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  1. OK, so I think I'm ready to call this. I've had the flash drive plugged into the back port for a while now and it hasn't crashed once, or whatever you'd call what was happening. The reason it took so long to establish was I was trying front ports too, which also use the onboard USB2 headers to see if they were better and they weren't, plus I kept rebooting the server manually for other reasons. But I think I'm ready to call it stable in a back port and I guess I'll just have to stick with it. Any reason why using any port connected to the onboard USB 2.0 headers seems to cause this issue for me?
  2. I haven't forgotten this thread, I'm just doing tests in various ports to see how stable it is.
  3. OK, I've got the USB in one of the other ports, we'll see if it remains stable this time.
  4. Alright, I'll be heading home for lunch in a little under an hour, I'll do some testing then and get back to you. I have remote access to my server to do some things, but obviously I can't mess with physical hardware.
  5. Here's the one I bought. I've used Sandisk drives for as long as I've had flash drives and never had issues. Would you recommend a different kind? I bought this tiny one and the adapter I mentioned so it would be low profile and safe inside the server, but maybe that wasn't a good idea. I'll try the one I've got in one of the built in motherboard ports and see what happens. They are almost all 3.0 ports on the board itself though, so that may make it worse, I don't know. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B005FYNSZA EDIT 1: Could a bad connection on the USB header adapter itself I'm using cause the issue do you think? EDIT 2: This device is on unRAID's recommended hardware list...so it ought to work. Reformatting the drive and recreating the unRAID USB doesn't count as a key transfer right? Because the GUID of the device is the same, correct?
  6. Well, shoot. That's a bummer that it's already having errors when I just got it. If I'm going to change drives, I have to be very sure that it'll help right? Because I can only transfer my key once a year. So if it doesn't help then I'll really be boned. I'll try a different port I guess...
  7. Well, I certainly don't doubt that you're right, you know a lot more than I do about this if you've already deciphered that. I'm just confused how that can be since I know it's plugged into a 2.0 header on the board. And I don't have any other flash drives plugged into the system...that's very strange. There's no other way to determine the ID of the exact device that's having issues? From what I can interpret from those errors you quoted, it looks like its the unRAID flash though since its having trouble finding files that are stored on it. This is strange.
  8. Hmm...it's definitely on a USB 2.0. I bought one of those little pigtails that plugs directly to a USB 2.0 header on the board and then has a USB port. The idea was that the flash drive would be safer inside the case and also not take up a port on the outside. Is this a bad idea? It's also worth noting that it's a brand new drive. I bought it specifically for the purpose of unRAID when I bought a key and finished my trial. I plugged it into the mentioned adapter, and installed unRAID to it right out of the box and licensed it. Never used for anything else.
  9. Never mind, it already happened again, this time after only about 15 hours. This is getting really annoying. Here's the diagnostics ZIP. Thanks, unraid-diagnostics-20180124-0950.zip
  10. I'm sure it'll do it again tonight at some point, I'll snag that and post it when it does. At least it's (so far) a reliable problem!
  11. This has been happening to me for a few weeks now. It started when i was on 6.4 rc10, but not right when I installed that, because I used that for months. But it started a few weeks ago and has persisted on into 6.4.0 stable. Seems to happen a bit after the server hits a day of uptime, more or less. If I visit the WebGUI its back to all the default theme settings, and is full of errors and only partially working. All of my shares are publicly visible, even hidden ones, and ones that are not shared period. The only way I've found to fix it is rebooting the server, but it happens again when get a little past a day of uptime. I'm attaching what's in the log when it happens, its just full of this, it scrolls on and on with the same error over and over and over. Any ideas what the heck is going on? I'm tired of restarting every day. Thanks.
  12. ms4sman

    openSUSE template performance

    Some additional information from testing, I tried running a game, and it is extremely slow and laggy just like the videos. Strangely though, in menus it was very responsive, but in the game itself (Audiosurf 2) it bogged down almost instantly. In addition, the controls (side to side on a track) were still responsive, but the movement over the track itself was frame by frame still. I don't know what to make of this.
  13. ms4sman

    openSUSE template performance

    I've just created an openSUSE VM with the included template, and I am having trouble with performance in it. I passed through a GTX 650ti to it, and I have tried both the open source drivers, and the proprietary Nvidia drivers with it, and I've also tried dumping the vbios and putting it in the XML just to see if it helped, but in all cases, videos in the browser lag horribly, playing a frame at a time, and eventually just stopping altogether to buffer indefinitely. In addition, all sound is slowed way down and jerky, including the note that plays at login, and audio attached to videos. Perhaps the problem lies with all video and audio, but moving the mouse around the desktop and such seems to work fine. I don't even know that this is for sure a GPU issue, but I'm not really sure what else to think of it as. The VM is the default template, openSUSE Leap 42.3, with 2 cores and their corresponding hyperthread cores assigned, 8 GB of RAM assigned, and finally, a physical SSD passed directly through to it for storage. Any ideas? Let me know if you need any more info. Thanks!
  14. ms4sman

    [Plug-In] Hotplug USB for Virtual Machines

    Did anything ever come of this, Squid? Just found this plugin today and while it's working for me so far, I'm curious if you ever came up with anything script or new plugin wise?
  15. ms4sman

    Anybody planning a Ryzen build?

    This is very interesting information. My error 43 was also in the Device Manager, but it did not go away with rebooting the server as I did that quite a few times while trying to fix it, changing settings and such. I wonder what is different there. That said, I'm not overly concerned about it because like I said, I kinda like having a small monitor plugged in as a console monitor anyway. That said, I plan to get a different accelerator that fits in a x1 slot to free up my other full length slot, even if its not in its own IOMMU group. I didn't try the fix before unRAID released it, I just waited for rc10. I'll keep an eye out and maybe try it again once the full release arrives, although like I said I kinda like having the extra GPU for now. I just with the third full length slot worked for passthrough.