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  1. @binhexI was able to remove the app and delete the folder and here what i found if i uses any port other then 8080 on the reinstall it will not work. But if i uses 8080 its working fine. lucky i don't have anything using 8080 so i just do that @newoski thanks you letting me know
  2. Same Here ! before wiping it out can you do a debug and upload the log just incase there a bigger problem and @binhexcan review
  3. Also DL the docker for firefox on the host and attempted to connect
  4. Thank you I am on a ethernet connected machine on the same subnet no VLan or Firewall and I even rebooted the UNRAID Host
  5. @binhex I DL a new VPN files from PIA website and same issues here a new log not sure what i am doing wrong. Thank you for helping supervisord-newlocation.txt
  6. That would be the OVPN file correct? I also noticed that when VPN is on if i enter the custom port 8083 it will change to 8080 never seen it do that before
  7. @binhexI starting having issues this morning with been running for over a year and all of the sudden this morning it would not load the internal URL. I Removed the Docker and the Config folder and started over and same issue. If i turn off VPN it works but if i Enable it then it wont load the page so i got it down to the VPN. My Network is and that is configured in the LAN setting. Here my log any help would be great supervisord.log
  8. Ah I removed the -it and now its working. Thanks
  9. Thank you its not working for me i get the following using it like this What am i doing wrong?
  10. @rixwould you be able to share you users script for GooglePhoto Sync mine is not working I sure I doing it wrong new to user scripts
  11. I going to try moving the config folder from the working to the non working and start the docker to see what that does.
  12. I deleted the docker and image then delete the /config folder. Then rebooted host reinstall docker from CA not using template. And used the same settings. But it I still have the same error. Then upgraded to RC and redid the steps above same issue
  13. Also updating the server to 6.7.0 RC7 made no change. Can you think of anything else before I Nuke the server
  14. So I deleted the docker and image and recreated it the same way I did the other and same issue. Not sure why supervisord (Dalek).log
  15. Ok done the force update same issue. I have other dockers running on this server with no issues Your CP, Sonarr, and Ombi