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  1. That fixed it! I created a new boot media with 6.5.0 and copied my config folder back over and I can see my shares again. Thank you @trurl and @Frank1940 for all your help. This community is awesome! I'm so happy I don't have to configure anything from scratch.
  2. I don't know if it's relevant but a few weeks ago the system was acting wonky at one point. Through poking around I saw my flash drive was completely full. I discovered the dynamix file integrity plugin had filled the flash drive with log files. I deleted the log files and uninstalled that plugin. Would anything odd like this be caused when the system drive gets full?
  3. Uninstalled statistics plugin and restarted into safe mode. Still not showing up and not accessible via \\ from any of my devices.
  4. I just found another thread describing the same thing and and the only way they found they could fix it was a fresh OS install. I'll have to figure out if/how to backup settings, VMs, docker. Ugh.
  5. I tried enabling SMB 1.0. Still don't see it listed among the other networked PCs. Remember I can't browse the SMB shared on my linux machines either. On the Linux machine I can browse my windows shares perfectly fine. I really think the issue is with the unRAID machine.
  6. That LAN Scanner utility does say this on their site: UPDATE (30 Jan 2018): ** LAN Scanner no longer works on Windows 10 1709 and above. **
  7. Yeah that's what's so bizarre. On another forum I found a command "net view [ip address or hostname]" and I get error 53 when trying my unraid server, but I'll get a list of SMB shares if I try it with my windows machine IP. I also just reverted to 6.4.1 and it didn't fix the problem.
  8. I see my other shares on other windows machines fine. They show up in the file manager when I go to the network. They're all on the same workgroup. Like I mentioned, everything was fine until recently and it's only the unRAID shares that are inaccessible. I consider myself pretty competent with networking and this is stumping me. I think my next experiment is reverting to 6.4.1.
  9. Yep, server is, PC is I’ve also tried to browse the smb share from a Linux machine and that doesn’t work either. I can SSH into the machine, all my docker containers are working fine.
  10. 1. I never explicitly set it as the local master. SMB just worked. I checked the setting and it was set to yes. 2. I just installed the local master plugin and it looks like the unRAID server is already the local master. 3. I ran this utility and got error 53 the network path was not found. I haven't tried safe mode yet but I can try when I get home from work.
  11. Yep, I should have mentioned in the OP that everything else seems fine.
  12. Already tried that before posting. Windows cannot access
  13. I saw that while looking for an answer before posting. No luck
  14. Hello, Since upgrading to 6.5.0, my SMB shares are not accessible from any of my Windows, Linux, or Android machines. I have rebooted server and clients, I can ping the server from the windows machines.I have tried disabling then enabling SMB. I don't know where else to go, I would appreciate any help/ideas you guys have. Thanks! tower-diagnostics-20180323-0833.zip