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  1. @ninthwalker, I tried in a different PC and it worked. It's probably a cache issue as you said. Thank you!
  2. Good evening, I'm having a hard time entering the Web page (index.html) The file is OK. I can open it directly but the home page is still the default one. I tried adding the line "home_page: www/index .html" into the advanced.yaml file but nothing was changed. Any ideas? Best regards,
  3. Holy S**t! You were right! When using color bar to show the usage, this lines appear. When using gray bar or text, no issue! Thank a lot!
  4. @dlandon, tried what you proposed, but the outcome was the same! Same error. Thanks, nas-diagnostics-20180316-0953.zip
  5. Good morning @dlandon As requested, I'm bringing my issue to this topic. "Did anyone ever got this problem below? I tried updating to the latest version, rebooting and reinstalling the plugin. This error appears only when I mount any drive. Thoughts? Thank you!"
  6. That's the one I'm in right now. nas-diagnostics-20180310-0712.zip
  7. Good morning, Already did, twice. Today I tried to mount a different drive and it added 4 new lines to this error. Also, I'm having trouble unmounting this original drive. Is it possible that, when I uninstall UD, Unraid doesn't erase all data, and the same error persists when I reinstall it? Thank you,
  8. Hey Guys, Any idea on what could be the problem?? Thank you
  9. Here you go! Thank you in advance! nas-diagnostics-20180227-1053.zip
  10. Good morning, Did anyone ever got this problem below? I tried rebooting and reinstalling the plugin. This error appears only when I mount the drive. Didn't have the time to try to mount a different drive yet. Thoughts? Thank you!
  11. Hello, I'm having the same issue. It happened after fixing the permissions on all disks and user shares. Did you manage to fix it? Thank you.
  12. @johnnie.black, it worked!!!!!! Thank you very much!
  13. Trying it right now! I'm really confident now! If it works, I owe you a beer!
  14. Hello@johnnie.black I actually started another thread with a similar problem. Every time I try to start a parity-sync, it fails and shows me a few read errors. I've pre cleared both data and parity drives, but the problem persists. Any ideas? I'll try again this evening with a fresh UNRAID installation and, if it doesn't chance, I'll try with another Mobo. Thank you, Sanches. tower-diagnostics-20170926-1644.zip