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  1. Not sure if this is appropriate or not but since changing to the ‘official’ OZNU docker I have had zero problems like this log problem. OZNU Homebridge Docker
  2. Is it possible to update the base container again? There have been several updates made that would help in the base install. Thanks!
  3. Thank you SO much - this helped to a point - now the plugin developer is telling me I need to run the Homebrisge@Beta to use his work. Is there some possible way to have this added to the docker as an option?
  4. I am using your Homebridge with Gui docker - have been quite sucessful - but a new NPM that i want to use throws this error: [4/21/2020, 10:02:16 PM] Error: Plugin /usr/lib/node_modules/homebridge-isy requires a HomeBridge version of >=0.4.53 which does not satisfy the current HomeBridge version of 0.4.50. You may need to upgrade your installation of HomeBridge. Is there any chance of getting the main docker pull to have this latest Homebridge version? Without this plugin the install is 0.4.50 and updates fine AFTER it is running - I need it to be 0.4.53 on the
  5. Unraid has been a lot of fun for me - giving me much more to learn but making everything I want to do with a server reliable and very easy once set up. Looking forward to many years with this platform - thanks guys!!!
  6. Thank you - just a note that it works just fine with Hauppauge USB HD-PVR's - Thanks @CHBMB for your ongoing support of this DVB Edition
  7. This is the progression of releases: 6.7.1rc1 worked with USB Hauppauge 6.7.1rc2 did NOT work with USB Hauppauge 6.71 DOES work with USB Hauppauge and is NEWER that rc1 and rc2 - it is the release stable version - i.e.: Not a Release Candidate.
  8. I have tried using the 6.7.1rc2 versions of LibreElec and Digital Devices but neither of these will recognize my USB based Hauppauge HD-PVR’s within the SageTV Docker. Reverting back to 6.7.1rc1 version and they are all showing up again. Seems to me this happened before and a complete rebuild fixed the issue!? Not too sure though as most of this is WAY over my head ... Dwight
  9. I have tried that exact line but for some reason it makes not difference for me. I am using my dns through Cloudflare but I don’t know if that is my issue!?
  10. I have this added into my Nextcloud config.php but I am still getting this warning ... not sure what else to try. Can anyone help me with this Warning in the Nextcloud 16.0.1 Security & Setup Overview? "There are some warnings regarding your setup. The reverse proxy header configuration is incorrect, or you are accessing Nextcloud from a trusted proxy. If not, this is a security issue and can allow an attacker to spoof their IP address as visible to the Nextcloud. Further information can be found in the documentation." MyConfigFiles.zip
  11. This new compile of 6.7.0-rc8 LibreELEC works for me with my SageTV docker and Hauppauge HD-PVR's now - thank you @CHBMB !
  12. I, too, have lost the functioning of my HD-PVR's in the LibreELEC DVB edition on 6.7.0-rc8 in my SageTV Docker. Reverting back to rc7 as that worked and still does ...
  13. When was the last beta update done? 🤣 I can't resist pushing the update button as soon as the DVB version is ready - I know - I'm asking for it ...
  14. Thank you so much Niklas - this worked out great with your help! I could not have completed this without your help ... Dwight
  15. I need help with this statement: Step 2 of the MySQL instructions: Change your databases character set and collation: ALTER DATABASE nextcloud CHARACTER SET utf8mb4 COLLATE utf8mb4_general_ci; I have no idea where or how this is supposed to be entered? I have made the change to my cnf file but that's as far as I get. Probably shouldn't be trying this without more guidance ...