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  1. How'd it work out for you? I'm a couple months of uptime since the SSD change and no errors and all my UnRAID stability issues are gone.
  2. I'm not technical enough in this area, but does this help us with Nvidia GPU transcoding in UnRAID: I'm running an older FX AMD processor and would love to just add a GPU to get more simultaneous transcoding streams without upgrading my CPU, MB and RAM.
  3. Got the same drive, though I suspect many others would work as well to replace the Samsung Evo SSD. It's been about a month of up-time and not one error now.
  4. I tried all of those options and I even used a cable that was working for the same model SSD in my gaming rig, and in my UNRAID rig I get the errors. Finally replaced the cache drive Samsung SSD with a Western Digital and for 30 days so far I haven't had one error.
  5. Which WD did you get? I'm considering the Western Digital Blue 2.5" 500GB or 1TB SSD.
  6. Well shoot. Thanks for letting me know and saving me some time! I'll try two more brands of SATA cables directly to my motherboard. If they don't work it looks like I have a 500GB Samsung 860 SSD as a coaster and have to purchase a different brand.
  7. Excellent note. This is the only one I can get my hands on, can you tell me if trim will be supported? LSI SAS2008-8I SATA 9211-8i 6Gbps 8 Ports HBA PCI-E RAID Controller Card If I can't use the trim plugin with my SSD on this controller than I won't even bother.
  8. I'm in the same boat as you! Tried at least 4 different cables of 2 different brands in total. Tried all ports on my motherboard. I have an AMD setup with Samsung 860 SSD. RMA'd the drive and the new one has the CRC errors as well. I'd hate to have to change from the Samsung SSD but at this rate I might have to. I know you are experienced and very helpful, so thank you. I think I should try 2 more cable brands before giving up on this brand of SSD. Note: I've read a few posts about issues between Samsung SSDs and AMD board's SATA controller. I can likely acquire an LSI (or s
  9. I'm using an AMD setup and i'm on my second Samsung 860 SSD. Changing cables, ports and drives have done nothing for the continuous CRC errors. Do you have any tips that are not Windows related, as I'm not using any VMs in my UnRAID setup.
  10. Did either of you guys find a SATA cable that works? I had a Samsung 860 Evo that had CRC error slowly increasing. Tried new cables and different ports to no avail. Finally decided to RMA the drive, put the new one in and after only 2 days I've already got 26 CRC errors again. Note that I also have an AMD setup.
  11. BUMP So I just attempted to update my Plex Media Server docker container and it failed to update. As soon as I clicked back on the docker page in the WebUI I have Docker Service Failed To Start again. Please can someone comment on my issue? Attached diagnostics taken directly after attempting to update PMS container.
  12. Any chance I can get some insight into my issue? I don't mind being hijacked and others helped of course as I can learn from it; only the others issues differ from mine.
  13. I'm still having issues. I've replaced the SSD with a mechanical drive and sent the SSD away for RMA. With the mechanical drive installed and formatted, I deleted the docker.img and recreated it. I still got the Docker Service Failed To Start error. I again used the method @Squid detailed in other posts, and edited the docker config to tell the service not to run. I restart the server, delete the docker.img and recreate and I was back in business after installing Previous Apps. Things worked well for a day or so, when I noticed Plex not responding. Went into the UI for UnRAID an