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  1. Hello all, I'm unable to get this image running. I can get to the setup page of Nextcloud but after entering the info I get a 504 error and then redirected to the setup page. I have to manually clear the AppData for nextcloud each time because if I keep trying it tells me the user already exists. The logs have this repeating message: Exception: Not installed in /config/www/nextcloud/lib/base.php:282 Stack trace: #0 /config/www/nextcloud/lib/base.php(663): OC::checkInstalled() #1 /config/www/nextcloud/lib/base.php(1104): OC::init() #2 /config/www/nextcloud/cron.php(43): require_once('/config/www/nex...') #3 {main} I've searched and haven't come up with any solutions. I did notice the download from Community Applications was quite slow but maybe the servers are just under load. Thanks!
  2. hey all, I recently upgraded the board in my server to an ASRock Z590 and the processor to a Core i5-10400. Ever since then I am getting constant popups from the Fix Common Problems plugin saying that a hardware error has been detected. Mcelog outputs the following: mcelog: Family 6 Model 165 CPU: only decoding architectural errors mcelog: warning: 8 bytes ignored in each record mcelog: consider an update The hardware seems to be running alright but I've included a diagnostic report as well. Does someone know what's going on and if I need to be worried? Thanks! watchtower-diagnostics-20210505-2012.zip
  3. I'm not referring to external access just LAN access. Every time I just type in the IP manually it redirects to xxxxxx.unraid.net which fails due to DNS issues. Previously it would just take me to the login page.
  4. Hey all, I upgraded my router to the Amplifi Alien and I can't access the web UI through SSL correctly. Redirections to xxxxxx.unraid.net fail with a DNS error. I have made sure my DNS and IP settings are correct in the webui and at the router (I've tried with DNS.watch and Cloudflare). I have also updated the DNS for the certificate using the button in the webUI. I can still access the UI by manually going to https://ip. It's more of an annoyance than anything but help would be appreciated. watchtower-diagnostics-20210428-1738.zip
  5. I do have another question, my subtitles have been broken for months. I was hoping that switching to this docker would resolve but neither regular nor forced subtitles work. Video re-loads and there are none regardless of if I’m using the iOS app or browser.
  6. I think I fixed it! My mappings were correct in the docker settings but they weren’t carrying over to plex settings. They were showing under settings and libraries as /data/TV and /data/Movies instead of /mnt/TV and /mnt/Movies. Once this was corrected files began re-linking
  7. I'm hoping for some assistance. I switched to this docker from the LimeTech docker because it wasn't being updated and I lost live OTA TV. Anyway, I've double checked all of my mappings and they are the same but now my media is showing "unavailable" even though the mappings are correct. I tried to force it to rescan the database and it acts like it is finished but nothing changes and my content is offline. Ideas? Plex Media Server Logs_2019-08-05_21-34-10.zip Log for_ plex.htm
  8. Reboot didn’t fix it like I thought. Still can’t run anything on Plex. GUI for Unraid seems semi-functional
  9. Hey all, I had a weird issue a few days ago where my CPU usage was pegging at 100% after 6.7 and the server was unresponsive. I rebooted and it wouldn't boot back up so I wound up having to replace the flash drive. Drive ran fine on Mac and showed no errors but replacing it did the trick initially. It ran fine for a day or so, and then I noticed it started locking up again, dockers could be accessed but any heavy work was stalled (ie Plex). Trying to process a reboot or stop array did nothing. CPU usage was going between 0%-100% on various cores instantly. I manually rebooted and now I seem to be back up but CPU usage is hovering high again just alternating cores. It's an i5-7500 and I'm not pushing transcoding or anything intensive so it should be more than capable. Diagnostics are attached. Could this be a 6.7 issue or maybe a bad CPU? It's been running for probably 2 years. tower-diagnostics-20190517-0217.zip
  10. Hey all, Been running unRAID fine for years. Last night I noticed everything was grinding to a halt with CPU usage fluctuating between 0% and 100% on all cores. (i5 4690) I did a manual restart and now unRAID is stuck at the blue/black boot screen with Lime Technologies Inc. at the top. The automatic timer counts down and then just starts again. I can't manually select anything on the menu, it just doesn't do anything. I've backed up the flash drive, but it seems to be running fine anyway. Appreciate any help you can provide. I would post logs but I don't know how to get them if I can't get past the boot screen.
  11. Update - I’ve tried deleting and reinstalling iOS apps as well as rebooting the server. Local stream (not transcode) maxes CPU to 100% according to the UnRaid dashboard. Plex Media Server Logs_2018-11-21_04-47-53.zip
  12. Appreciate the tip. Unfortunately I am using VNC as my graphics card anyway...but having the issue even when the VM is off.
  13. Also weird - streaming seems to be much better in the web browser but bad in the iOS/Android App.
  14. Hey all - not sure if this is a known issue. But for the past week my Plex docker performance has been awful. I can't stream shows even locally (only 1 stream) and Unraid is showing near constant 100% CPU usage. I've tried disabling various dockers but it seems to directly be related to what is streaming's gonna plex. If I restart Plex it works for a few minutes then stops again. I used to easily be able to stream 5 connections. Core i5-4570 16GB of RAM with a 500GB SSD cache drive.