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  1. Hi @ljm42, I am flattered you would suggest I help with my own thread about the PIA tunneled access! 🤓 If I had the time I would (assuming I had anything to offer), but I am afraid I would upset more folks than help. My reply could be weeks out and I am still what I consider to be a noob. I will however, do what I can when I have to come here and hang out! (Note: I just have not gotten around to changing LE over to Swag yet) Having said that, I have a question for you. I have been trying to get LetsEncrypt to work under this Wireguard application. I can
  2. Hi @Apil, The ONLY way I could get PIA to work is to use their custom install script (located here). If you read back through my posts here you will see I tried a number of other things, which did not work. The script is VERY easy to use. Watch the video and All that said, I have what (I think) you are to accomplish working well. I did have to use the PIA script though. I have a static VPN from my one server to theirs and am still able to access everything locally, just as if I did not have the tunnel running. One thing I did notice in your post is
  3. Hello all, I have been trying to resolve this myself by reading and experimenting, but I have to concede. 🤕 I have a couple of unraid servers, all of which have Mellenox 10Gbe (M10) cards, a MikroTik switch, back to a pfsense router. I finally figured out how to get the M10 cards to be a part of the mix, but now I cannot get them an address, Goal: Have the M10 get an address (I use reservation), have it be 'br0' if necessary for my Dockers to utilize it, and Bond the two onboard 1Gbe NIC's to 'br1' (again if necessary). I am perfectly okay with not
  4. Hi All, (@ljm42) Just confirming that PIA will work with unRAID. I have had it up and running for over a week now; not one issue. As directed, I have been verifying via the jlesage/Firefox Docker. While not for the faint of heart (nor as easy as Jorgen, ICDeadPpl, and ljm42 have made it by simply installing a provider config) this link to a PIA support page will get you set up. Follow the instructions though!!! Actually read the file as there's important info in there. Lastly, make sure you are using the "manual-connections-2.0.0" setup zip/tar.
  5. @Jorgen @ICDeadPpl @ljm42 Sometimes I swear I am getting senile!!!! The PIA script DOES WORK!!!! IF YOU USE THE CORRECT D@*#ED PASSWORD!!! ARRRGGGGGG! Thank you everyone for your time and patience. We have a great team here and hopefully this fiasco will help someone else! Be safe everyone!
  6. 😉 No worries! So did that (the Win10 script) install it on the unRAID server?? I am also going to try Jorgen's suggestion as I do have everything (the xxxrr's) running through Binhex's container(s) for years now without a hitch!
  7. HI @Jorgen No I did not. I will dig into that now. I am determined to get this working! On the surface, based on the configuration code I've seen so far, this should be rather easy. I guess that's why I'm getting frustrated with PIA. It is a shame too as I like the service...
  8. Sorry, I am not well versed in Linux. Where do these files go; (path(es)). /xxxx and on the flash, cache or both? I can do this, just need the pointers. Thanks again!
  9. Hi @ICDeadPpl and @Jorgen, We have been very busy with some of C-19 variant cases. Fortunately, they are responding, albeit slowly, to the standard treatments; 99% were not vaccinated. Just saying... Anyway... This is the first chance I have had to relax and try this. ICDeadPpl... I read the and it appears I do not have the required dependencies. When I tried the first line of the instructions, I got 'apt:' command not found. It does not seem to be in NerdPack either. So, if either of you would be willing to help me get these
  10. HI @Jorgen and @ICDeadPpl, I tried the script linked below, but it would get most all the way to the end and error out. It would be great if I could get it to work! Just got home and I have another 12 to do so I have to put this off until tomorrow or Saturday. I am more than happy to try again. I will post a screen shot of the error. Maybe someone can help me figure out what I am doing wrong? 😉 Stay safe and thanks for the feedback!!! I truly do appreciate it! Talk soon!
  11. Hi @ljm42 & @bonienl, I received an "escalated" reply from PIA and... "I understand that you needed a Wireguard configuration file. Please let know that PIA only has a configuration file available for OpenVPN. Wireguard can only be used using the PIA client app." So I guess I'll be switching over to Mullvad. And @Jorgen... thanks for the suggestion I do use, almost exclusively, Binhex's containers. I just want that particular server to be completely in the blind; just makes it easier for me. But, thanks again for the suggestion! T
  12. Thank you @ljm42 for getting back to me. While PIA does provide a 'script', it fails at the end when attempting to get the certificate from them. I tried working with their support, but we've just been running in circles. So, I am looking for a new, functional provider. (I've been reviewing the first posts suggestions) May I ask you for a recommendation please. I would rather go with something that is recommended by someone here, than guessing for myself. Evidenced based information is far better than simply going on faith or guessing. I have been reading over Mullvad and TorGuard,
  13. Thank you @ljm42, I did read extensively here to try to find a good solution. Might I ask which provider you use? Maybe @bonienl as well? PIA does not work, so I am looking for a new provider that truly works. Thanks!!!
  14. Has anyone gotten VPN Tunneled Access working? If so, with what provider? Thank you.
  15. Hi - can anyone (maybe @bonienl/ @ljm42 ?) help or tell me if there is a PIA config file? At this point ALL I want is ALL the traffic to go through PIA. a.k.a. "VPN Tunneled Access" I had it working fine with the "Remote Access to LAN" and now I want to change it. Any and all help will be greatly appreciated! Thanks! PS. If there is a better option for a VPN provider, I'm all ears for that too!