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  1. After almost 4 years of being with unRAID the recent issues has forced me to migrate to a different platform. You can close this request my unRAID server is in the final data migration stages before being repurposed on a different platform. Take care.
  2. Hi @jonp, I am happy to do this just want to know if I do this will my array be persistent if I put all the disks back or will it remember my array or should I not start it with any of my current array disks ? Never done a Vanilla Flash drive always wanted to start over without losing data on the array.
  3. Morning, Sorry for my confusion I was posting as I was finding information. I am back on the original docker.img with docker2.img I could not load from the template so switched back to the original docker file. I have also deleted more than half my containers and only left with what I feel is important still no fix. On the Network side I found out that changing the network settings to static without a default gateway gives me the response from the GUI I would expect but still not working just the long loads are gone. If i put it to automatic or even put a defa
  4. Played with network settings a bit, use static IP everything is back to normal (speed) but still no apps, docker tab loads instantly Not sure why as I do have a reservation against the MAC address. Putting the default gateway in makes it really slow again. Taking it out with a static IP makes it error instantly. No matter what DNS address I put it does not make any difference. Rebooted the router and then unRAID with static IP, No gateway & as my DNS. Community applications now show this. This is with a static IP, No default gateway an
  5. @trurl, No cannot ping Github. root@Mufasa:~# ping ping: Name or service not known Saying that I deleted network.cfg and rebooted made no difference. My SABNZBD is still downloading and my plex & bitwarden is still accessible from the outside world. @Squid, All the container did have images. This all started after I clicked "update all" on the docker tab and I think it is one of those containers below that says Created "10 days ago" that might have caused it as those are the ones that updated then my problems started
  6. Right got more info...... I got pi**ed off and walked away....Came back and Was happy to see my containers and VM again. Clicked on apps but still nothing. Went back to Dashboard and nothing loaded. So left it Then left it some more and it came back. Then decided to run it on a stopwatch to see how long it takes. And as you can see below. When I refresh my browser it takes 1 minute 40 seconds for it to load my containers in my dashboard. Any reason for this ? So now my problem is,
  7. Today I went and did more to try and fix things but ultimately still broken. Went on my router and removed my DNS settings that points to the unRAID server for SteamCache Rebooted the server with Automatic DNS settings so it can pickup the new settings from the router. Created a new Docker image "Docker2.img" photo below with the new docker image I have access to my dockers again but when trying to load a docker from the templated i get a failure every time see photo below. No errors in the logs assume it is "network" The error I get n
  8. Who can I ask to look at my Diagnostics on my OP to help resolve this ?
  9. This morning I tried to see if my appdata backup/restore plugin will work to restore my containers once I delete the doker.img as community apps is not working for me and also discoved that this plugin is not loading for me ? Trying to access it through settings -> backup/restore appdata Most likely a moo point as my appdata is fine I need the containers installing again after deleting the .img file and for that I will need community apps unless I script it ?
  10. Done some searching and I cannot remove the docker.img file until i have community apps back as I cannot get the containers back otherwise. So back to the drawing board with the community apps issue. I have now disabled bonding and set the DNS back to automatic (way it was before all this happened) also swapped the Ethernet cable with another no change.
  11. Thanks for the reply @jonp. Will my containers reappear as I cannot get to community apps to reinstall them ? Is it as simple as deleting the docker.img and rebooting and it will create it by itself ?
  12. @Mathervius thanks for replying. I have changed it to the Open DNS that the apps suggest and makes no difference. Also changed it to cloud flare and Google no difference.
  13. Anyone home ? Rolled back 6.8.3 to 6.8.1 to see if it made a difference. It did not. Still broken.
  14. I do get the below within Fix common problems but the fix it suggests does not work. Suggestions ?
  15. Still broken, Just tied DNS settings as per the error message on community apps with & made no difference also tried, and My download and plex work to the outside world it is only community apps. Then on the Docker front I still cannot see it on my dashboard or docker tab. Can anyone look at my diagnostics and see if they can find why it is doing this PLEASE,
  16. Made no different. Changed the IP address to automatic as I have a reservation set on my router for the MAC address. Put DNS to automatic it picks up the 192.1268.0.100 as that is set on my router. Made it static with no difference. Below is a screenshot of my network settings.
  17. Hi, Thanks for the quick reply. It is SteamCachebundle container IP. (Need to upgrade it to the LanCache at some point) It also has a DNS built in that I point to
  18. Evening fellow unRAIDers, I got my a new motherboard last week and swapped it out (RMA replacement) Identical models. Gigabyte X399 AORUS PRO-CF. Now I do not know if it is because of the motherboard or something else (Like Github going down Yesterday) but my Docker containers are no longer appearing on the dashboard or Docker tabs. My Community applications also no longer works. I have had the Motherboard now 5 days and I think this issue has been here for the last 3 days so confident it is not related ? All my containers are running(Docker PS outp
  19. Very impressed now I can use my 1080. I have done 128 films in 18 hours and saved over 500GB. Doing 12 workers at a time running 12 streams on the GPU. 3 Questions. 1. What is the maximum file size the container can handle as I have some 4K films at over 50GB and it looks like it caps 20GB per file ? 2. I pointed the container to my films and series does it do films first then series after ? That is the way it appears now. 3. Pointing it to over 60TB of data the GUI is very slow in loading is this the same for everyone else ? (3-5 minute
  20. unRAID strikes again! Had great uptime and performance for 10 days. Today needed to switch the server off while doing electrical works in the house as a precaution as the UPS is still broken. Upon powering on within 2 minutes a "failed" drive again! Diag attached. Array did not want to stop so had to do a reboot from the GUI. Disk reported 2056 erros as per the screenshot it is now out of the array doing a pre clear. I know the disk is fine unRAID is just a fanny! Was hoping switching to a 1000W PSU and removing a
  21. @aris, No one ever replied to me on it so just sold it and got another brand. Good luck.
  22. Parity check complete and all disk appear happy now. It is 22c in the UK today and my Server is running great. Last week with the old PSU when it was 9c outside i had 3-5 disk over 50-55c. Retract my comment on on the Chinese eBay delivery....My 40mm Fans arrived today but now need to get screws for them to go into the heatsink. Might just cable tie it or something. suggestions welcome I got these from evilbay :
  23. Both my 6 & 8TB "Dead" drives have now pre cleared and about to put them back into the array for a parity sync. Also purchased 2x 40mm 12v 2pin fans to put on the H310 cards but as usual it is from China with someone pretending to be in the UK so will have to wait 4-6 weeks for it to arrive 😡😡. Thank you for the comments @Normand_Nadon I am baffled by the temperature reduction it is amazing me that a sata splitter and molex splitter can cause this much heat. The 650Watt PSU is in my gaming PC now although it is only running a 1080 Hybrid, Ryzen 5 2600, 3 drive
  24. Thanks @Squid I was thinking of doing that. I had a P2000 in there and a 10GB nic but took both out as not being utilized and was just going to get a 1060 for transcoding if I can get this issue sorted. Just an observation I have ordered 4 new 120mm fans for the machine (3x120mm front & 1 rear) as the drives we constantly getting hot (over 50c). Today is the hottest day in the UK so far this year and all the drives are 10c cooler than they have been with the old PSU. Am I just imaging things here or could the other PSU have been starving the fans of power to spin prop
  25. OK so I have swapped out the PSU's from my unRAID machine and my Gaming machine. I do not have a Corsair 650Watt as per the original post it is a cooler master 650Watt same as my 1000Watt Cooler Master in my gaming Rig(Photo below of the 2 PSU's). Put the 1000W in the unRAID machine and also removed my Sata extenders as I have 16 x Sata connectors on my 1000W PSU. I was also able to remove my Molex splitter as the 1000W PSU molex can reach as I have put the PSU in the top chamber of the case where I had the other one in the bottom (Antec 1900) I turned the unRAID box back on a