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  1. Hey sorry for the late reply! I have a Dell H200e flashed to IT mode now and that works just fine.
  2. I gave up and switched to a Dell H200e (flashed to LSI 9200-8e IT mode) with the correct cable and that works just fine...
  3. That fixed it, thanks a lot! All working now
  4. Since the update to choose which library to check, it stopped working for me. I left the variable empty because I want it to notify me for all libraries, but it says "Engelse Series" and "Engelse Films" are the names of my libraries that I have added stuff to. It just ignores all the events now. Am I missing something?
  5. You have to approach your server through https://app.plex.tv/desktop to get your server ID. I had the same issue (I approach it over LAN) but this fixed it for me Good luck!
  6. Enabling the Push Notifications is what got it working for me! Thanks a lot for this, makes life so much easier when people can just check what's new on Plex
  7. I have the same issue. I have ordered an LSI 9200-16e HBA but it seems that I received a defective unit. This means I cannot install the new card yet, hence I'm still on 6.9.0-beta30 which is the latest version afaik where the PMC8003 works. It would be good if we could manually have the driver reverted to the older one. Since it works in 6.9.0-beta30 I would assume it's not a newer driver due to 6.9.0 update but that the older driver would still work on 6.9.0 and 6.9.1 ? Hoping for a quick fix while I try to get a refund on this LSI controller
  8. My NetApp HBA does not work on the latest version of Unraid. I had to rollback to a previous version to be able to see my drives at all. I'm now waiting for an LSI HBA to arrive so I can throw the NetApp one out of my server. Link:
  9. PCIe Gen2 slots in a DL370 G6 so I guess it's not worth it. I just googled around a bit and the 9200 is the way to go for me As for the IOM, I found a cheap'ish one on eBay so I'll upgrade that too, just so all possible bottlenecks are removed. For the record, it has 24 x 2TB (7.2k RPM) drives. Many thanks! I will order everything today and assemble upon arrival. At least then (I hope) I'll be able to upgrade to the latest version of Unraid!
  10. Hey! Sorry for the late answer, I had a rather busy weekend I will have a look at one of those LSI cards. I checked and I have the correct cables Is it worth going for the 9207 over the 9200? Also, should I upgrade my IOM3 (3Gbit/s) to a IOM6 (you guessed it, 6Bit/s) ?
  11. Oh I see, thanks a lot for pointing that out! I guess I could switch to an LSI card. Which one would you recommend? I have a couple of QSFP-QSFP cables and also 2 QSFP to mini-sas cables so I guess I'm good in the cable department? Technically I could hook the DS4243 up to my P410i SAS controller (mini-sas to QSFP cable) but then I would have to create a virtual drive for every physical drive in the shelf. It's hard enough trying to fit 36 mechanical drives, 2 sata SSD's and an NVME SSD in an array that only supports up to 30 drives... I am using the Unassigned Devices plugin
  12. I am aware of this and I will upgrade the disks in the future, but I got both the server and the DS4243 for free, along with a bunch of 2TB drives so it will have to do for now. I already have a PRO license so that's as high as it will go right?
  13. Hi all, First post on the forums but I have been using Unraid for almost a year now. I am scratching my head with this one... My setup: HP ProLiant DL370 G6 with 12x2TB (4 x 6TB RAID drives ==> I know I shouldn't use RAID, but the only reason is the 30 drive limit in Unraid) with a PRO license. NetApp DS4243 / IOM3 (24x2TB) connected to a NetApp PMC-Sierra PM8003 SCC 4-Port QSFP PCIe x8 Controller with a regular QSFP cable. Current Unraid version: 6.9.0-beta30 In this version, my HBA is active and all the connected drives are de