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  1. Hi @ich777, I'm running your Unturned server which is working fine, even with custom maps. How do I go about saving and gracefully shutting down the docker so it can save correctly?
  2. I'll look into that, thanks. I am using a reverse proxy, LetsEncrypt to be specific. Which config file are you specifically referring to? If I add that line to my proxy.conf file under letsencrypt\nginx, it will create the folder I specify when a transfer starts, but it won't actually use it and continues to remain empty. It'll still use the docker.img as its temp. I mentioned that I use the "external storages" in Nextcloud, which mount the /mnt/user/ folders, then I share those to my Nextcloud users - does this have any negative impact of when trying to use the temp path?
  3. I have this same problem as well, I'm using external storages that point to my /mnt/ locations. I had 10GB for my docker.img file which was about 50% full, someone downloaded a file from me that came in at 4.5GB - it basically crippled and trashed my docker.img to the point where I had to delete it and recreate it from scratch. Painless process with the auto template usage from the apps tab, but it's still a pain when I have to take all the dockers down just to do it. The only thing I can think of in the short term is to increase the docker.img size to something larger than your si
  4. Annoyingly, it actually did work at some point in an older build of unRAID - something must have been changed regarding apcupsd. I wouldn't be able to tell you which one build, but I do recall seeing my UPS going into sleep correctly once back in late 2018.
  5. Oh God, thank you. I've been looking on and off over the years for a fix to this. After looking for and testing different things for a lot of that time, I finally made a topic back in mid 2019, but no one had a fix (let alone a reply): I gave your fix a go, and it worked perfectly after a quick test last night. The UPS goes into sleep mode (LEDs cycling) once the shutdown delay has done its thing. I can even see the UPS logs reporting that the unRAID server has issued the PowerChute shutdown command - I don't recall ever seeing that before. Ch
  6. I'm using local with the Source Directory set to: /mnt/user I've also mounted an external drive via Unassigned Disks using the Path option: Within DirSyncPro, I have the /external mountpoint as my backup destination, which works fine. Unfortunately, that didn't have any positive effect. When attempting to "Analyze this job now", nothing with Japanese/Chinese unicode characters will be detected. I've also tried to delete the job and remake it. Other English named files within my test folder are detected. Take your time though, I a
  7. Sorry for the delay, different timezones and all of that. The Windows version of DirSyncPro works fine with Japanese characters. The small set of files I was using for testing works. Ah sorry, I was (poorly) assuming that other languages were also affected. Chinese (Simplified) is also affected, I only have a handful of files with Chinese naming - that would've been an annoyance if I needed to restore those files at a later date and they weren't there, ha.
  8. @ich777 You may not be able to help with this because the docker itself isn't at fault (at least I don't think it is). If you could poke around with it, I'd appreciate it. There doesn't seem to be any support for Japanese unicode (Kanji/Katakana/Hiragana). When a backup is running, DirSyncPro will simply skip over these files. It seems anything that isn't English won't be backed up. For example, this filename won't be backed up: リライアンス I've left a bug report on their SourceForge as well in hopes of this being fixed up.
  9. Hopefully someone can help me with this one. I have an older, but reliable, APC UPS SU1400RMXLI3U with a AP9617 Smart Slot Card. The UPS is correctly detected using the PCNet option with the correct username/passphrase (omitted out due to it being an actual password), all other tech info below is also displayed correctly: As unRAID is shutting down due to power loss and the batteries hitting the ~85% threshold, it will not put the UPS to sleep or shut it down after the expected delay has been met. I have the UPS set to turn back on after power has been resto
  10. Updated and you nailed it, it's working perfectly. Thanks for your support, I appreciate it. It's my payday on Friday
  11. I received the update and it's working. Although, I have an odd problem where the log file will stop updating after midnight, unsure if this is a limitation of the container, or the docker engine itself - I can still see the new entries in the logs\latest.txt provided by the Minecraft server itself. Is that something that can be fixed with an update?
  12. Cool thanks, I'll let that update via the CA Auto Update tomorrow morning. Appreciate it.
  13. @ich777 Thank you very much for making the Minecraft server docker for us, I'll be sure to make a donation when I can spare some money myself. I got it working fine with Forge and ~40 mods. Is there a way to show the server console through either the docker console or log view via unRAID? Other than looking at the logs\latest.txt and keep refreshing it of course. I'd like to be able to keep an eye on info/warn/error entries, such as people joining/leaving and the "server is overloaded" etc
  14. Here's my follow up: Changing the BIOS of my VM with the passthrough GPU from OVMF to SeaBIOS made no change at all Using Q35 instead of i440fx made it feel a bit "snappier" - but it didn't improve the situation Updating UnRAID to 6.5.1-rc6 didn't help Removing the auto restart of the VM (simple batch file on task scheduler in Windows 10) has stopped UnRAID from hanging on occasion Restarting the VM manually can also cause UnRAID to hang, out of ~10 restart attempts, UnRAID would hang after anywhere between 3-5 restarts With the above info, it seems to be comp
  15. That didn't work with running 6.5.1-rc5. Didn't even last 48 hours. I can't provide a diagnostics for obvious reasons. The only thing I can think of is the VM restarting each day, but if that was the case, I'd imagine it would be hanging the server every day the VM restarts. Besides, I've had the server hang at various times throughout the day, even when the VMs aren't restarting. I've also tried both i440fx and Q35 machine types, both with the same outcome. If it is the VM restarting that's causing the issue... What good will it be if I can't simply re