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  1. So i am guessing you know this but seems that i have to restart the service daily as it stop updating to the dashboard. May look at having user script restart it for me
  2. Thanks keep up the great work
  3. Thanks it for sure a issue with the icons on Page 4 only the first 2 work the rest just blank it out
  4. That was one i picked from the options don’t believe its custom
  5. Little bug i noticed is the icon for my main server is not showing but one for my testing is. Can this be fixed on my end ?
  6. I have 3 Unraid servers and 1 worked perfectly the others required me to run the cmd above to get working. love this new feature.
  7. @diamkil Can you update to the current pull there was a bug they fixed for me in this one https://github.com/sct/overseerr/releases/tag/v1.20.1 Thank you in advance
  8. @Dyon Can you please add Python to the docker so I can enable scripts
  9. Thanks but i dont but always want a VPN looking to move away from SAB
  10. @binhexNot sure if this is the right place but do you offer a VPN option of this docker i though you did and cant find it
  11. Yes it does! very helpful info thank you for your support and all you hard work
  12. So the issue is with Sonarr version you need to update i was running BinHex and had to add :v3 to the repo and now working. @binhex Any chance you can update the old repo ?
  13. Open GitHub Issues please if you experance the issues inform them Unable to Connect To Sonarr #1044 https://github.com/sct/overseerr/issues/1044
  14. Yes I am experiencing this as well this morning i was unable to get it to work.