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  1. Was able to rectify this by stopping and restarting my autostart Windows 10 VM.
  2. Everything seems to be working fine... but notice the status. Array Stopped - Starting Services. Server is up and running though. All drives available.
  3. Wow, what is not to like? Reliability, flexibility, and amazing support. My unRAID server has been one of the best things I have ever built for my home. There is not much more I can say.
  4. Okay. Well that solves that. Docker deleted. Thanks for the update.
  5. Well, since it hasn't been updated with this fix...I wonder why I think that? Keep your CAPS SLAMS to yourself. The plugin has been broken for quite a while. So before I donate to the cause...I asked the question.
  6. Glad you got it fixed. Any chance that you can explain the procedure for manually updating the LIB? I am having the same issue and need to fix asap.
  7. SSDs are now internal. It took some hair pulling (mostly re-cabling) but I got it done. No more Cache drives on the outside. Thanks everyone... Mistake made, lesson learned. Hopefully this will help others.
  8. Good to know. Thanks! I wish I knew what happened to my cace array then.
  9. Well, I have gone over the connects and nothing looks broken, bent, crimped, etc. I never touched those wires also during the entire job. I am baffled. And even though I have 1 port, it jumbles the drive letter assignments so I cannot get my cache back...along with my appdata, VMS stored there etc... ?
  10. It's the top mount jacks. I am going to tear it all apart tomorrow and see if something is pinched or pulled some where. It all looks clean to me at the moment. But, I am tired and could be missing something. I will report back either way so that folks have an answer.
  11. Okay, granted...this is a weird setup. I have two internal SSDs for my cache array and 2 external SSDs in a USB3.0 caddy also in my cache array. I ran out of internal ports... this has worked for the last year with no issues. Today, I dismantled the server to add 2 fans, replace a Sata Cable (not due to a problem, just aesthetics), and clean out some very light dust. I also took the time to do some cable management and route my CPU power around the back of the board rather than the front. All connections checked and rechecked for mounting etc. I plug everything back in and BOOM my cache is invalid. My internal SSDs are showing up properly as sde and sdg. My USB3 devices are nowhere to be found on one of the USB3 jacks. If I move it to the second USB3 jack they all show up, but now my external drives replace my internal drive letters with sdc and sdg on my external drives again invalidating my cache array. I have double checked all connections and cables for issues and none can be found. File system on the cache array is btfs and usually consists of the 4 discs. Any way to save this??
  12. I'd like to back up my wordpress site to my server..anyone know of a way to do this other than manually with an FTP? Docker container? Plugin? Would love this capability for unRAID via a plugin. Thanks.