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  1. This worked great with Nextcloud 20.0.2 and ElasticSearch 7.9.3. Do I need to re-index manually each time files are added? To get OCR working for PDF files I installed Tesseract OCR. Will that start running OCR automatically on all files once enable or needs to be run manually?
  2. I’m bringing up an old topic regarding Full Text Search in Nextcloud 20. I installed it along with the supporting apps including ElasticSearch. I installed the docker for ElasticSearch on my unraid server as well as the custom script as outlined in the docker install page. I also setup a reverse proxy for the ElasticSearch docker so it can be access in Nextcloud. Used the default user/pass of elastic/changeme. Still no go. Any ideas??
  3. To make it even easier use NgnixProxyManager and don't have to mess around with LetsEncrypt and proxy files.
  4. For mac OS I found this website. it helped: First increase it in the unRAID VM by just typing in the desired size in the VM tabs. then type below in the terminal in OSX sudo diskutil resizeVolume / R
  5. Hi I have Nextcloud setup with this docker and it works great. Is there a way to mount as a network drive the Nextcloud data folder in OSX without using WebDAV. WebDAV is very slowly when uploading larger files with file write errors. I know I can upload via browser but would be nice to have mount drive access. Would prefer not to sync all the files to my local hard drive via sync client app. Also, any tutorials for setting up full text search?? Thank you!
  6. Ok thanks I will give it a try. Noob question. I plan on following the guide here: Do I need to install Apache? Doesn't seem like I need to with LetsEncrypt and reverse proxy. How do you setup DNSMasq? I don't see an app for it. Is it just a script? thanks.
  7. Did you purchase a domain name in order to set this up or were you able to use a dynamic DNS service like no –
  8. Hello all, I asked for assistance regarding this issue before but have not been able to get it figured out. Basically my unRAID server is behind a VPN (AirVPN) running on my Asus Merlin Router with OpenVPN and everything behind the router goes through the VPN. I am trying to figure out a way to have a single address where I can access my Nextcloud whether it is remotely vs at home instead of having to switch from remote address to local IP address. Not sure if I must setup a reverse proxy or purchase a domain to redirect in order to do this. Any assistance would be appreciated. Please is my se
  9. Check out the attached picture. This is done under the Nexcloud Docker. Hit edit and click Add another path at the bottom. Follow the picture below. Then enable External Storage in Nextcloud and add "Local" storage. Under Folder Name you name it anything like "Media" and under Configuration type /Media. It should turn green.
  10. Hi followed Spaceinvader One online video for "How to use rclone in unRAID Copy sync and encrypt files to the cloud. Even stream media". It works fantastically well. I'm having an issue mounting it to be accessible on the local network via SMB. I used this script: [secure-cloud] path = /mnt/disks/secure comment = browseable = yes # Public public = yes writeable = yes vfs objects = I don't see "secure-cloud" on my network shares with this. also would like to make this private and only user accessible. any ideas what's wrong?? I restarted the server to refresh samba but n
  11. I have "Merlin" NAT loopback enabled in the router under the Firewall setting. I went to the appdata\nextcloud\www\nextcloud\config\config.php and changed 'overwrite.cli.url' from the internal IP 192.168.1.xx to the external https://IP:port. is that what you meant? didn't seem to solve the problem.
  12. Hi everyone, I'm not sure if someone here can help me with this situation. I have my unRAID server with nextcloud running behind a VPN server with ability to port forward and the OpenVPN running on a ASUS Merlin router. I can easily access my Nextcloud server externally outside the home via a DDNS through my VPN provider. I am trying to figure out a way to have a single web address to be able to access it both remotely as well as when at home on the same network behind the VPN. Any idea how I can achieve this?? thank you!
  13. Ok that's what I gathered too. Thanks for the confirmation. So I cannot have any GPU with my unraid setup. Thank stinks.
  14. Hi, trying to get Radeon RX 460 4GB GPU passthrough with a Asrock C2750 Avoton MB with Unraid 6.2.4 under Windows 10 with OMVF. Under graphics card only get VNC option. I only have a onboard GPU and the PCIe GPU above. It's headless so I don't need console access. I don't think this mobo supports iommu so is there no way to have GPU passthrough to Win10 VM? Will upgrading to 6.3 allow it to work? Thanks. 00:00.0 Host bridge [0600]: Intel Corporation Atom processor C2000 SoC Transaction Router [8086:1f01] (rev 02) 00:01.0 PCI bridge [0604]: Intel Corporation Atom processor C2000 PCIe R