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  1. jademonkee

    [Plugin] CA Auto Turbo Write Mode

    Yeah, the plugin doesn't work for me either - and I have a Perc H310. So I think it's the culprit.
  2. jademonkee

    [support] hurricane's Docker Repository

    Does that mean all his Dockers? So we won't bet receiving any more updates to Subsonic?
  3. HI there, I have a friend on a really poor internet connection who is running unRAID (upon my advice). I'm heading over to his house this weekend, and as part of my visit will be upgrading his server to the latest stable version. To save us the slow and unreliable practice of downloading the latest version, I've downloaded those on the download page to my flash drive. But I have a few questions: To upgrade from an old version, do I just extract the contents of the zip file to the flash drive? Or will this overwrite some config files? Can I do this over the SMB share, or do I have to shutdown his server and physically access the USB boot drive? Do I have to incrementally upgrade, or can I just stick on the latest version regardless of what version he's currently on (from memory he's on a 6.x version - I think 6.4.x)? On a similar note, can I also do this with Docker images? If so, where would I source them from? Many thanks!
  4. jademonkee

    unRAID OS version 6.5.2 available

    Upgrade went smoothly from 6.5.1 Still no issues 16 hours later.
  5. Oh haha. I thought it updated itself. Thanks so much!
  6. Hiya. I updated to 6.5.2 this afternoon and have the following error when I head to the Crashplan UI: Code42 wasn't able to upgrade but will reattempt in an hour. When it reattempts, it fails again. Unfortunately, I don't know if the error appeared before I updated from unRAID 6.5.1 as I didn't check immediately before I upgraded. It wasn't there yesterday (when I was on 6.5.1), though.
  7. jademonkee

    unRAID OS version 6.5.1 Stable Release Available

    Can also confirm that Plex is working fine in 6.5.1 but that it was also working fine all the way through 6.4.x and 6.5.x As with @BetaQuasi I too am using Linuxserver's version.
  8. jademonkee

    [Plugin] CA Auto Turbo Write Mode

    Just a quick note that after I uploaded this file, I went to change the polling time to 90 seconds and I noticed that it was reporting that only 2 disks were spun down, even though all my disks were spun down. So I re-generated the diagnostics, in case something interesting happened in the intervening time since I last uploaded them. percy-diagnostics-20180226-1527.zip
  9. jademonkee

    [Plugin] CA Auto Turbo Write Mode

    Ok, attached is my latest diagnostics, taken after all 5 disks were confirmed spun down. I realised that I'd forgotten to disable the logging on CA Auto Turbo after I enabled it a few days ago, so sorry if they're a bit hefty in content. percy-diagnostics-20180226-1523.zip
  10. jademonkee

    [Plugin] CA Auto Turbo Write Mode

    Just an update: it's now detecting that all disks are spun up again. ...and then to 1 disk spun down again. Latest diags attached. percy-diagnostics-20180224-1159.zip
  11. jademonkee

    [Plugin] CA Auto Turbo Write Mode

    Interesting... to give you less to wade through in the log, I thought I'd reboot the machine to clear it before sending the diags, and after reboot, the script correctly detected that all disks were spun up, and turbo mode was enabled. But a few seconds later, it incorrectly thought that one disk was spun down, so then disabled it. Unfortunately, I didn't think to enable debug logging *before* I rebooted, so didn't enable it in time to catch this behaviour. I'm happy to reboot again if it helps get to the bottom of the problem. I've attached my diags, generated about 2 minutes or so after enabling debug (I have a 15 second time out). By this time the 'spun down' count had risen to 2 again. percy-diagnostics-20180224-1133.zip
  12. jademonkee

    [Plugin] CA Auto Turbo Write Mode

    I just installed this plugin for the first time (I'm on unRAID 6.4.1), but it doesn't seem to detect that my drives are spun up when they are. Specifically, it thinks that two of them are down when all of them are up (I invoked the spin up command). I've waited more than the polling period, but it doesn't climb higher than 2. Two of my disks are encrypted - could it be related to that? Screenshots attached.
  13. jademonkee

    [Plug-In] unBALANCE

    Hah. I searched for 'cancel' before I posted, but it didn't return that result (assuming because it was written as 'cancelling'). And it's located on the previous page, too! So embarrassing. Thanks for the info.
  14. jademonkee

    [Plug-In] unBALANCE

    Ah balls. After a failed transfer "exit status 23: Partial transfer due to error" I went to re-run the move and accidentally selected the incorrect destination disk. Rather than waiting an hour and a half for it to finish, and then having to figure out how best to distribute the files to the correct disk, is there any way to cancel the operation? I can't see one. Thanks.
  15. jademonkee

    unRAID OS version 6.4.0 Stable Release Available

    Just upgraded, and everything went swimmingly (I uninstalled preclear & statistics before I upgraded). Interface feels super snappy now, although I miss the padding on the white theme, and the Azure isn't yet vibing with me (maybe in the future I'll try it again). My ISP router doesn't allow DNS rebinding, and also doesn't allow me to turn that feature off, so no SSL for me though (don't want to have to fiddle with host files for every PC I would use to access the UI). Thanks all for another great version of unRAID!