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  1. Just thought I'd say here for posterity that I bought the 4TB Seagate Expansion Portable STEA4000400 (found an open box special for £70) and shucked it to reveal a ST4000LM024 SATA drive. Scan sell those drives for £128, so it was quite a saving! After a single-pass pre-clear, it's now in my array and seemingly working well.
  2. I'm looking to replace a full 1TB 2.5" drive with a 4TB one, so will likely take this option of shucking (as it's about £130 to buy a 2.5" 4TB internal drive compared to this £90 option). Are there any problems to using SMR in Unraid aside from speed issues? Like, does it affect the redundancy or rebuilds or something?
  3. Upgraded from 6.6.7 without issue. Thanks so much for another excellent release!
  4. Has anyone here had luck getting the YouTube plugin to work on Logitech Media Server? I have successfully authorised it to my YouTube account, but I just can't get it to find any videos let alone play them. I note on the plugin page that it states: "Note that SSL is required, but on some Linux installation, a few libraries are missing. If the plugin does not work, open a command line and run: "sudo apt-get install libio-socket-ssl-perl libnet-ssleay-perl"" Could this be the problem? If so, is it possible for you, Snoopy86, to include those dependencies in the next update (or is it possible for me to add them myself?)? Many thanks.
  5. Does anyone know how to clear the logs for Subsonic? My log is 422MB. Seems unnecessarily verbose (lots of "chown: changing ownership of '/music/[FILENAME]': Read-only file system" entries). I know it's now recommended to switch over to libresonic or madsonic, but Subsonic is still working nicely for me, so I just thought I'd ask if anyone knows how (I can't find anywhere in the Subsonic UI, nor Unraid's). Many thanks. EDIT: I should note that I mean the Docker log for Subsonic is 422MB as shown in the 'Container Size' Docker page in Unraid. The log referenced in Subsonic (/subsonic/subsonic.log) is only 83KB.
  6. To further this discussion: a VPN will hide your connection to Usenet servers from your ISP. And in many countries (including here in the UK) ISPs HAVE to log every site/IP you visit, and HAVE to divulge that info when asked to by authorities. So, as long as VPNs remain legal (they're trying to make them illegal....), then your ISP can only say that you've been connecting to a VPN rather than a Usenet server.
  7. Hi all, I had an error last week that my (admittedly small @ 10GB) Docker container was filling up, so I thought I'd take a look at the container sizes to see who was to blame. Despite barely ever using it (it sits turned of most of the time - only turning it on when I want to download some sweet Linux ISOs), Deluge VPN has the biggest size at 1.34 GB (see attached). So I thought I'd take a look around the settings to see if it was storing any old torrents (all torrents have finished seeding and are now gone from the UI) somewhere in the container, but all references I can find to paths in the settings menu point to /data which I have mapped to a folder on the array (/mnt/user/bigfiles/deluge/). So, I'm asking here: is 1.34 GB a normal size for this container? Or is it likely that there is an old torrent sitting in the container somewhere that I should find and delete? Thanks all!
  8. I just installed this last week and have the same issue - Docker usage has grown significantly. Did you find a solution to this? Should I just decrease the log retention, or is it something else?
  9. Yeah, the plugin doesn't work for me either - and I have a Perc H310. So I think it's the culprit.
  10. Does that mean all his Dockers? So we won't bet receiving any more updates to Subsonic?
  11. HI there, I have a friend on a really poor internet connection who is running unRAID (upon my advice). I'm heading over to his house this weekend, and as part of my visit will be upgrading his server to the latest stable version. To save us the slow and unreliable practice of downloading the latest version, I've downloaded those on the download page to my flash drive. But I have a few questions: To upgrade from an old version, do I just extract the contents of the zip file to the flash drive? Or will this overwrite some config files? Can I do this over the SMB share, or do I have to shutdown his server and physically access the USB boot drive? Do I have to incrementally upgrade, or can I just stick on the latest version regardless of what version he's currently on (from memory he's on a 6.x version - I think 6.4.x)? On a similar note, can I also do this with Docker images? If so, where would I source them from? Many thanks!
  12. Upgrade went smoothly from 6.5.1 Still no issues 16 hours later.
  13. Hiya. I updated to 6.5.2 this afternoon and have the following error when I head to the Crashplan UI: Code42 wasn't able to upgrade but will reattempt in an hour. When it reattempts, it fails again. Unfortunately, I don't know if the error appeared before I updated from unRAID 6.5.1 as I didn't check immediately before I upgraded. It wasn't there yesterday (when I was on 6.5.1), though.