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  1. As I looked back into my old e-mail..  I've been running Unraid for over 10 years now!!!  I upgraded to pro back in April of 2009!  I can't find the original Purchase..  but it must have been before that!  Anyway..   I'm still using the original flash drive I started with.  I do have a second key and drive.. (It's probably not up to date  - Must add to todo list! And I'm not sure where it is LOL)


    When should I think about preemptively replacing the flash drive?  It's a 1GB Drive that's about 1/2 full..


    And a big Kudos to Tom and Limetech guys for such a great product and kudos for such a super great community!




  2. 2 minutes ago, Squid said:

    Don't run that tool against all the drives or all the shares.  If it touches the appdata share, funky things may happen with your docker apps.  Hence why there's a docker safe new permissions tool right there also.  It will not allow you to run against appdata

    I didn't see the other one..  I'll have to look when the current one finishes.  I'm just running it on specific shares that got flagged.  So I should be safe?





  3. I'm trying to empty a drive using unbalance and it does warn me about file permissions..  I ran the extended test in FCP and I get a TON of these

    The following files / folders may not be accessible to the users allowed via each Share's SMB settings.  This is often caused by wrong permissions being used on new downloads / copies by CouchPotato, Sonarr, and the like:
    /mnt/user/Backup  nobody/users (99/100)  0770
    /mnt/user/Backup/acer_aspire  nobody/users (99/100)  0770
    /mnt/user/Backup/acer_aspire/post_factory.tib  nobody/users (99/100)  0660
    /mnt/user/Backup/acer_aspire/pre_install_image.tib  nobody/users (99/100)  0660
    /mnt/user/Backup/acer_aspire/Pre_office2.tib  nobody/users (99/100)  0660
    /mnt/user/Backup/acer_aspire/Pre_office.tib  nobody/users (99/100)  0660
    /mnt/user/Backup/Browser_bookmarks  nobody/users (99/100)  0770

    Wasn't there an "FIX" button for this?  What does it want me to change the permissions to?

  4. Ok.. I'll reply to my own message! 🙂

    I guess if I just click on the error thing I can acknowledge the error.   But I'm still guessing it will live in the smart report forever...


    Maybe I should open up the case and replace the cables in a couple of slots....



  5. I have 4 drives that have low UDMA CRC error counts.  They are not really increasing.  Do I have to live with 



    these errors forever?  Unfortunately, one of these drives is brand new.  It's installed from a drive cage so the connections inside haven't been touched in years.


    Is there no way to clear them out?  My guess is no...





  6. 5 minutes ago, itimpi said:

    This is probably the way to go if you want to remain parity protested throughout.


    You have got that backwards :(   If you only have parity1 present then you can reorder the disks without affecting parity.   This is not true if parity2 is present as the calculations for parity2 take disk position as one of the inputs.

    Crap..  That was a typo..  It should have said "I thought I read somewhere that with 2 parity drives you can't shuffle disk numbers around?"  I will correct the original post! 🙂

  7. I want to upgrade to 6.8.2 as I see some folks have some issues with some disk temps not showing up.  Not a big deal to me..  But I'd like to upgrade to 6.8.2 first.

    I'm currently on 6.7.2.  Is there a way to upgrade to 6.8.2 from the gui?  Or am I going to have to manually download and copy the files and reboot?  I like the fact that it keeps track of the previous revision and can restore that way. 

  8. Ok.  I had a drive die on my recently.  Bummer it was one of my newer 8T drives! (grrr...)  But I had a spare and I'm up and running again.

    But it got me motivated to  clean some things up and do some drive upgrades.


    Right now I have a single 8T parity drive.  I want to go with 2 parity drives.  That's the first upgrade.  I have a 10T precleared and ready to go.

    I also have 3x 2T drive I'd like to get rid of.  I have a precleared 8T drive ready for that!


    I'd like to remain as parity protected at possible.


    Should I add the second parity drive first?  This way when I can replace one of the 2T's with the 8T and it can re-build and I'm still protected if another drive dies while this is going on.  But then when I empty the other 2 2T drives and removed them from my system (shrink the array using dd), will it have to rebuild the second parity anyway?  Even if I do the dd and zero out the other drive and then do a trust parity?


    Or do I stay single parity and add the new 8T to the array and copy everything off the 2T's to the 8T and then zero out the 2Ts one at a time and remove and trust parity.


    I thought I read somewhere that with 2 parity drives you can't shuffle disk numbers around?


    Long term plan is to add another 10T to replace the first 8T.  I also want to add another NVME SSD cache drive.  But the NVME takes up two sata ports so I have to consolidate some drives to free up ports.  Right now I only have 2 free sata ports.  I like to keep on always free for a spare and then another to keep for a pre-clear spot? 


    I feel like such a noob!  I don't usually muck with my unraid as it just works! (Thanks limetech!)  So I have to relearn every time I have to do something with the system! 🙂





  9. It's been a while since I looked at it..  And I vaguely remember in the past it was a no-no..  But can I live hot plug my sata drives in my Norco 5bay enclosures?  I hate having to power down the server each time I want to swap some drives in a out.  It's not a big deal..  But if I can safely hot swap it would save me a little time...  Also I think I saw someone on  YouTube do it..


    The searches here all come up with USB hot plug topics...



  10. 2 hours ago, Djoss said:

    I'm not aware of a such functionality.

    But you can do it yourself with to command "du -sh <path to directory>".

    Yeah...  The cloudberry guys said that it wasn't available too..

    What I need is a way to total random directories.  I can do it the hard way...  But I was hoping for something easier...

  11. Hello..  Coming over from crashplan to test out..

    This is a gui question..  Since I'll have to pay per GB...   Is there a way to see how many GB there are selected in the 

    backup before it actually starts backing up?  I'm trying to gauge how much it will cost me..


    I did a test backup and it only told me the size after I started the backup...





  12. 2 hours ago, jbuszkie said:

    Man this is a real bummer...

    I can rename the extension and it seems like CP will back it up...

    So this will work for backups for computers that don't exist anymore. (Why do I need them??? stupid hoarder of backups! :-) )

    But for active backups, I'll have to do something  more creative...

    I'll have to try softlinked tib files to renamed extension files for active backups...

    Well the soft-linked files may work.   I just tried to validate an Acronis backup set using soft links.  Acronis validated the backup just fine.

    We'll see if it will add to the incremental backup...  I will have to keep up with it as every time it updates, the update file will have to be renamed and then linked back if I want to be completely protected..

    What a pain...


    Maybe I will move to backblaze...   I'll have to see what I really *need* to be backed up...


  13. Crap..  I may have to switch to something else.  I'm only backing up 210GB worth of data.

    One of the past updates must have canned all my Acronis backup files.

    I remember they said they were going to exclude some backup files and VM's but last time I checked it was still there.  Now it's not.


    I really want to keep my acronis files (all my PC backups) protected in the cloud.


    If I can't do that with crashplan, then I'm screwed.  Is there anyway around this?





  14. Not sure if this is the right thread...  But I figured this would get the most traction...

    Since my promotional period for crash plan ended,  I'm now paying about $10/mo.  This is like about 4x what the promotional

    price was.


    Is everyone still using crashplan?  Is there something better? Cheaper? with unlimited storage?



    Oh and kudos to folks that maintain this great docker! :-)


  15. Damn  I just read my e-mail about crash plan for home going bye-bye!!  This sucks!  From what I read here it make more sense to migrate to the pro version than go to carbonite?

    It seems like that's what most folks are doing.   So what are the down side for me for going to pro?  It seems like it's just the cost?  Right now I'm only backing up

    one computer (unraid)  But unraid has acronis backups of all my other computers! :-)

    I don't back up to another computer and I only have like 600GB backed up.


    So am I correct in assuming the only change for me will be the cost (eventually)?


    Last question...  Should I transition now or later?  I'm good till Oct of next year.  Is the transition stable enough?  Or should I wait a little longer for everyone else to work out the kinks! :-)


    And thanks to Djoss for the quick update to the container to support the pro transition!  You rock!



  16. I'm also getting OOM errors when the mover starts.  I just tried to alter those two settings:

    Disk Cache 'vm.dirty_background_ratio' (%):    to 2%

    Disk Cache 'vm.dirty_ratio' (%):                           to 4%


    My question is...  Are they changed on the fly or do I have to reboot the system?