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  1. This is a share on my array. Nothing is mounted there, I meant that the container path /var/cache/zoneminder points there. Is that ok?
  2. Thanks again for your quick help. I have deleted the Zoneminder container and also removed the template. Then I reinstalled the zoneminder from the apps. The data path is now only present once, but the memory usage is immediately high again. should i have deleted the app-data folder as well? but it is actually on the share.
  3. I noticed that some shares give me the message "Some or all files are unprotected". When I start the mover, this does not change anything. Some data remains on the cache. What's strange is that it's data that I haven't needed for a while, for example from an older film. What is the reason for this? It almost looks like the data exists twice, on the array and the cache. I have attached an example as screenshots. What can I do?
  4. I mounted the data path there. Container Path: /var/cache/zoneminder I just see that this is present twice for me. See screenshot.
  5. I have the problem that my zoneminder image is getting bigger and bigger. The current unraid shows 3.8GB. I have swapped out the following: /mnt/user/appdata/Zoneminder Container Path: /config Data Path: /mnt/user/zoneminder-data/ Container Path: /var/cache/zoneminder I have noticed that the file frames.ibd, for example, is very large. 2.3GB. This is located in appdata/Zoneminder/mysql/zm Can I swap out the path / file? Or what can I do to stop my Zoneminder container from growing?
  6. I have not yet understood the principle. Can I just take the data from disk2 (/mn7/disk2) and move it back up to disk2 after formatting? Won't that mess up the array (/mnt/user)?
  7. I decided to use the squid method. The parity is being rebuilt, I think it worked. Thank you both very much for the quick and great help.
  8. @itimpi I could also just upload the data again via FTP. I just don't know exactly what the right way is. Do I simply copy the data to hard disk 2? I mean on /mnt/disk2 or do I copy the data to the array, I mean /mnt/user and there into the respective folders. Or is squid's method the best way? I'm worried about both right now....
  9. I'm afraid that was my mistake. I thought I could change the file system when replacing the hard disk. Before installing the new hard disk, I changed Disk2 (the slot where the hard disk was) from btrfs to XFS. I guess that was the mistake. What can I do now? Can I simply import the data manually - from the old disk to the new disk? Or how should I proceed?
  10. I don't know what happened. I wanted to replace a data hard disk. The first thing I did was to replace the parity hard disk with a larger one. To do this, I plugged in the larger hard disk as a second parity hard disk. After the parity sync process, I removed the old parity hard disk. Then I replaced the data hard disk that I wanted to swap with the old parity hard disk. I did the following. - Array stopped - Set the data hard disk to none. - Shut down the server - Replaced data hard disk - Assigned new data hard disk to the hard disk slot. - Array started The hard disk was formatted by unraid and the rebuild process started. After the rebuild process, however, the new data hard disk was completely empty and the data of the old drive had disappeared! What happened? What did I do wrong when changing the data hard disk? Should I not have changed the file system? (I changed from btrfs to xfs). How do I proceed now? I still have the old data hard disk with the status before the removal. Can I simply get the data back?
  11. After the update today I get the following error message when calling zoneminder: Unable to connect to ZM db.SQLSTATE[HY000] [2002] No such file or directory The container is automatically terminated. What can I do? Update I fix it wirth this: Because of the change in how shared memory is set up, you will need to use the new Zoneminder template:;, Do this procedure: - Remove the docker image. All your data and settings will be kept. - Click on add a container and delete the Zoneminder template. - Go to he apps and get the new template. Read about adjusting shared memory and be sure to increase until you get to less than 50% on the Zoneminder console.
  12. is it possible to deactivate ssl? With everything that came to mind, the web frontend is no longer accessible afterwards.
  13. Thank you! Works great. Now i check the playback today.