan container. I have looked far and wide to try to figure out why and or how crash plan has run out of room to back up. What I have determined is that the container is limited to a certain size and therefore I cant back up more since I filled the container. This confuses me since then that means I would have to make a huge container and that isnt in the guide on page 1 of the crash plan thread. So I looked else where and have found one possibility. The config is not in a cache drive. Since I don't have cache I threw it on a disk. Could this be what is causing all of my trouble? And if so is their a work around without me getting a whole new drive? Thank you for any help you can give me! Mark
  14. Gotcha; So this is not the card I want due to the incompatibility due to it not having JBOD. (when i meant pass through i mean i read on a forum which i cant seem to find that someone passed through the hard drive without SMART stuff) Now regarding the CCISS driver I have been running around the inter webs trying to figure out exactly what I need to do to get it all to work and I just cant figure out exactly what I need to do. I have figure out what versions of the driver I need (I think) but I have no idea how to actually install the driver (new to linux as well). Also as of now I'm still just fooling around with the server no real data will be stored on it for a while until I figure this all out. So any ideas are welcome as long as they dont brick anything. One more question I have is weather or not a non hp raid controller would work with hp hardware. Like the back plane for the hot swap and stuff like that?(have a feeling it'll be fine but im just double checking) Also any ideas on any raid controllers that has the same amount of connectivity and is comparable in price to the P800. Thank you for any help anyone can provide me. Mark
  15. Hello Lime Tech Community, I am brand new to unraid and about a month ago or so stumbled apon a Hp Proliant Dl360 G5 for $100. To me this seemed like the perfect opportunity to make a way over powered nas for alot less money than what I had anticipated. But I am having issues with the hp smart array controllers. I have looked through the forums trying to figure out if their is a way to get the controllers into jbod and their seems to be no way. But their did seem to be a way to get the controller to create single logical drives and then pass it through to unraid. But I have yet to figure out how to do this exactly though I have figured out how to create the single logical drives on the E200i controller currently in my system but i cant figure out the pass through. Does anyone have any ides on how to do this? And one last question regarding if it would be a good idea to get this P800 and put it into my Dl360 G5 and rout 1 for now but possible two of the external sas connectors to an external hot swap hdd cage? Link for P800: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=9SIA67S34B0960 Thank you in advance. Mark