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  1. Thanks!!! I stream 4K from my server and was worried about stuttering.
  2. Is it possible to pause Preclear in order to use the server and then resume again later?
  3. Just to follow up, the Zidoo does ask for credentials when trying to connect to the server. I am going to set up my server using my Window's user name and password per gridrunner's video on "Unraid Shares in Depth". I think that should do it.
  4. I am pretty sure it must but I will double check.
  5. I recently picked up a Zidoo Z9S media player. It has a video wall app called Home Theater 2.0 which needs access to my movie share in order to maintain movie information for each file. I tested it using "public" but would like to have it be "private" which I assume is the correct approach for security. How is this done?
  6. mikela

    Zidoo Access

  7. Great! I'll check it out.
  8. Thanks! Do you know if that means I would be able to run Plex or Emby and select a movie and have it play (launch) through the Oppo?
  9. Not even sure if this is possible but wondering if there is an app that will act as a media front end (like Kodi or Plex) and "push" media files through the network path to the Oppo? Launching files directly on the Oppo is Spartan at best.
  10. Should we just leave it as is and ignore the message until 6.7 release? It doesn't seem to be causing any problems with the exception of the warning messages.
  11. I am unRAID 6.6.7 and my Dynamix plugin is giving me an error saying that it is only good for 6.7 and up. Isn't 6.6.7 the current version of unRAID?
  12. OK, I tried using "MKVs" instead of "MKV's" and that worked. Doh!!!
  13. Good point! I'm reluctant to mess with it now that everything is working but may try it at some point without the '.
  14. Thanks for this! I solved my original problem but occasionally get a request for a PW. This works every time. My original problem seems to have originated when I changed the name of one of my shares from "concert videos" to "MKV's" . Once I returned it back to "concert videos" my Oppo 203 blu-ray player was able to access the files. The Oppo would show the "MKV's" folder but despite performing a factory reset would not show the files. My HTPC (unRAID Windows 10 VM) would allow access to the same files within the "MKV's" folder. Not sure what's going on but glad that I have regained access. I guess I won't attempt to change folder names going forward.