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  1. Now that this is fixed in v2.6+, how do I delete the erroneous test results from my result history? Do I have to purge everything, or can I just delete the erroneous ones? Thanks.
  2. So, after recently getting back on the Spotify bandwagon, I installed the 'Spotty' Spotify plugin (after upgrading to v8, but that's unrelated), and even without the 'Online Music Library Integration' (which I actually later disabled, as my Spotify account is too messy to invite into my neat home library), Spotify support in LMS is actually really good! The last time I used the Spotify plugin, it didn't support appearing as a player in the Spotify app, which is a total drag - but now it does! Better yet, it also adds an 'On Spotify' album to every artist, which makes it a total breeze to play or enqueue a new album by an artist you already have in your collection. You can also browse your Spotify library through the plugin (without having to integrate it into your existing library/playlists), so it feels like a total solution. So much so that I now have no interest in the 'Online music library integration' that made me upgrade to v8 in the first place. I just love how LMS keeps on being amazing, even though it's been officially deprecated for a decade (or more?) now!
  3. Ok. Updated, installed the Online Libraries plugin, as well as the dev build of the Spotty plugin, and it's working! At least sometimes. Syncing seems to be a bit dodgy. And hoooo boy do I have to clean up my Spotify playlist library now. There's also a lot of duplicate albums for those I have added in Spotify even though I have a copy in my LMS library. Still: pretty neat!
  4. @dlandonany chance this can get an upgrade to 8.0.0? I'm keen to try out the online music service integration: http://htmlpreview.github.io/?https://github.com/Logitech/slimserver/blob/public/8.0/Changelog8.html I'm sure this feature will be of interest to others in this thread, too (particularly those that have come from Sonos) I do note, however that v8 is still in development, so maybe even as a separate build until it's stable? Thanks so much! EDIT: bit more info on v8: https://forums.slimdevices.com/showthread.php?111600-Version-8-0-ready-to-test
  5. Just re-ran the tests on v2.6 Much better results! I didn't receive the speed gap warning, either. Thanks for the help.
  6. Upgraded to v2.5 this morning and thought I'd re-run the benchmarks. Was receiving 'speed gap' notification, so I aborted, disabled all dockers and re-ran. Still got the 'speed gap' notification, so I aborted, and re-ran with the 'disable speed gap detection' option checked. The final results page looks vastly different to the last time I ran it, however, going back to the main page, the curves look just as before (almost as if the main page didn't update to the latest results - even after I Ctrl+R refreshed the page). Please see attached. So: is it something I should be worried about? I haven't received any notification from Unraid that anything is wrong with SMART, but should I do something to confirm that my disks (or controller?) are ok? Thanks for your help. EDIT: I just ran the controller benchmark, which showed erratic results, and as per the recommendation I restarted the Docker and ran it again: same erratic results (although I think the disks with low speeds were different this time). Attached is a screenshot.
  7. Odd. I'm backing up almost 3TB. Maybe you have more files than me, though (>2TB of my backup is FLAC audio from my CD rips). Still, with 128GB RAM, I guess it's no problem to have it higher than mine (only 16GB RAM).
  8. I think it's coz they're cheap. Serious question, though: what's a good alternative? I've been thinking of chucking in the towel, but haven't found anything even close in price.
  9. Don't know how, don't know why, but as of this morning, it's fixed itself. Maybe this has something to do with me raising a ticket with CrashPlan support yesterday? I don't know.
  10. I'd recommend a different service for that much data - they're not really unlimited, and may end up booting you off the service for a backup that large. https://www.reddit.com/r/Crashplan/comments/ezuztk/warning_unlimited_not_really_unlimited/
  11. My bad: I was thinking it was different to the option you'd changed, but it's actually the same thing. Sorry 'bout that.
  12. https://support.code42.com/CrashPlan/6/Troubleshooting/Adjust_Code42_app_settings_for_memory_usage_with_large_backups Have you tried this?
  13. Thanks for replying, tcharron. My dashboard says 2.4TB used. If I click on Devices > my server (the only device under 'Active'), it shows as 2.4TB stored. But if I click on the entry for my server, it says under 'Selected' that there's only 212GB. I don't know what 'selected' means, but it's clearly got something to do with this. If I click on the 'Backup' tab on that same page, it appears that all my folders are indeed present (at least the top level ones - I can't drill down in this UI). In Devices > 'Deactivated' there is one other device, but I'm pretty sure it's just my old backup from before they made everyone switch to a 'pro' account. And it's 0MB anyhow.
  14. I rebooted my network equipment and server this morning, and thought I'd just check that everything came back up happy, and upon entering CrashPlan, found that it thinks I only have 228GB of backups - but I actually have about 3TB. You can see what I mean in the attached screenshots: 1 showing the main screen with only 228.4GB backed up and the other showing the preferences > destinations size of using 3TB. I fairly frequently open the CrashPlan UI to check on it, so this has only happened either in the last few days, or since my server reboot. I restarted the Docker to see if it fixed anything, but it remains the same. As you can see from the main screenshot, no maintenance is currently being performed. I went through the file list (under the manage files button), and all major folders appear in there as backed up. Does anybody know what's happening? Or is this something I should email CrashPlan about? Thanks for your help.