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  1. The hardware memory issue only exists in the secondary server - the issue existed in both servers. The memory issue has been present for the last 6 version releases.
  2. I get a timeout error - it never loads. SSH / NFS works - however file transfers themselves do not. They timeout. I rolled back one of the two servers and its still experiencing the issue. I can access the server all ways except webgui on my primary pc. Wireshark pcap didn't reveal anything. ------- Strangely enough - today I can access and login to both servers webgui ---- with NOTHING changed Diag from when it wasn't working
  3. I was thinking it was in the release notes. Im wondering if for some reason it is blacklisting my desktop. Where can I check the Fail2Ban config / what is blocked or add any whitelist (IE My home subnet)
  4. Ok - so I have made some progress - I can access the webgui from another device on the network. It seems my primary PC is blocked from accessing the WebGui.... Is there an Fail2Ban or similar item that would blacklist my connection to ports 80/443?
  5. Thanks; I am having trouble pulling the diagnostics even with SCP. I will keep trying and once I can gain physical access again tonight will copy them manually also. CURL IP of host results in a time out also. root@GSA:/mnt/user/www# sha256sum /boot/bz* 7216239d48d9f276c65fd1bce5c80d513beadde63f125bbb48b97228f4e3db1c /boot/bzfirmware debc904556b518fc6ea2bf7c679b86d8b99ad978b321fad361c25d829ecb7460 /boot/bzfirmware.sha256 1a7dd82250acf93b711633bbf854cc90a03465bb32c3cec4d56a0355cfc10096 /boot/bzimage b9098fd8dc1f1e3fa594a54864a1e0ede7c2d41d750564e8168b2ab4
  6. I have SSH and direct server connected GUI / Terminal access. The web pages will not load on either. The only change was upgrade to the latest stable release. I am beggining this ticket to see if its a known issue I may have missed in my search or if any generic steps are available - IE: how to check the default host webserver status etc? Diagnostics pending
  7. Do not go with a r420 or Rx20 for your office if you need it to be quiet. These are made for datacenters and are not considered quiet. Mine are installed in an area I dont hear, and yes have way more than 16tb in each.
  8. NX = No Execute Mode PSS = Power Supported State You can safely have both off.
  9. Do you have Discord or some other online messenger? Can you PM me your info so I can troubleshoot directly with you. I feel we can solve this rapidly that way.
  10. NAT Loopback and DNS Rebinding are completely different. Plex uses "HASH" to create dns entries or proxy to your server. the service uses this. You can verify this is being done by visiting the /plex location and reviewing the certificate, which you will find is issued to I feel that something is interrupting the connection to /plex (XML-Plugins-API) interface causing you this issue. Can you create another /anything and point it to a known working interface? sonarr/radarr/npm If this works, then the config is working and creating the
  11. Hi Tucubanito07, The npm-01 that had the corrupt PEM would need its "conf" file deleted from the app data. You can copy the conf to another folder and review it to recreate that proxy host. When you delete that conf, NGINXProxyManager will load all but that host that is corrupted. (which sometimes can be more than one) you would then re-add that proxy host. Example: npm-01 = Delete conf (/etc/letsencrypt/renewal/npm-1.conf) Load NPM Review hosts for missing one or review the conf file for the missing host info and re-add. H
  12. You're welcome. It appears somehow your fullchain.pem became corrupted (likely blanked out). Rebuilding would fix this.
  13. As I have said, I have mine configured and working. One thing I am thinking you may have an issue with /plex/ goes to a "" url by translation. Do you have DNS Rebinding allowed for ""? If not, ONLY IP:32400/plex will work. If so, then will work.
  14. Check certs 6,7,12,13,20 as those are erroring. Are those files there? I suspect not. In which case, you will have to delete those hosts and recreate or manually force those to regenerate.