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  1. I going to try moving the config folder from the working to the non working and start the docker to see what that does.
  2. I deleted the docker and image then delete the /config folder. Then rebooted host reinstall docker from CA not using template. And used the same settings. But it I still have the same error. Then upgraded to RC and redid the steps above same issue
  3. Also updating the server to 6.7.0 RC7 made no change. Can you think of anything else before I Nuke the server
  4. So I deleted the docker and image and recreated it the same way I did the other and same issue. Not sure why supervisord (Dalek).log
  5. Ok done the force update same issue. I have other dockers running on this server with no issues Your CP, Sonarr, and Ombi
  6. Haha you meant the docker image my bad
  7. Both Running 6.6.7 2019-02-22 I was planing on upgrading Dalek to the current RC
  8. And this insmod: ERROR: could not load module /lib/modules/iptable_mangle.ko: No such file or directory BadWolf does not have that error
  9. It does not load but as I may have mention I have 2 server so I deleted the /config folder and rebuilt it on there server and its working. Here is that log. The only difference I can see between these 2 server is the IP's BadWolf (Working) 172.16.5.x Dalek (Not Woking) 172.16.4.x supervisord (BADWOLF).log
  10. Same sh-5.0# /usr/sbin/python2 /opt/sabnzbd/SABnzbd.py --config-file /config --server --https 8090 sh-5.0#
  11. did I do it wrong this was what I got sh-5.0# /usr/sbin/python2 /opt/sabnzbd/SABnzbd.py --daemon --config-file /config --server --https 8090 sh-5.0#
  12. Nope. Want me to delete the docker and config folder see what a new install looks like
  13. Yes this server does not utilize a Cache. I did as requested here is the log supervisord.log
  14. This was a new install as I originally believed it was a issue with the docker as it broke after a unraid reboot. Let me try again
  15. Ok here a new log what am I doing wrong? also if you have direction on fixing the iptable_mangle.ko that be great supervisord.log