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  1. Did you find a solution? I am in the same boat.
  2. Any chance of putting together a Docker for Valheim Plus? Or instructions on how to implement it into your current Valheim docker?
  3. Been running the Valheim server and it is has been okay. Had some complaints of LAG. It's not my connect here as it has a dedicated line and I have run your RUST server in the past with 10 people on it and no issues. The docker log for Valheim is spitting out this error continually: e":"No such container: dac94b91dfd9"} e":"No such container: dac94b91dfd9"} e":"No such container: dac94b91dfd9"} e":"No such container: dac94b91dfd9"} Any ideas? Is this normal a tick?
  4. Okay, I got my server to run but no one can see it in the public server listing. They have to put the info in manually. Which is fine I guess. I have some questions; When the server is updated, or the docker is updated, will the server reset? And will that generate a new seed? And do we have control over the server map seed? If so, will we lose all server progress?
  5. I too am trying to run this in a Docker and have my server set to public but it is not showing up in the Steam Server list. Not sure what I am doing wrong. Ports are all set correctly. I ran a RUST server for a while with no problems.
  6. Hi, I am trying to pass through a PCI firewire card to my VM. It is showing up fine in System Devices but not in my VM edit screen. Not sure how to add it to my VM so I can use it to transfer video files from a camera of mine. Anyone help? ~Andy
  7. I got it!! It was a problem with the docker config and an alias. I had to expand the docker config to see it! Thanks!
  8. Thanks. Yeah that is the setup that I am using for the docker. I guess it is something to do with the actual program configuration from the WebUI. When I try to sync a folder it tells me the folder already exists. Any ideas? Under Advanced Setting do I need to make changes to the Default Folder path?
  9. Care to share your docker setup for that? I cannot get it to create or share folders. Keeps telling me that it has no permissions..when I can verify that it does. I am setting this up on machines with existing shares/folders.
  10. Did you ever find a solution to this or reason?
  11. No I haven't. Initially I was trying to go with Resilio Sync Docker..but I cannot get that to connect properly without going through a really slow proxy. Right now, for the initial copying of the folders I want to keep the two machines local. After the base copy is done, one machine, will be moved offsite and just receive file refreshes and new files. This is my hope at least. I am NO linux pro at all..just a newb. My experience is in Windows and MacOS environments (so I guess a little linux). As far as code goes, php, cgi, I know my way around..but this stuff I am learning. (And I am o
  12. Thanks man, no rush and I really do appreciate the effort here.
  13. Well, I gave it a shot. I open a console on server #1, verified and successfully added my remote server (on the same network) Then I ran the command again but this time with actual folders and a single file to be copied and it connects with "receiving incremental file list" and just hangs there until I CTRL+C out of it. Not sure where to go now.
  14. Thanks for the direction. Not sure I can follow that fragmented thread as efficiently as you did. Anyone have a straight forward tutorial on how to do this? Going to give it shot, I just don't want to screw up my main server trying to wank my way through this.