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  1. I'm having this same issue: plugin: installing: https://raw.githubusercontent.com/Waseh/rclone-unraid/beta/plugin/rclone.plg plugin: downloading https://raw.githubusercontent.com/Waseh/rclone-unraid/beta/plugin/rclone.plg plugin: downloading: https://raw.githubusercontent.com/Waseh/rclone-unraid/beta/plugin/rclone.plg ... done +============================================================================== | Installing new package /boot/config/plugins/rclone-beta/install/rclone-2018.08.25-bundle.txz +============================================================================== Verifying package rclone-2018.08.25-bundle.txz. Installing package rclone-2018.08.25-bundle.txz: PACKAGE DESCRIPTION: Package rclone-2018.08.25-bundle.txz installed. Downloading rclone Downloading certs Download failed - No existing archive found - Try again later plugin: run failed: /bin/bash retval: 1 I tried your suggestion and changed the timeout to 10 and it seemed to work: curl --connect-timeout 5 --retry 3 --retry-delay 2 --retry-max-time 30 -o /boot/config/plugins/rclone/install/rclone-current.zip https://downloads.rclone.org/rclone-current-linux-amd64.zip However when I try to setup rclone up, i get the error that rclone command inst found, so it doesn't seem to install still. Any other suggestions? Thanks! EDIT: So i got it to install. First i had to manually creat the rclone/install directories in the boot/config folder, then run your curl command, then install the plugin through apps.
  2. So something weird happened, a full pre-read, zeroing, and post read successfully completed on an 8tb red. Nothing changed other than I made sure to not touch anything else on the unraid box while it processed. I checked the status at several points in the process and the webui was functional each time. Not sure what changed for me.
  3. Same issue, freezes about halfway through the zeroing process on my 8tb red.
  4. I'm having the same issue as everyone else. Trying to preclear an 8tb drive. It seems to hang after about the same amount of time every time. I can get through 1 full phase and about 92-95% of the next phase before preclear completely freezes and won't update the time or progress. It also causes the webui to stop updating (I can navigate the webui, but no information in populated. For instance, all of my disks disappear. I can ssh in and see progress using the preclear command once the webui freezes, but eventually that freezes too.
  5. I have done that, and I've even completely uninstalled the adblocker, same issue.
  6. I'm currently trying to get my feet wet with unraid and I've definitely learned a lot over the past few days. Problem I'm having now is that I'm trying to preclear my disks, and the webui will stop updating, however, I can still navigate through the different tabs, but no information is ever displayed. For instance on the dashboard tab there CPU load and memory usage bars do not show anything. Also, on the Main tab none of my disks show up ( I have a cache, USB, and 2 wd reds. None of them are shown). I know the system is still running successfully in the background, because in the time between me discovering the issue and now I've received a 25% progress email from preclear right around the time I was expecting it. Is there a way to reload the webui? Anyone ever had this happen to them as well? Thanks for the help!