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  1. I installed a USB 2.5Gbe NIC to do some speed testing and configured it to be on the same subnet as the main NIC. I later removed the NIC. Now I am getting the "Multiple NICs on the same IPv4 network" warning; however, there is no longer an eth1 to reconfigure. I don't see any way of fixing this error without re-installing the NIC, which feels a bit like unintended behavior.
  2. I've got the same reduction in parity checks. Sitting around 90 megs/sec vs 160 before.
  3. Your source file should look like this: and not, like this: It's been a while since I've need to use the script, so I forgot what options I had to use to generate the former.
  4. I ran into this exact same problem using the unbalance plugin. My solutions was to use this script tool - That gave me a list of about 1000 duplicates, which was too much for me to deal with by hand... So I created a little windows app (found at the end of the thread) which would parse the output of unRAIDFindDuplicates and create a script which would delete all of the dupes. You can find the utility on the last page of that same thread. Good luck, and be careful.
  5. Thanks for this. I ended up creating a real problem for myself with the unbalance plugin (cancelling it in progress causes it to leave copies of files in place) and I needed a real utility to deal with the mess. Unfortunately for me, while the output of this app is useful, I had far, far too many duplicates to deal with by hand. So I wrote this little Windows (sorry) utility to automate the process for me: Loading file... Buffy S01E10.mkv size mismatch! Chef S01E04.mkv size mismatch! Read 1515 / 2589 lines. Finding size mismatches... /mnt/disk11/media/series/Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Buffy S01E10.mkv : 99,975,168 /mnt/disk12/media/series/Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Buffy S01E10.mkv : 1,981,632,213 /mnt/disk6/media/series/Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Buffy S01E10.mkv : 1,981,632,213 /mnt/disk12/media/series/Chef/Chef S01E04.mkv : 487,030,784 /mnt/disk6/media/series/Chef/Chef S01E04.mkv : 1,045,681,530 Generating list of files that are safe to delete... Script will delete 955 out of 1,515 files. Total space saved: 1,317,440,808,558 bytes (1.2 TB) File C:\zzz\delete.txt successfully created. Essentially, it parses the script's log file, highlights the files that are safe to leave in place and those that are risky and creates a script file that you can execute from the UnRAID console. The output of the script looks like this: echo "Keeping /mnt/disk11/media/series/Angel/Season 1/Angel S01E08.mkv" rm "/mnt/disk12/media/series/Angel/Season 1/Angel S01E08.mkv" rm "/mnt/disk6/media/series/Angel/Season 1/Angel S01E08.mkv" echo "Keeping /mnt/disk11/media/series/Angel/Season 1/Angel S01E09.mkv" rm "/mnt/disk12/media/series/Angel/Season 1/Angel S01E09.mkv" rm "/mnt/disk6/media/series/Angel/Season 1/Angel S01E09.mkv" echo "Keeping /mnt/disk11/media/series/Angel/Season 1/Angel S01E10.mkv" rm "/mnt/disk12/media/series/Angel/Season 1/Angel S01E10.mkv" rm "/mnt/disk6/media/series/Angel/Season 1/Angel S01E10.mkv" echo "Keeping /mnt/disk11/media/series/Angel/Season 1/Angel S01E11.mkv" In the hope that I can save others some time, I have included the app (binary and source) in this post. Be careful, folks! I sincerely hope that no one loses their data with this thing. UnRAIDdeDupe.zip
  6. Thanks! I'll give it a go (although my parity checks take in the 17 hour range these days). I still haven't decided if this is going to work the way that I want, but I want to see this idea through, anyways.
  7. I am toying with the idea of adding a single 2TB SSD into an array of 15 8TB mechanical drives. Basically, I'm looking to have access to a high-speed (for reads, anyway), parity-protected device. I already have a 2 disk, 1 TB cache pool, but I would like to keep this disk out of that mix. Is this a Bad Idea? And if so, is an Unassigned Device the way to go?
  8. I can confirm that his behavior has gone away with 6.6.5, too. If I had to guess, it was this change that fixed it:
  9. Looks like he's on 6.6.3. I am having a very similar-sounding problem and I'm on 6.6.3 as well. I have also noticed that all disks spin up when i am using read/write/modify instead of reconstruct write. This appears to happen when using NFS mounts rather than SMB, but I'd need to do some more troubleshooting to be sure.
  10. I am having a problem similar to alturismo. My drives are randomly spinning since about a week ago. There is nothing in the file activity logs to support the drives powering on. It seems to possibly be related to running VM's, but I couldn't swear to it. Perhaps the latest version of UnRAID is polling the activity of drives in way different than previous releases?
  11. I was driving myself nuts with this same issue. The fix was to add: WebUI\Address=* WebUI\ServerDomains=* to the end of the config file in /mnt/user/appdata/qbittorrent/qBittorrent/qBittorrent.conf and restart the docker.
  12. I figured that it was something along those lines. I was just wondering about the specific issue. In any case, I have faith that the author will figure it out in time; it's too useful a plugin to be killed by a vague incompatibility issue.
  13. Any idea why the upgrade instructions for unraid 6.4 say to remove the preclear plugin? I've been searching for known issues and haven't been able to find any.
  14. Thanks! I moved some cards around and this seems to have made a world of difference! My write speeds are now around 130 megs a second! I guess it pays to read the damn motherboard manual sometimes.
  15. I made these changes and don't really see any difference. Do I need to restart to see an effect? Here is my slot configuration: 1 - low end graphics card 2 - empty 3 - Dell PERC H310 4 - GTX 1070 5 - empty 6 - Dell PERC H310