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  1. Only difference I can see there is that you have a password on tvhe. No idea if it makes a difference though.
  2. You have the channels configured in tvhe? Obviously it doesn't really need to scan. I don't remember this stage, it was a few weeks ago...
  3. It never shows anything in network, doesn't stop it working. It always uses the same ports, as it says in the container: "Port 80: Must be export as Port 80 Port 5004: Must be export as Port 5004" This is what the container does by default, no need to add, and you add it in Plex as 192.168.1.nn:5004. Once added Plex often says it's not found, but it still works.
  4. Comparing to mine, you seem to have extra settings in tvhProxy - I don't have any host ports defined. Also, it may be worth trying it without username/password on tvhe.
  5. I don't know why you would need a VM, tvhProxy and tvHeadend both work as dockers. This one works fine, you need to provide more information.
  6. It never shows the IP, but if you specify the fixed IP it uses it. It works for me.
  7. Appdata Backup v1 is still available with the old behaviour.
  8. Setting up Plex DVR with two types of input, so I need to select 2 different EPGs. Can I create 2 instances of the docker on separate IPs, so I can add 2 "tuners"?
  9. Weird. Removed, re-added. Same problem. Then Check for Updates, same problem. Click on the Docker icon, notice there's an Update option there, after doing that it's fine. Thanks!
  10. No, it checks for updates then comes back the same. If I remove will I retain my appdata?
  11. Sabnzbd updated on Friday, and after restarting I was getting an error when trying to access it via the browser: Access denied - Hostname verification failed Was working fine before the update. Nothing I changed helped, I couldn't start the interface from browser with http://unraidpvr:8083/ like normal. I hadn't realised I was on the unstable branch, so I edited the container to take away "unstable" and after restarting, I could get in once again. All is working as it should except that the "version" section on the Docker tab looks like this: Any ideas? For either probl
  12. Thanks, I reinstalled v1 already. My only worry is if it stops working in a future unRAID build, and isn't being maintained any longer.
  13. Thanks for this, but it would be great if there was an option to create the full file/folder structure like the old version instead of a tar. Changes on my server backup are also backed up online, so this version could be expensive...
  14. Yep, that's easy. Unfortunately one of mine is DVB-T and the other DVB-C, so it was a bit of a PITA telling which is which. No bother for you.
  15. I have two TBS 6205, both are seen by TVHE just fine, but in mine the new card went in at 1-4 and moved the old card to 5-8 - depends on the order the system sees the slot I think. Just needed a bit of reconfiguring for me.
  16. You need to add this in Extra Parameters: --device=/dev/dvb/
  17. I get these messages in my log for both cards (TBS 6284 TBS 6205): Jan 31 12:17:01 unRAIDpvr kernel: TBSECP3 driver 0000:04:00.0: DVB: adapter 3 frontend 0 frequency 0 out of range (42000000..870000000) It all seems to work okay. Anything to worry about?
  18. Don't do that, set up tvhe and opendct Dockers to use with the sagetv docker. Works perfectly.
  19. What cards do you have? Are you tuning directly in Sage or using a backend?
  20. Are you sure you need a 6209? I was thinking of it but when I checked, TVHE only tunes a mux once and serves as many streams as it needs from that mux. We only have 6 muxes and only 3 in common usage, so even though I have up to 8 things recording from different channels, I never use more than 3 tuners anyway. A huge improvement over my last software. 6.4.0 running well here.
  21. Wow, that's a lot of money in spares! When I built my system I made a cost decision to go with a 4TB parity drive, which I'm sort of regretting now. I'll pick up a spare in Jan when I have more money... when I MIGHT have more money.