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  1. In Extra Parameters for the docker: --device /dev/dri:/dev/dri In go: #!/bin/bash # GPU modprobe i915 chmod -R 777 /dev/dri # Start the Management Utility /usr/local/sbin/emhttp & No idea VAAPI vs QuickSync, probably wasn't available when I set this up.
  2. Dashboard will tell you if it's transcoding. Mine uses VAAPI hardware transcoding with an Intel chipset. You can also check if Premiere is enabled, just click "Emby Premiere" at the left of the dashboard.
  3. xteve updates shortly after the xmltv job runs, and that clears the data. Is there some way I need to set up or could have broken caching? What samples would be needed?
  4. The problem is that when downloading the xml, it downloads channels but no programme data, so it is a valid non-empty xml file, just with nothing useful. You think that's something I should raise with xteve?
  5. A bit OT here, but I've changed my userscript that downloads xml from SD, so that it downloads to intermediate files and only overwrites the in-use xml if it's bigger than a minimum size: if [ -n "$(find "$fil" -prune -size +20000000c)" ]; then mv freenew.xml free.xml mv skynew.xml sky.xml outMsg="Success" else outMsg="SD BORKED" fi This way I don't lose my current data when SD breaks. This has happened twice in 10 days.
  6. This is a red herring, the problem is with SD. The path will only be a problem if you don't make sure you're in the correct directory first.
  7. SD is borked again. Raise a lineup issue on their website and hope for a quick fix.
  8. Some serious problems with the updated plugin here. I thought it was working and now I've run out of EPG. 😯 I've tried recreating this with a new lineup and it's repeatable. I just got G2G SD to create the yaml for a new xml: guide2go -configure z.yaml Then added all channels, no edits to the YAML. Ran: guide2go -config z.yaml This output is produced: 2020/06/06 11:39:37 [G2G ] Version: 1.1.1 2020/06/06 11:39:37 [URL ] https://json.schedulesdirect.org/20141201/token 2020/06/06 11:39:37 [SD ] Login...OK 2020/06/06 11:39:37 [URL ] https://j
  9. You have the Nvidia plugin installed?
  10. The Emby one is perfectly stable for me. What version unRAID? Did you install the nvidia plugin?
  11. If it gives you a playlist (as I think it does), you could just use that with xteve to get it into Plex. xteve is much more reliable than tvhproxy.
  12. Thanks, wrestling with tvh it is then! 🥵
  13. Thanks, I was hoping to dump tvheadend as it's such a PITA when channels move etc. Maybe not! On the alternate channel numbers, are you talking in the playlist? Is this going to lead to duplicated channels in my epg?
  14. A bit of help if possible. I use xteve to combine iptv and ota tv via hdhomerun. The hdhomerun m3u has e.g. #EXTINF:-1 tvg-ID="BBC2" tvg-chno="2" tvg-name="BBC Two" tvg-logo="https://s3.amazonaws.com/schedulesdirect/assets/stationLogos/s17154_h3_aa.png",BBC Two With being the address of the hdhomerun. I'm now trying to add a second hdhomerun on I had assumed that if I added another m3u, identical to my existing one except with the .18 ip, xteve would see that if there are no connections left to .17 for a specific
  15. Reinstalling them won't do anything. You need to shut them down and delete the appdata. Or restore a known good backup.
  16. It's the one by jalle19: Having said that, my advice is to do what I did, dump telly and the proxy and move to xTeVe. Far smoother and more reliable, using the built-in buffer in xTeVe there's no need for a proxy.
  17. What's the "unraid.dvb" option in the build list, i.e. Edit: it has the same description as rc4.
  18. Yes, to you. There have been one or two reporting corruption on cache, but very rare. It's possible those were caused by moving corrupt databases to cache. Cache certainly seems safest.
  19. Regress to 6.6.7 or make sure all appdata is on a cache drive.
  20. Thanks, I was obviously confused. Set to Yes and now moved.
  21. I have two shares set to Cache Prefer, tv and plex: These are TV recording drives. Mover runs overnight and used to move the recordings to the array. I just noticed this has stopped working. Mover runs but finishes straight away: There are files in these shares but they just don't get picked up. Any idea where I'm going wrong? Diagnostics attached. Thanks. unraidpvr-diagnostics-20190924-0749.zip