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  1. I have several shares "music 1", "music 2", "music 3" that hold music media. Is there an easy way to make a single share called "music" that has these shares as sub tier folders without having to read and write the files over again?
  2. I never specified a port setting. This is what worked for me: "I had to set privileged to on and change network from bridged to host."
  3. I am using Roon Remote on my iPad to access the core which is now up and running on my unRaid server. I had to set privileged to on and change network from bridged to host. This is my first docker, so I'm am not completely confident in the mapping I did above but everything seems to be working now. I read somewhere that it is best to remap "backup" someplace other than appdata. Is it OK to map it to my ISO share even though it is "secure"? Will it write to it?
  4. I realized that even though it says the docker is started that there was no volume or port mappings. It is in "bridge" mode. I now understand that I must volume map to the app. I assume that one does that by selecting "Add another Path, Port, Variable, Label or Device". Are there updated instructions somewhere for this? At the Github site: https://github.com/steefdebruijn/docker-roonserver it shows VOLUME [ "/ app" , "/ data" , "/ music" , "/ backup" ]. Is this what I should put in "Container Path"? What about name? Edit: I mapped "/app" and "/data" to the appdata share from the pull down menu and "/music" to my music share. Assuming I am on the right path here, for "/backup" is it OK to map it to my ISO share even though it is "secure"? I left name blank. I am now seeing that Roon files are in the appdata share. However there is no port shown.
  5. OK, I was able to install the docker listed above and it shows it in the docker tab as "started". However, it doesn't seem to have installed the actual Roon Server from what I can tell. Is it necessary to download the Linux based Roon Server (Easy Install Script) from their site and place it somewhere in my shares?
  6. Thanks for that. I got this message when I asked about a roon docker for unraid: "We haven't published any Docker images, but a member of our community did: https://github.com/steefdebruijn/docker-roonserver"
  7. Thanks!!! I stream 4K from my server and was worried about stuttering.
  8. Is it possible to pause Preclear in order to use the server and then resume again later?
  9. Just to follow up, the Zidoo does ask for credentials when trying to connect to the server. I am going to set up my server using my Window's user name and password per gridrunner's video on "Unraid Shares in Depth". I think that should do it.
  10. I am pretty sure it must but I will double check.
  11. I recently picked up a Zidoo Z9S media player. It has a video wall app called Home Theater 2.0 which needs access to my movie share in order to maintain movie information for each file. I tested it using "public" but would like to have it be "private" which I assume is the correct approach for security. How is this done?
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  13. Great! I'll check it out.