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  1. Folding @ Home seems to have a steady supply; particularly for GPU's 👍 ************************************************************************************** This is what the unRAID Docker image looks like under 'APPS'
  2. Hmmm Maybe THAT's where this new hardware came from! (perhaps the voices too?) 😵
  3. Thanks for posting this; had no idea it existed. Added 32 cores and 3 GPU's. I just got home (work in the ED) and I can say without a doubt that folks are getting a little too worked up here in the U.S. and the worst is yet to come! Please, please, please, if you asymptomatic, DO NOT go to the ED's! We need the beds for acute emergencies. Use telemedicine services, even if it is only a phone call. The trained triage ear of a healthcare provider can tell a lot about a person form just listening to them. Wash your hands!!!! Try not to touch your face!!! Cough/sneeze into your elbow (think the Dracula pose). Oh, and wash your hands!!!!!! 😉 I'm beat... g'night everyone. Thanks again for the idea here @SpencerJ!
  4. Based on my readings before and after Roxedus' answer, I figured that was the case. However, it never hurts to get a second opinion/confirmation. 🙂 Thanks for taking the time to respond.
  5. Hi @aptalca, Since you appear to have a deep understanding of Let's Encrypt, I am wondering if when you have time, you would take a look at this post from earlier? Either I am missing something obvious or I am not using the correct search parameters to find the answer because I have looked for a while now. Thanks!
  6. I am having a similar problem. Everything turned off, Dockers, VM, UD but still having high writes to my Crucial MX500. Spikes into the 20+MB/s. Second machine showing over all lower write number, but still higher than previously. Diags Attached tower01-diagnostics-20200226-0428.zip
  7. Edit: just realized I inserted my image over the text @jonathanm as directed LE and NC are on the self-created proxy network. However, they are all on the same IP which is that of the server. Is that what you mean?
  8. @jonathanm 😉that's what I was trying to get at and teach at the same time. BTW... any chance you could shed any light on my question?
  9. no problem; wish we could have solved it As Ed makes it pretty straightforward. good luck! maybe post your solution so others that run into the same issue can find an answer.
  10. sorry, should have been from this point in the video... If the setup of DuckDNS (the actual DuckDNS container on your server) does not know "subdomain2" exists, it will not resolve and in turn throw a DNS error.
  11. Okay... I understand now. Did you add in "subdomain2" to your DuckDNS container as Ed points out here?
  12. If you are using his recommended "best" solution, then your mixing up your apples and oranges. The duckdns.org portion is only for pointing to your IP (at your office based on your comments). I am guessing it is setup like "my_office-name.duckdns.org" correct? Assuming you are using your office/company domain name ("best" solution), then you should be able to access your Nextcloud container via nextcloud.my_office_name.com So again, are you using a domain name? (www.my_office_name.com)
  13. In keeping with Ed's (SpaceInvader One's) examples... Are you using your own domain name? This is where Ed talks about putting Sonarr and Nextcloud as subDOMAINs i.e. nextcloud.mydomain_name.com sonarr.mydomain_name.com Or Are you using subfolders off of your DuckDNS account? i.e. mymadeupname.duckdns.org/nextcloud mymadeupname.duckdns.org/sonarr
  14. This is where I would go to; assuming your forwarding is setup on your router correctly. Most providers will assist you in getting the DNS (aka: CNAME) setup with a simple chat. I struggled initially with it too. I got on a chat with support and I was up and running in about 10 minutes (takes a few minutes for the DNS to propagate)