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  1. Great video. I used this method to dump a 2080ti bios and it got it working. I had to use the bind vfio method and was able to get a Windows 10 VM. Everything worked great at first and the VM survived several reboots. However when I rebooted Unraid I started getting error code 43s and no drivers. I watched the other video and manually updated the xml to multifunction and changed 4 devices to the same slot but still getting the error. Any ideas? It worked before rebooting the Unraid server.
  2. I bought those dual E5 rigs that were going for cheap some time ago. I have been thinking of swapping that out for an AMD x570. If I go high end I'll keep the same number of cores and threads but in a reduced form factor and probably power draw. However, the E5s have been set it and forget it. Any opinion on swapping to Ryzen? I don't do a ton with it. Sage, a test VM, Plex, not really hammering it with anything.
  3. Amazon is out of stock but will ship it if it comes in.
  4. I don’t think I tried that. Luckily I don’t think the issue has occurred again since I posted.
  5. Anyone use these for gaming or setup a bare metal pass through? I keep going back and forth on building an Unraid server and using a VM for work/gaming versus two separate machines. I have the old dual E5-2670(?) I picked up a while ago when they were cheap I set up a VM in it and tried some VR and games but it felt a little “jittery” in games and I eventually abandoned that project.
  6. That was the last bit of the log. I think that I have it working correctly as it shows up in the LAN games when I log into Steam. However, it appears to get the Xbox connected to it you have to run the windows store version and connect through gamertags. Thanks for the info and links. After some further googling it still appears that steam can only play with steam. I found this from a gaming host. I was hoping that most of these posts were just old info ~2018 but it still appears that crossplay is still somewhat limited. I can still post the screenshots if you wish but it looks like I'
  7. I'm attempting to set up one of these for the first time using ARK. I'm getting a message in the log at the end which makes me think it isn't working. Success! App '376030' fully installed. ---Prepare Server--- ---Server ready--- ---Start Server--- [S_API FAIL] SteamAPI_Init() failed; SteamAPI_IsSteamRunning() failed. Setting breakpad minidump AppID = 346110 I've googled around but can't find a silver bullet to fix this issue. Also this being the first time trying will I be able to find this server via Xbox? I've set up port forwarding so I don't
  8. For your windows VM are you stubbing out a hard drive and being able to run it bare metal like spacedinvader or do you have it running off an SSD or something? Also not to troll but I guess I expected the 3900 to be able to surpass the 2600. I guess there is that much VM overhead or did you just configure it to be equal. I know the 2600K is still somewhat relevant. I’m still running that in my main rig now.
  9. Thanks for clearing this up. Sorry for bad information. Is there something different with parity though? Maybe in the old days, like parity writes to the entire drive?
  10. I’m not disagreeing with the value of knowing if your drive is healthy but I think even if your drive is cleared Unraid will clear a parity drive.
  11. I could be mistaken but I don’t think the two are necessarily related. The CPU being pegged suggests that a transcode is occurring. Your chip has an ~8000 passmark so it should work. Are you trying to transcode 4K or something? I’m thinking if the CPU is pegged that it would be pegged wherever your transcode location is.
  12. Thanks. Squid gave me that above and it did fix the gui however the shares were hung and dockers wouldn’t stop, etc. There doesn’t seem to be much on this issue so I was really surprised when it happened on two different servers minutes apart.
  13. Is there a place to start looking for errors? I found it strange that both machines had issues around the same time. Another thread suggests looking in /var/log/nginx/error.log Any other ways to go about pulling a diagnostic? Even after I was able to restart the GUI on the second server it was effectively hung. The shares weren’t accessible and the diagnostic wouldn’t run/download.
  14. Thanks, that worked. Got a strange issue though, on both servers this has just recently occurred. The first one I tried a clean powerdown from the command line but it didn't work. After that I tried to access a share on the other server and it hung. When I refreshed the GUI it hung. Your instructions allowed be back into the gui but the share is now not accessible. I'm attempting to pull diagnostics from the GUI but that seems to not be working. Any other ideas?