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  1. I have now downgraded to 6.8.3 on the same USB key and the same USB slot and I am not having the Flash errors anymore. So it be something with 6.9.0
  2. I actually moved the new USB into a port on the motherboard with a usb2 slot. I have now downgraded to 6.8.3 on the same USB key and the problems are no longer there. So it must have something to do 6.9.0. I have logged a bug for this, hopefully it can be fixed.
  3. I have this week upgraded from 6.8.3 to 6.9. I have been running 6.83 without any issues forever. As soon as I upgraded to 6.9 I have gotten USB flash errors as soon as I am copying files to the Shares. The whole system hangs up for a few min. The the UI is coming back but it does not read from the USB key and the cache drive is also not detected. I have already replaced my USB key today with a brand new one, but the same happened atower-diagnostics-20210305-1908.zipfterwards. I am not sure what to do. I have taken a diagnostic file
  4. so I am stumped, since the upgrade to 6.9 my usb key is giving errors as soon as I copy over a file, I have now purchased a brand new USB key and as soon as I copy over a file it behaves the same way, I never had this issue with 6.8.3 running for years. I have a diagnostic file tower-diagnostics-20210305-1908.zipand I am really concerned, I need help.
  5. I upgraded today to 6.9 and suddenly unraid is telling me that my flash drive is having issues, it has been in the array without issues tower-diagnostics-20210303-1642.zipfor years. Should I run a checkdsk on a windows PC? I have now run the checkdsk on my Windows PC it did a fix run but did not find any errors, but when I started the array with the Flash drive it detected an unclean shutdown, so a parity check is currently running. Here is the diagnostic after the check
  6. my Kodi was also upgraded to 19 and since then I am no longer able to play any media from the unraid server, there is already a big post in the Kodi forums but I now have to use a different player as nothing is working with kodi 19.
  7. Just a quick question, do you use the cache drive as a cache drive, as I had to change my path to /mnt/user as I was not using the cache for cache itself.
  8. Hope you are feeling better and Happy Thanksgiving as well.
  9. when you say you cannot edit anything, what do you mean. If you have no data, what this might mean is like me the utilization assumes that you are using a Cache drive, if you do not then you have to go into each of these settings and next to the name there is a arrow pointing down, here select edit and you can change the path from /mnt/user0 to /mnt/user this is the default path if no cache drive is being used. Which other settings are also not working?
  10. you need an admin account at least as admin user type
  11. Please try this link "ipaddress of unraid":3000/dashboard/import see if you get the import screen
  12. so if you select the UUD 1.3, do you then see the + on the left?
  13. Hi in Grafana, there is the + button on the the left side, if you hover over this you can see Import, here you can select the json file you downloaded from the first page.
  14. Have you looked at this Tutorial which is actually really good
  15. I have a 100tb array... so you can image that most data is not protected by a backup. My most important files (pictures and documents are backup on 3 locations. Would moving data from the 3tb to clear it and then replace that together with another one would be safer?