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  1. Hey All Got myself a ds2246 for my slave unraid server With a NetApp 111-00341+F2 4-Port HBA card Unraid shows the card in system devices as [11f8:8001] 05:00.0 Serial Attached SCSI controller: PMC-Sierra Inc. Device 8001 (rev 05) I have connected port 1 of the HBA to the left port of the first iom6 controller and port 3 to the first port on the right 2nd iom6 controller No drives in unraid No experience with these shelves or hba's Any help would be much appropriated. Unraid log from startup
  2. Hey All Having an issue with rclone, using: Unraid Nvidia 6.8.3 Rclone 1.53.3 Have a simple user script which is set to rclone sync -v /mnt/user/Media/ /mnt/disks/offload This syncs my media to a synlogy backup box, which is mounted with unassigned devices to the offload folder Error is pretty obvious as Failed to copy write, no space left on device. However the device has 29TB free Any thoughts would be much appreciated. This has been working great for a few years since this month.
  3. Hey All A strange one, at least for me My Google Wifi devices run on 192.168.86.x My main network is 192.168.1.x Unraid on the main network, cannot access the 192.168.86.x part of my network. Any browser on the main network has no issue, so my guess is I need to add something to the unraid network routing table. As currently I cannot access 192.168.86.x on either a docker or VM Any help would be awesome.
  4. Finally have this working, thanks all, took me a while It makes me wonder if its possible to add an additional list of domains perhaps with shorter custom cache times, could be useful in some situations.
  5. Hey Buddy nslookup gives me my router IP of Its DNS is set to primary which is lancache and which is pihole Both google and steamcontent.com show my router ip on nslookup too
  6. Thanks James, i have the outbound working now with the secondary dns Nothing in the cache still and sure here you go
  7. hey buddy i did, loads of times. cant even download the epic game launcher, its like all requests are looping
  8. Hi All Hope everyone is well. Finally took the time to get lancache docker running. I can see all the dns calls in the log for steam, epic and my web traffic etc with the way i have it setup no files in the cache folder, tried various games with a few providers, i see the data in the log for the cache urls its accessing, such as 29-Apr-2020 20:33:27.494 client @0x15358023cda0 (steamcdn-a.akamaihd.net): query: steamcdn-a.akamaihd.net IN A + ( 29-Apr-2020 20:20:05.233 client @0x1533e024b530 192.168.1.
  9. Thanks for the hard work guys 😀 Long time unraid user, plex docker P2000, followed the guide, works like a charm. Thanks again.
  10. great to know thanks buddy my issue now is its not where it would normally be
  11. Hi Everyone I need to get to the /etc/modprobe.d/ directory and create a file called, lets say card and in that file i need modprobe saa7134 card=2,2,2,2,2,2,2,2 for my cctv capture card to function Any ideas, never tried to access or ssh in to a docker.
  12. Well amd card in slot 2 and still the same issues. one thing i noticed on just windows the card wont install either, other cards will. off to the shop tomorrow to grab something new.
  13. Hiya, I actually haven't no, it is something to think about for sure. I have the AMD card coming in an hour from Amazon so that will be my first test i think. As you say it could be the 1050 or the main slot itself. Its a workstation board so it does seem pretty good is most aspects.
  14. Hey, yeah using OMVF and seabios is the only way any of it works.
  15. Actually its quite werid, i installed 2 cards, both nvidia, works fine on sea bios and uses the card in the main slot as i like and have set the other to be the main in the bios. but as soon as i i install drivers black screen. Actually the same in windows without unraid and 2 cards. I am going to try and amd card tomorrow in the 2nd slot. Then unraid and if not, one card and back to windows for me, shame indeed.