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  1. If I could have this with full ZFS support on the array that would be perfect! I realize it's not really "unraid" at that point but I have outgrown the JBOD parity unraid has. Pluz ZFS is looking to become more like unraid with vdev expansion. As of now I have all my main storage disks on a 3x 6 disk raidz2 pool as well as a couple of ZFS mirrors and some (20tb) in my unraid array for scratch storage. If I could have it where I could have my zfs pool as an array with another zfs pool as its cache that would be ideal and add features for my use case. I'd love to keep the newly added data in the SSD cache and have the mover handle offloading it dynamically to the spinning rust pool. That would be so coo! 100% looking forward to the day this becomes possible.
  2. Yeah. So if I turned off passthrough I would get temp but run the risk of mounting the device and corrupting it?
  3. Yes these are individual drives as far as UD is concerned. They are in a ZFS mirror. Basically is it possible to get SMART attribute 194 to show under the temp column above?
  4. I did a quick search of this thread and didn't see anything relevant so sorry if this has been asked before. Can we have UD show the temp for zfs_member drives? It shows in the SMART info and just needs to be passed to the main page.
  5. I have also been having issues with my network since enabling Host Access Custom Networks. Today I had both my switch and unraid completely lock up which has never happened before. (Not ruling out it being a different issue) Another issue I have been having is Host Access Custom Networks being enabled but the SHIMS never being created.
  6. I have been debating what to do next with my setup. I really like unRAID but I want ZFS for my storage. I want to make use of this plugin and while I am comfortable with the CLI I really wish there was a GUI. Any chance we can see that happen? Does something already exist? Thanks
  7. I switched to this plugin this past weekend. I used to tar my backups manually anyways to it's nice to have it integrated. Question though, can we get an option where the dockers are updated and restarted before the verification. I just like to minimize downtime for my services as much as possible. Thanks
  8. This is exactly what I needed! I can make a quick script that checks if the mount point exists and if it does not run this command. Thank you!
  9. I have not been able to find an answer to if this is a bug or by design. When I have an NFS mount configured for auto mount and it is not available at unRAID boot the device will remain unmounted. Once it becomes available the mount button will become green/orange and allow me to mount it. Should it not just auto mount the share when it sees it available? I don't know if this is intended or a bug but it would be really nice if NFS shares would always auto connect when they become available.
  10. Found this awsome little utility awhile back that will sync your plex watched status across multiple servers. I have used it and it works reasonably well It's not perfect but it's very functional. https://github.com/jacobwgillespie/plex-sync Does anybody want to help make it a plugin? I'm a complete noob to this but I have been reading up.
  11. Im also down for this! If this ever makes it to beta I will be downloading ASAP This would make unraid complete for me. I want to have a large cache drive for use as a torrent scratch disk which would add unnecessary wear to an SSD but I want an SSD for my Plex database, docker and VMs where it would be best used. It wouldnt be too difficult in my mind. Just copy the setup for the cache pool for an app pool.