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  1. Edit: just realized I inserted my image over the text @jonathanm as directed LE and NC are on the self-created proxy network. However, they are all on the same IP which is that of the server. Is that what you mean?
  2. @jonathanm 😉that's what I was trying to get at and teach at the same time. BTW... any chance you could shed any light on my question?
  3. no problem; wish we could have solved it As Ed makes it pretty straightforward. good luck! maybe post your solution so others that run into the same issue can find an answer.
  4. sorry, should have been from this point in the video... If the setup of DuckDNS (the actual DuckDNS container on your server) does not know "subdomain2" exists, it will not resolve and in turn throw a DNS error.
  5. Okay... I understand now. Did you add in "subdomain2" to your DuckDNS container as Ed points out here?
  6. If you are using his recommended "best" solution, then your mixing up your apples and oranges. The duckdns.org portion is only for pointing to your IP (at your office based on your comments). I am guessing it is setup like "my_office-name.duckdns.org" correct? Assuming you are using your office/company domain name ("best" solution), then you should be able to access your Nextcloud container via nextcloud.my_office_name.com So again, are you using a domain name? (www.my_office_name.com)
  7. In keeping with Ed's (SpaceInvader One's) examples... Are you using your own domain name? This is where Ed talks about putting Sonarr and Nextcloud as subDOMAINs i.e. nextcloud.mydomain_name.com sonarr.mydomain_name.com Or Are you using subfolders off of your DuckDNS account? i.e. mymadeupname.duckdns.org/nextcloud mymadeupname.duckdns.org/sonarr
  8. This is where I would go to; assuming your forwarding is setup on your router correctly. Most providers will assist you in getting the DNS (aka: CNAME) setup with a simple chat. I struggled initially with it too. I got on a chat with support and I was up and running in about 10 minutes (takes a few minutes for the DNS to propagate)
  9. Does LE utilize a private macvlan? I am trying to figure out why other subnets and vlans cannot access the containers (namely Nextcloud) behind LE. If I understand macvlans correctly, this would explain why I cannot get them all to talk; unless there is a better answer or solution to my issue. Thanks!
  10. Gotcha. So because Letsencrypt is probably creating a private macvlan, it is dropping/refusing anything outside of the vlan/subnet it is on. I am going to try the folks over on the LE thread and see if they can verify. Thanks for the pointer!
  11. I have been researching this myself as I would like to play the occasional 4K. Your situation definitely sounds like a Transcoding/hardware (maybe network too) issue. If the files you are watching are compressed, either (or both) video - audio, it will need transcoded to play (hardware). Odds are this is where the buffering is coming from. Plus, you need the backbone and hardware to 'carry' the data stream (network). Hopefully you are hard wiring all of this; wireless is not going to cut it. Have a read of these two links as they have some good info and will help you create the right network/hardware setup. I'd enjoy reading about your final config once finished! 1st Link 2nd Link
  12. Hi All, I have been trying to find an answer as to why I cannot access a specific Docker from different vlans/subnets. I have multiple vlans and subnets that are working perfectly, but I cannot get any of them past Letsencrypt to the Docker it is protecting. Basically, any vlan/subnet that is not on the Letsencrypt/Nextcloud subnet cannot connect to Nextcloud; anything on the NC subnet connects as expected, including externally. I really have researched this and cannot find a solution. Obviously I am still new to complex networking, but I do have a decent foundational understanding. Does anyone have any thought as where I can research the solution to understand this dilemma? Thanks!!!
  13. Hi all, I am looking for documentation or directions (searched G and NC forum) on how to access (LSIO) Nextcloud from a vlan/subnet that is different from the server NC is running on. NC is behind (LSIO) Letsencrypt and works perfectly, both internally and externally, on the server subnet. Server: 192.168.69.xxx Vlan/Subnet: 192.168.169.xxx (note the ‘1”) Need to have the vlan/subnet 192.168.169.xxx be able to get to the NC server. (All other services work perfectly on the vlan/subnet 192.168.169.xxx). Thanks in advance for any direction/assistance.
  14. Edit: 02/11/20 @binhex, just checking to see if you'll have any time this week to mess with this. No worrries if not, just checking in. Later... So yeah, I stumbled across them as factory refurb’s, < $200 each, direct from WD, and couldn’t pass them up. Caught six kinds of H@(( for spending the money, but… Plus, I do not have the overhead anymore like you do. Which reminds me, are ‘congrats’ in order yet? ☺️ Okay, I ran the 10TB again anyway, with the command discussed (adding the -A) and it just straight up disappeared at or around the end of the ‘zeroing’ phase. Disappeared meaning, I checked on it (via No VNC) before bed and it was at 86% ‘zeroing’ then I shutdown my desktop. Started up desktop next day expecting to be able to see the end results like before, but there was nothing! No logs, no errors, no nothing. It was as if I never even ran the disk through preclear. That was the morning of February 4. So, I collected diagnostics, drive logs, preclear logs and have them all zipped up and attached. Note: some of the logs include old data from the Preclear Plugin. I am not good enough yet to understand all of the error messages, but there appear to be a a number of them related to UD at the bottom of the “Disk Log Information” log. ****EDIT: It just dawned on me that I think there was an UD update that night. If UD updated, that would have hosed the preclear, wouldn't have it???*** Sorry, not sure I understand. Are you saying here to uninstall UD then run Preclear? Also, I am still not getting any notifications at all. I will try adding my email addy next go round but, Frank1940 had a good idea and asked me to test my SMTP settings, but they worked fine. Dunno? Let me know what you want me to try next and I will get it going using the 10TB. I will post preclear progress when I can; busy end of the week with better availability over the weekend. Diag Zip Files.zip
  15. Absolutely no rush at all @binhex, I mean that. When you have the spare time, let me know on the below. Thanks again for all your hard work! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Apologies for the delayed reply... Do you want me to use the 10TB drive(s) or something smaller? Yes. I have attached a screenshot of the Disk Settings anyway. Disksettings_01-20.pdf Via Chenbro NR40700 SAS backplane -- SAS connector and cable -- (from Tools >>> SysDevs) IOMMU group 43:[1000:005d] 01:00.0 RAID bus controller: Broadcom / LSI MegaRAID SAS-3 3108 [Invader] (rev 02) JIC you need to know, this MB is a SM X10DRH-CT V 1.1 - Dual Xeon E5-2620 V4 - 64GB - a mix of 14 WD and HGST drives - Crucial MX-500 Cache So, let me know if you want me to test the 10TB drive or something smaller. Also, Is this the command you want me to use?:: preclear_binhex.sh -f -c 1 -A -M 4 /dev/sdX