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  1. Kind of reviving an old topic but not sure if anything has changed in the past few years... I need to run sudo sed -i 's/curl -s/curl --compressed -s/' /opt/pihole/gravity.sh every time my Pihole container starts
  2. Could use some help - Since Pihole still doesn't nativly allow compressed lists I need to run a sudo command after each restart. But as a Linux infant I have no idea how to inject - sudo sed -i 's/curl -s/curl --compressed -s/' /opt/pihole/gravity.sh
  3. its up to date, that was my first thought
  4. So I a having occasional issues where all my dockers fail to restart after the backup. Do you have any idea what could be the cause?
  5. Squid - Any idea why or how my apps aren't restarting after appdata backup? Nothing in the log shows they even were attempted restarts.
  6. Have to ask any issues you have discovered? I have been looking for a good music server that works with Alexa, and Plex is lackluster at best
  7. here is the drive diagnostic file - The Main page shows the drive listed has a (high?) number of errors. The other drives have no errors. I hope its not failing its brand new an I ran a significant preclear on it. Thanks in advance WDC_WD80EZZX-11CSGA0_VLKJX5PZ-20180211-1904 disk2 (sdc).txt
  8. I have been looking at an 1800X build. I haven't had a lot of luck with AMD in the "olden" days and have been strictly Intel for well over a decade. I have been trolling this thread for a while. I see various issues but most of those are around VMs which I "assume" will get fixed over time with bios/microcode updates. I am moving from a Intel i5-2500k setup currently on win10 with the below use case with the exception of deluge and the VM My use case is: Plex/Radarr/Sonarr/Nzbget/DelugeVPN w/ Piroxy and possibly 1 Win10 VM (at some point) My Proposed Plan Ryzen 1800X Motherboard still undetermined could use some advice - ATX size 2x16 32GB Ram undetermined brand cheap video card since I need to be able to see bios (until Plex gets HEVC HW Transcoding working) Storage I already have 2 WD 8TB HDs (1 is for parity) 1 WD 6TB Red 1 WD 2TB Red 1 Samsung 500GB SSD for Dockers and cache What else am I missing
  9. This has to be one of the best "intro to a product" I have ever seen and have bookmarked this one a I migrate from Win10
  10. Does my data migration strategy sound good? I will replace the SATA card asap.
  11. My migrations to stick all the drives into the box - I will keep most all drives on the motherboard if possible. My plan was keep at least SSD, Parity on motherboard and data drives on the Syba until I can replace it. Drive stategy - preclear 2 of the 8TB drives, migrate stuff over then add in the other drives, preclear them, setup the parity Thoughts?
  12. As the title says I am moving away from my Win10 box to Unraid System Specs Intel DH67BL Intel i5-2500K 32GB Ram Syba SD-PEX40104 PCI-Express 8-Port Internal SATA 1 250GB SSD (will be used for VMs/Dockers) 1 - 8TB Parity Drive 2 - 8TB data drives 1 - 6TB Data Drive 1 - 3TB Data Drive I plan on running Plex, Sonarr, Radarr and nzbget on the box... at some point perhaps a VM but short term not likely Does anyone see any issues for my move? Thanks in advance