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  1. I'm getting this message any time I stop and start the VM manager.

    With a reboot It starts fine.  But if I disable VM's and then enable VM's, libvirt doesn't start and there is nothing in the 

    /var/log/libvirt/libvirtd.log file.


    Where can I look to debug this?  


    This all started when I started playing with "Virtual Machine Wake On Lan"  

    I'm trying (unsuccessfully) to start a VM with WOL.

    Now I have no idea if this is connected.  I don't remember the last time I had to disable/enable the VM's

    And I would like to get the WOL for VM's working..  But that's a separate thread! lol



  2. On 1/14/2023 at 4:47 AM, J05u said:

    Can't make this plugin working for Guacamole :(

    VM's not starting from any state, tried python from app store, from nerd tool, even suggestion from the post. No lack

    Maybe anyone can help with?


    I, also, am having trouble getting guac to start a VM with WOL.

    I'm following @SpaceInvaderOne's guide on youtube and my VM won't start.


  3. I'm trying to figure out how to access some of my dockers and webpages at home from work.  I'm currently using a openVPN client on my work machine and that's fine.  But soon I'll have to have a new machine which won't allow any VPN software installed.  So I'm trying to figure out the best way to access my home network from a webpage. So I was thinking some some sort of secure remote access to a VM from a webpage.

    did @SpaceInvaderOne ever do a video on that?  He has so many great videos its hard to search! lol (and thanks for all those!)


    I'm sure there is something out there..

    Like splashtop or remotePC?  





  4. Well I just, successfully updated the firmware on both drives.  Hopefully I won't see any issues with the overtemp any more.

    I was able to update using the ISO image burned to a flash drive.  I got the image from here

    It warned about possibly erasing all data but it did not do that for me.  My data was intact, thank god!


    So now we'll see if get those overtemps again!



  5. Every once and a while I get this error reported

    Event: Unraid Cache disk temperature
    Subject: Alert [TOWER] - Cache disk overheated (84 C)
    Description: Samsung_SSD_980_1TB_******** (nvme0n1)
    Importance: alert


    Then a couple minutes later it returns to normal?

    I have two nvme disks and I see this (seemingly) random on either one.  I don't think I've seen both at the same time.

    I see one of these  every couple of days or so..


    I find it hard to believe these are real..  Are they?  Are they doing some sort of SSD cleanup?




  6. Well my latest parity check caused some read errors on one of my older drives.  So time to replace, I guess!

    I can get a 8T Blue for ~$120  Or a Ironwolf  for ~$160 or a WD Red Plus for ~$165.


    Does it really matter if I get a Blue for a data disk?  In the past I've shucked drive from externals..  But I see the Blue is cheaper and the reds are not that much more expensive than externals.

    I think they are all CMR.



  7. On 1/23/2022 at 9:15 AM, sirkuz said:

    I am on 6.10.0-rc2 and while running parity rebuilds I am noticing that I still get these errors when leaving the UI open under the latest Edge browser. Waiting for 6.10 final to hopefully resolve this one :)


    Damn!  I was hoping that 6.10 would fix/address this like @Squid alluded to...  Fingers crossed that whatever change they going to do wasn't put in yet...

  8. 3 hours ago, Squid said:

    This issue will hopefully disappear once 6.10 is released.  After a certain amount of time, Main / Dashboard will reload themselves

    7 minutes ago, Squid said:

    Most reports do not get replied to.  That doesn't mean nothing is being looked at.  As I said

    Which should solve at least some it is (the running out of shared memory) was one of the symptoms that resulted in the above.


    I, Normally, don't have main or dashboard open.  For me, it's the docker window and a couple of the docker web interfaces.

    And in the past it was open web terminals (I only use putty now!). So I don't know if the 6.10 release will fix for all..  

    Fingers crossed that it will though!!! And I do hope that they are looking into this as it's slightly annoying...  Not bad enough to bug them constantly...  but always hoping for a post here from them saying that they found the issue! 🙂


  9. 39 minutes ago, Squid said:

    This issue will hopefully disappear once 6.10 is released.  After a certain amount of time, Main / Dashboard will reload themselves

    Is @limetech even looking at this?  He chimed in a while ago and then crickets...  There really a lot of us that have this issue.  Now I don't know if this "a Lot" is still in the noise for the amount total unraid users so it's not a big enough issue...

    I've just had this happen twice last week...  And then sometimes it goes for months without hitting this.. *sigh*

  10. I added a second drive to my cache pool as per the manual.  I can't tell if it's automatically in RAID1? 



    I got a warning when I first added the disk

    Event: Unraid Cache disk message
    Subject: Warning [TOWER] -  pool BTRFS too many profiles (You can ignore this warning when a pool balance operation is in progress)
    Description: Samsung_SSD_980_1TB_S64ANJ0R676360X (nvme0n1)
    Importance: warning


    Do I have to do a manual balance?



    Am I protected?  or do I need to do that full balance?