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  1. Hello, I have the exact Same problem. All work for 2 or 3 days and after sonarr and radarr wont import. I have to downgrade for radarr and sonarr work again.
  2. With my rtx 3070 i can passthrough Only if my unraid boot on legacy mode not uefi
  3. Hello, I bought a Intel i5 11500 last week and work with plex i Only install Intel gpu top plugin from ich777. I don't test hdr tone Only transcode.
  4. What is your problem 👍 ?
  5. With rc2 me i have sonarr radarr cant access to my library and i revert back and now all is fine
  6. Try to disable it today and show if docker stop
  7. You have the appdata backup plugin installed. Maybe you configure it wrong look your Settings 👍
  8. ME i use the virtio disk from Spaceinvaderone to boot from nvme.