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  1. I will do that. Thanks again for taking the time to drill-down into all this. I know for me, UD is becoming a greater necessity as I convinced some of my friends to cloud share their extra storage space. So there are many that appreciate your work. Take care and Happy Holidays to you and yours.
  2. Hello @dlandon, Yes and no. 'No' in so much as when I restarted I did not have to do a parity check 👏. 'Yes' in that the server did not actually shutdown, I had press the power button; this has never happened before. The only reason this incomplete shutdown could be an issue is if I had a power outage, which is how this whole sub-thread got started. Thoughts? (Great job though! Thanks for the fixes!)
  3. Hi @dlandon, Definitely a step closer. Got past the previous stop point, but now stops at: As requested I have attached Diags. Thanks! tower01-diagnostics-20191201-0232.zip
  4. HI @FreeMan I am by no means a wiz with Rsync, but I think the easiest way to accomplish this is to not use the 'delete' flag. Maybe only use that command/flag once every six months or so to do some housecleaning. Hope that sparks some thought. Have a great weekend!
  5. Hi @dlandon, Just double checking, you want the logs from '/flash/logs/' correct? I will play with this over the weekend and post for you. Thanks again for all you do!
  6. Hi @FreeMan, First I am FAR from an expert, but coincidentally I am actually backing up systems right now. There are folks here significantly more knowledgeable about UD than myself. That said I can speak to #3 & #4 from personal experience. #3 - No problems. Have read through the link in #4 and you should be golden! #4 - I think most everyone will agree that a NFS connection is better. With respect to the connection, I HIGHLY recommend looking at this link as @tr0910 (and others) put in a great deal of work to make backups a breeze. I will not lie, it is a bit of work, but not only is it worth the work, it is a fast efficient and @#$%ed near fool-proof method to doing backups. I too started with Duplicati and bailed after the second multi-day backup; Rsync is WAY better. Have fun! This is actually an enjoyable project!
  7. That is the assumption I was running with; stumbled across it by shear luck! haha Despite the occasional head scratching, I really appreciate the tool. For me it makes transferring files between servers, regardless if it between floors or cities, much easier. Thanks again for the assist.
  8. Thanks much for taking a look at it. If this helps at all, when I catch this happening I restart the server that is down and the shutdown proceeds as expected. Thanks again for the info.
  9. Got it! I do not want to dirty the thread, but for the benefit of the student, do you know where can I research how to write a (in DOS parlance) ".bat" file that can be run before the actual 'shutdown' command is sent? (and thanks for the quick reply!)
  10. Hello @dlandon, Happy Holidays one and all! So, I just had a power outage and the UPS shutdown executed as expected. However, (and I neglected to address this way back when I discovered it, ugh) my Unassigned Devices (UD) do not disconnect during shutdown, if those devices are already off (power outage or not), and the primary halts shutting down. I was able to complete the shutdown and reboot after restarting the other servers UD was connected to prior to power outage. My question is, and please bear with me as I am trying to learn, in an effort to stop this from happening in the future, do I open Putty and copy (cp) the ‘lib.php’ to the ‘/usr/local/emhttp/plugins/unassigned.devices/include/’ directory and restart the primary server? I attached the Diag log and my setup is as follows: I have a dual Mellanox 10Gb NIC in the primary server and single Mellanox 10Gb NIC in two other servers. There is an NFS connection through UD on the primary server to each of the other two servers. If the connections in UD, on the primary server, are not disconnected before the other two servers shutdown, the primary will not execute a clean shutdown and hangs until the other two servers are back up. I am open to any directions, suggestions, solutions. Thanks in advance for your patience and any assistance! tower01-diagnostics-20191129-0019.zip
  11. Decisions, decisions, decisions... Makes perfect "pfSense" to me! Thanks! 😁 I am going to check them out. I am currently leaning the way of @jonathanm, but I am absolutely open to everyone's suggestions as I am still on the fence. Thanks @blaine07! Going to step away as I don't want to booger up the thread. Thanks everyone. Happy Turkey Day in the USA! 🦃
  12. 👍 Thank you for confirming - your doing exactly what I am looking to accomplish. This will be after I get pfSense up and running. Funny, that was an additional question I had. When/if you have the time: Why standalone? and a number of posts around show folks making two pfSense systems up. Why?
  13. Thanks @aptalca, I was leaning towards two distinct containers being the answer so thanks for confirming! As for the traffic, you hit the nail on the head with the port forwarding (read speed); though my ultimate goal is for all my traffic to be tunneled. With respect to the API call, I am assuming this script is what you are referring to? Since my near-term goal is to implement pfSense, is it worth it (admittedly a noob here, but learning) to set up the outbound container? From my early discovery, it appears that pfSense may have both In and Out OVPN functionality built-in; assuming one has a VPN account. Lastly, if setting up the second container, pfSense or not, is the only answer, would using SpaceInvaders Virtual VPN be the best approach to an outbound tunnel?
  14. Is It Possible? OpenVPN-AS inbound AND tunnel out to PIA on same server? Hi All, Curious if anyone has successfully setup OpenVPN-AS (docker) to create a persistent tunnel to PIA (would this be a client then?); my inbound client connections are working beautifully! And if anyone has, would they be willing to share their config? All the reading I have done has me undecided if I could make both happen. It seems OPVN can do either, but I cannot find any specific documentation on how to make it do both; only hints that it can. Any feedback would be appreciated! Thanks everyone.
  15. Hehe me too (it's handy)! 🤣 Anyone else willing to share how they keep track of their personal/SMB calendars and contacts?
  16. Yeah, I was looking at them but I was concerned about the recent spate of security issues. I realize nothing is ever going to be totally secure, well, maybe index cards (until you lose them), but do they actually work well? Do you just not have the the need or do you take a different approach to staying organized? (I'll be back... have to start on the "Honey Do" list... UGH!)
  17. Greetings All! I am hoping to start a conversation about syncing calendars and contacts (?files?) on unRAID and phones; Android in my case. I LOVE my unRAID servers (have four of em’); a bit overkill but it is fun! I cannot for the life of me find a straightforward solution for email/calendar usage and syncing. I have scoured Google, looked here, and most of what I am seeing is general unhappiness with all products. I am really only looking for a solution that sync’s my calendar(S) and contacts, period. Being able to sync files would be nice, but my real need is the calendar/contacts. At present, I have the old version of Synology’s webserver CalDav/CardDav running on a Syno box (I would like to remove this from the mix). The Syno talks to ‘DAVx5” which talks to a FANTASTIC add-on to Outlook 2016 (NOT 365 ~ HATE IT!) called “CalDav Synchronizer,” and a calendar app on my Android, all of which manages to keep things synced up. But the first little bit of flatulence and the whole thing crumbles. So, I am looking for a simple, elegant, and secure way to keep my calendar and contacts all synced up… that’s it! ANY and ALL ideas are worth hearing. And even though I have looked at a bazillion different products and options, I really want to hear from you all as to what is working for you. Even if that means an entirely different approach! I trust my fellow RAIDERS! Thanks in advance for all the feedback and Happy Turkey Day 🦃 to all that are indulging next week! P.S. Is there no way to incorporate something like this into the unRaid or at least a Docker of something?
  18. Hi @MandalorePatriot, Not sure if this is helpful at all, but I had the same situation with a CyberPower (CP) unit. Found out from support the CP unit software had to run on the server; no Docker exists for it that I am aware of. I am 99% certain you are going to run into the same thing, unless someone knows of a Docker to run the APC network software. No USB?Serial at all huh? No RJ11 acting as the Serial port either?
  19. All very good points; I didn't really think about the battery longevity either. So set everything to zero, but "Time on battery before shutdown (seconds)" should be set to xx seconds, yy seconds, zz seconds, etc. Yes?
  20. AMAZING!!! @jonathanm AND @Pirate Thanks for the help. I used the START and STOP as suggested and kept getting nothing but errors, all of which were PORT related. I tried scoping out the USB ports and then tried a SERIAL connection... same thing. Weird part is, in APCUPSD both the USB and SERIAL worked fine!? Ergo, more research. The LAST thing I wanted to do was buy more hardware! (I really do want to play with some of the ODROID's and R-Pi's though!) Then like the proverbial slap upside the head, it hit me... I have two other (smaller) CyberPower (CP) units runiing the modem, router, etc. I've tried everything else, why not try Jonathanm's suggestion about the "very cheap UPS?" IT WORKED!!!! I plugged the USB cable into the one smaller CP unit. Now the servers and the "very cheap UPS" (VCUPS) are chatting like old ladies playing Canasta! hahahaha Thanks to you both for the assist in FINALLY getting this up and running. Now, I would like to ask for a 'math check' The big CP OR2200LCDRTXL2U, under normal load, has a max of 45 minutes run time. The VCUPS has a run time of 100 minutes under normal load. Since the VCUPS is the 'master' in this setup, if I set it (master), and the 'slave' to both shutdown at "Run time left to initiate shutdown (minutes)" of 75, then that should give me an ~20 minute buffer for the servers to shutdown, correct? So: VCUPS gets to 75 minutes The big CP unit is at about 20 minutes Does this sound about right?
  21. Hi @Pirate, Thanks for sharing your config. I need to do a deep dive into this over the weekend. Making me crazy I've got three servers, this honking UPS, and cannot do anything with it. Congrats on getting it figured out though!!! 👏 Have a good one!
  22. Hi @Pirate, I realize this is not a direct answer, but I am having similar problems but with a CyberPower unit. I have dome everything but witchcraft to try to make NUT talk to it; including buying the $100 network card. I think it may have something to do with remnants of NUT files, from previous install attempts of NUT, floating around that I cannot find and they need to be removed for a clean reinstall of NUT. I follow this thread so maybe if you find answer, would you be so kind as to post it? I have three servers i would love to use NUT with... but cannot. -Thanks!
  23. Hi @cybrnook, Didn't mean to disappear, but a lot transpired over the last few weeks and this has been my first opportunity to look at this again. So, I worked on this a bit, using all of the advice here and some gleaned from other posts, and believe that there are 'pieces' of NUT still floating around after the uninstall. Do you, or anyone, have steps to manually check if all the hidey-holes are cleaned out when BUT is uninstalled? I would like to start there and then begin again; but not until next week as I have to work nights the entire weekend! UGH! I double checked and the Cyber Power OR2200LCD should work fine with the 'Usbhid-ups' driver. Thanks much!!!