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  1. hahah thats two 1TB cache drives two 8TB parity drives and ten 8TB array drives..its got about 14TB free at the moment and with my 780mbps/780mbps fiber connection i could probably fill it in a day or so lol i had to move all my 4K conent to the the red one to free space on the Blue one... Green is VM's and Automation for my home PS I owe you some more beer !
  2. im not too worried its a unique password and my unraid servers interface or core OS are not available outside my home network, i use a VPN on my firewall to connect to home when i need access
  3. chrome saves mine with no issues
  4. I have 3 Licenses, 2 Pro and 1 Plus I love the easy expansion, the reliability and the community the devs are top notch and easy to work with. the upgrades have been flawless and better and better with every release
  5. Thanks for another great video Ed. I recently found a written version of this from an external USB drive i had mounted via unassigned devices your video was far more thorough thank you!
  6. thanks for your looking into it im at a loss im ok with not having the gui option as i tend to just type in the URL to bring it
  7. Ok got an Update looks like the docker Duplicati is causing the issue...everytime I try to back up to Google Drive (the NAS share was fine) it seems to kill the network service on the server. I am running Duplicati on my custom br0 network so i can give it a dedicated IP but cant see why this is happening nowwhen duplicati backups on this server and my other two worked fine
  8. i dunno its still not working i went to host, defined both container and host applied it then edited back to custom br0 and webgui option went wondering if unraid is blocking those ports from a defined linux firewall ill check into it tonight when i get home
  9. yeah my unraid 6.7.2 isnt giving me the same options you have host and bridge show the same window man im blind today sorry about that
  10. ahh ok that makes sense ill do that and report back thanks. got to get ready for work
  11. ok not sure if im really doing this correctly... still no gui option
  12. hmmm i went to add port and container port is the only option, host is not ***doh my bad add to description
  13. hmmm i added them and still a no go unless i did something wrong here is the docker config, i see the docker config section doesnt understand what ports displaying "???"
  14. Yeha i have a spare nic as well as an onboard NIC ill try if it goes down again...i was thinking it more the driver or the process failing....stopping inet1 and inet2 as well as inetd then only starting inet1 and inet2 left it up more than 5 min so i did a clean reboot and enabled the on board NIC to have as a quick spare if needed
  15. thats what i thought. safe to assume -p 32400:3400 is TCP unless specified to be UDP?