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  1. Curious, how much physical memory does your box have? I'm cautious to use RAM drive with 32 GB installed
  2. I get these, then they clear within a short time.
  3. I started using this yesterday and am very impressed with the results. Can I request the ability to get which language and audio streams to keep. Such as only keep English audio unless it's not the default, to save integrity of foreign films?
  4. GeekMajic

    Kubernetes (Docker)

    Bump please, as I'm interested
  5. Lidarr is warning about an update needed for the last few days.
  6. Chad, This is why many veterans here keep a separate unraid box, not their main unit, just for preclearing.
  7. You should be able to do a lift and shift. I'd HIGHLY recommend taking a screenshot of which physical drives are which unraid drives so you can make sure they match up.
  8. I'm seeing this currently with a recently updated Win 10 VM...what's the fix? --Edit: Fixed it, was a corrupt libvirt.img--
  9. They're called Dockers because the main player in the container space is named Docker www.docker.com Kind of like most people refer to facial tissues by the name Kleenex, since they're the most popular.
  10. I updated to 2019.02.19b. Confirmed, the line #95 error is gone.
  11. I'm using 2019.02.18 version. Installed 9 hours, fresh.
  12. Joe, Thanks for the rapid reply, but I just installed and am getting the error myself. As I am digging in, I'm finding some other problems like rotational drives shown as SSD. Edit: The specific drives are all Toshiba X300 (Toshiba HDWE 150/160) that are incorrectly displayed as SSD
  13. Should we worry about the "Warning: A non-numeric value encountered in /usr/local/emhttp/plugins/disklocation/pages/system.php on line 95" messages
  14. I'd also add the ability to schedule the parity check to stop certain dockers prior to check and resume after.