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  1. Disregard me. I was seeing the same log entries and it seemed like my server was not booting. Turns out the issue was Public Server == 0 Dont know how it got changed but setting it to 1 fixed the issue.
  2. I am having this exact issue but I am just trying to run a single server at the default ports.
  3. So I gave up trying to figure it out. What I think is happening is the applications we are proxying are showing the client IP they "discovered" rather than the one they are told about. You cannot change the actual source IP because the app has to respond to the proxy at the proxies IP. Make sense? Basically the backend apps are not following the expression "Do as I say, not as I do" when it comes to logging. Pfsense shows both the proxy IP and client IP, Librespeed shows just the client IP and Tautuli shows just the proxy IP. Issue is not with SWAG but with the backend app.
  4. Also sorry to reply to an older comment. (Bunch of Canadians here). I never figured it out. I switched over to wireguard on the binhex container and the issue was gone so I just left it that way.
  5. So I have been banging my head off the wall trying to figure this out. I have searched this thread and google as much as I can. I think I might just not have the right search terms to get the info I need. (or something is not working right) I am trying to get nginx to pass the real client IP to the backend. I cannot figure for the life of me why it does not work. My proxy.conf is set to default right now but I have tried every combination of settings I can think of. It appears that I am passing a list of IPs to the backend that includes both the reverse proxy and the client IPs but
  6. Just had to downgrade from RC2 to RC1. RC2 was becoming very unstable. WebUI (nginx) and docker were locking up. Edit: Forgot to add diagnostics. Thanks @Squid unraid-diagnostics-20210109-1215.zip unraid-diagnostics-20210109-1108.zip
  7. With unraid 6.9 Unassigned Devices that are marked as passthrough now show their temp on the dashboard. Is it now possible to have it shown on the main page too? Read and write stats are showing on main now.
  8. I just switched from a 2x E5-2660v2 system to a Ryzen 5 5600X system. Consuming close to 200W less under load.
  9. Well I was going to report this under Beta30 but I just double checked on Beta35 and the issue is still present. Within the docker extra parameters help text there is a dead link to https://docs.docker.com/reference/run/ I think the link is meant to be pointing to https://docs.docker.com/engine/reference/run/
  10. Hey binhex, I think I am having a similar issue to dnLL. I am using PIA and I have switched to the new network already as part of my troubleshooting. For the longest time I always had all my dockers on one independent VLAN so qbittorrentvpn has IP and my unRAID host would be on another VLAN with IP Since a few days ago I can no longer access qbittorrent from my other containers on the VLAN (sonarr, radarr, reverse proxy). I can access it from my other subnets without issue. Like dnLL if I turn off the VPN I can access qbittorrent without issue from
  11. If I could have this with full ZFS support on the array that would be perfect! I realize it's not really "unraid" at that point but I have outgrown the JBOD parity unraid has. Pluz ZFS is looking to become more like unraid with vdev expansion. As of now I have all my main storage disks on a 3x 6 disk raidz2 pool as well as a couple of ZFS mirrors and some (20tb) in my unraid array for scratch storage. If I could have it where I could have my zfs pool as an array with another zfs pool as its cache that would be ideal and add features for my use case. I'd love to keep the newly added
  12. Yeah. So if I turned off passthrough I would get temp but run the risk of mounting the device and corrupting it?
  13. Yes these are individual drives as far as UD is concerned. They are in a ZFS mirror. Basically is it possible to get SMART attribute 194 to show under the temp column above?