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  1. Is there a plugin or setting that will let me know if a docker stopped?  I've had one of my dockers stop twice on me now and it took me a while to figure out that it wasn't working.


    Is there anyway to have unraid notify me that it is no longer working?





  2. 3 minutes ago, Squid said:

    Not at all.  You're just stressing it via the preclear (which is actually more stressful on the drive than adding a drive that's not been precleared)  But on the array itself sure.  But  yippy is going to wind up copying the data back onto the newly added drive anyways.



    But it can all be done with the array single parity protected.




    My whole argument is that a rebuild / expansion is painless, not excessively stressful at all, and any process on any system to remove a drive and then re-add it is more stressful than the rebuild itself.  

    A agree a rebuild/expansion is painless...  but without dual parity, you are left un protected.  The thought is there IS a way to do it without losing parity protection and should be supported without using command line stuff.  We shouldn't have to be forced to go to dual parity if there is a way to do it without.  I'd love to run dual parity..  but spending the $$ on another 8T disk just for dual parity isn't in the budget. Luckily I've be able to do the process described in the thread.. but I know my way around the command line (a little bit, anyway) :D



  3. 3 minutes ago, Squid said:



    The process of removing a drive (no matter the process), and then re-adding another one is going to be even more stressful on the drives involved than a simple rebuild.



    Not true..  Zero-ing  out the drive will be stressful..  but you're protected..  Adding a drive not stressful if it's been pre-cleared.  

  4. 5 minutes ago, Squid said:

    Not at all.  If the rebuild fails, (bad replacement, etc)  Nothing's changed.  Fix the problem and rebuild again.


    But if you lose another drive while you are rebuilding...  Then you are screwed...


    Unless you have double parity....  which I don't  (yet)


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  5. 11 minutes ago, Squid said:


    I've been running unRaid since 2012 (started with 5.0 beta 8), and for the life of me, I wouldn't know how to do this via the command line.  Replacing / upgrading a drive is simply, and only involves the webGUI


    I think he was more referring to emptying a drive for removal and assumed the drive was still working such that you could move the file off then zero out the drive.  And then never losing parity protection..

  6. 54 minutes ago, kingy444 said:

    Definitely clears that up, obviously a useful feature.

    Any recommendations on 'rebalancing'... sounds like that might be another enhancement at another time?


    Any suggestions to speed up manually doing this?


    Not the best way... but could you move it all to the cache disk and then let the mover "rebalance" it with the share set to the correct setting (I forget which one it is..)?


  7. Thanks, Squid!

    Is there a post somewhere that outlines how to find the offending process that's keeping the drive from being unmounted?

    I tried the the lsof command but I couldn't figure out what I needed to kill.

    I'm pretty sure it was something accessing something that was mounted from the docker image.



  8. I needed to reboot my machine yesterday so I stopped all my dockers and then tried to stop the array.  It got stuck

    trying to umount the drives.  It was stuck trying to unmount the drive that my docker image was on.

    I couldn't find any browser or telnet session that was using or pointing to any docker image files.

    I ended up having to force a reboot from the console.

    Luckily I was able to restart my dockers on a reboot with no issues.


    I couldn't find any info in the FAQ..  

    So what is the proper way to shutdown/reboot when using dockers?

    Do I need to manually stop the dockers and then stop the docker service?

    Or if I stop the array will it do everything for me?


    This will also come into play in a power failure scenario. Will the system shutdown cleanly when the battery gets low.






  9. 7 minutes ago, jbrodriguez said:

    Ok, you're not running the latest unBALANCE version (which is 3.2.0, it would have logged which transfer operation you ran: move/copy).


    Yeah, rsync's error 23 (Partial transfer due to error) is almost like a catch-all :o


    But it's generally associated with permission errors or date-time issues with some of your files/folders.


    Did you get any permission issues during the calculate phase ?



    I don't recall if I had any permission issues.  I think I might have.


    And I just installed unbalance several days ago!  I didn't think to check for an update so soon! :-)

  10. Here is the relevant stuff from the log file..

    I: 2017/07/10 20:54:50 core.go:596: _calc:End:srcDisk(/mnt/disk4)
    I: 2017/07/10 20:55:06 core.go:782: Running transfer operation ...
    I: 2017/07/10 20:55:06 core.go:814: Command Started: rsync -avPRX "HTPC_Stuff/edrive" "/mnt/disk10/"
    I: 2017/07/10 23:22:17 core.go:143: Sending config
    W: 2017/07/11 04:58:25 core.go:886: Command Interrupted: rsync -avPRX "HTPC_Stuff/edrive" "/mnt/disk10/" (exit status 23 : Partial transfer
    due to error)
    I: 2017/07/11 04:58:25 core.go:991:
    Started: Jul 10, 2017 20:55:06
    Ended: Jul 11, 2017 04:58:25
    Elapsed: 8h3m18.906s
    Command Interrupted: rsync -avPRX "HTPC_Stuff/edrive" "/mnt/disk10/" (exit status 23 : Partial transfer due to error)
    Transferred 962.2G at ~ 33.98 MB/s

    And I don't see anything in the syslog around 4:58...   What error?



  11. Great tool!


    I tried to do a move yesterday from one data disk to another and it seemed to work (a part from seeming very slow...)

    However when I looked today, it never deleted the source files.  They all got copied, but never deleted...


    I basically used all the stock settings..



  12. Ok..  I guess that makes sense.  I forgot about the tools syslog thing!  and now with color coding!!  

    (probably been there for a while I just didn't upgrade!) Now I don't have to use unmenu for that anymore! :-)

    Kudos to Boniel(sp?) for the continued fantastic job on the Gui developments!!



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  13. 10 hours ago, bjp999 said:

    If you are using the same stick, yes. In fact it might be even simpler that that. Just booting with the same stick should maintain your array configuration.

    It did!!  like magic!!!  New MB.  New CPU.  New Memory. New storage card.

    Bam!  The array came up ready to run!  I was shocked!  (and very happy!!!!)


    Thank You Limetech for making this robust!  I remember in the past that the software often times didn't see moved drives very well and we did have to new config and trust parity

    And then there was that funky command "set something something.."



  14. I just got my new MB/CPU/Mem all set up!  This new MB has dual intel nics on board.

    I tried to set up teaming in Unraid and it mostly failed.  It looks like the teaming worked but I couldn't

    access it the way I did before.

    The router I have it on supports teaming and, I believe, is set up correctly.  I have a Win machine that is also using teaming

    and I can see everything on that machine just fine.  What was really weird was that I COULD see unraid from the other teaming machine... but no other machines

    on my network.  From another win machine I would see the unraid box in the network browser but it gave me an error when I tried to see any of the shares.  I also couldn't

    get to the unraid gui webpage either from any machine other than my other win7 teaming machine, I believe...


    Is there something I'm missing?  I set up unraid for bonding and selected the 802.3ad option.  


    As soon as I turned off bonding, Everything is accessible like in the past.



  15. I don't know if I have the latest.. but it was saying 2011..  Maybe I'll look into it to see what's out there and if the release notes show anything "compelling" with the latest release.

    If it can see my 8T drives and run them at speed, then I'm not going to touch anything! O.o


    Now I'll have to search the forum again to try to remember how to transfer all my disks to a new machine without losing any data! :o



  16. I was getting all freaked out that my new MB/CPU and memory wasn't working right since it was failing memtest86+ 5.01.  The original thread is here.


    To summarize I was getting errors on the block move test when using parallel CPU mode.  So I did a little digging and others (non unraid folks) had this issue too

    with an earlier version of memtest86 (not memtest86+).  They supposedly fixed it in a later version.

    So for grins..  I tried memtest86+ 5.01 on two of my work machines (that are rock stable) and sure enough if I just ran the block test in low memory (<10M) multi parallel CPU, I got errors there too.


    So I felt better that the issue was with memtest!  So I ran the latest memtest86 (not memtest86+) V7.something on my new hardware with the memory OC'ed and it ran for two days without errors in multi CPU mode. Now it only seems to run 4 of the 8 virtual cores..  But that might be by design..


    Some links to look at: http://linerate.blogspot.com/2014/03/memory-errors-in-memtest86-and.html  which sites this article.


    So be wary of memtest86+ that ships with Unraid.  




  17. I did attach a disk and it saw it fine.  I was also able to set the MB bios to not run the storage bios.  So I'm back to fast booting.. Now that means I can' boot from this card...   But I wasn't planning on that anyway..  Once I get things all set I might re-enable it because I don't care how long it takes to boot if I'm rebooting once a month or less.  But for now it was

    VERY annoying when I'm rebooting every 5 minutes!!! :D


    Just for grins I'll try it in another system and see if maybe the UEFI is causing it to run extremely slow (some sort of emulated mode??)  


    I did enter the control section of the card bios and I saw nothing funky..


    Question...  This card, by default, runs IT firmware, right?  I shouldn't have to re-flash it???


    And thanks bjp!