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  1. Cisco UCS C210 M2 Server 2U 16x 2.5" Bay Hot Swap Slots 2x X5670 Intel Xeon 96GB Ram LSI 9261-8i Raid Controller 1x Intel Quad Ethernet Rails Included 2x Caddies Included No hard drives. Local pickup $320 each. Shipping to cont US only, for actual FedEx pack and ship cost. I have 4 available.
  2. I'm more thinking having failover or high availability so if my main unit goes down, the secondary takes over.
  3. So let me start with, I was just thinking and haven't looked yet, there may be posts about this but I haven't seen them. I am wondering if it is possible to setup multiple UnRaid servers in a cluster. Sharing resources between them. Is this possivle.?
  4. I deleted all email settings, restarted the docker, then put them in, and it failed. I restarted the docker again and now it works. It appears the docker has to restart to accept any email setting changes. Side note, the log has a funny entry if anyone cares to view their ombi logs. "--demo Demo mode, you will never need to use this, fuck that fruit company..."
  5. I have ombi setup and it had been sending emails for quite a while, then a few weeks ago it stopped all together. I have re-entered the user/pass port server etc and it still fails to send the email with "check settings" as the error. I know my config is right but am unable to tell why it is not sending. Any ideas?
  6. Dockers running ATM however Parity2 being added now. nas-diagnostics-20190304-1914.zip
  7. I will grab diags when rebuilding the 2nd parity + 2tb to 8tb drive. This check just finished. Thanks!
  8. Alright, got everything into the Behemoth this past weekend, Started Parity Check and waiting for it to finish, its slow for some reason, but I will need for it to finish before checking on what the issue is. Data RW tests before booting unraid is over 2GB/s for all drives RW at once which was about .9Gb/s faster than before. A few questions: 1. I need to upgrade my last 2TB drive to a 8TB at the same time I need to add 2 8TB drives and add a 2nd 8TB Parity. Can I do all of this at once since only one drive will be being rebuilt and the rest are new? 2. Is there a way to speed up parity? or Troubleshoot what is taking so long? When I have Zero Dockers running the parity is around 200-300Mb/s for all drives at one time. I have all new controllers, cords, and expanders now as seen above.
  9. I have two issues going on and I know I need diagnostics, I do not have access to the physical until later this evening so I will add them then. 1. When booting up (cold or warm restart) my boot stops at the /haveged/ line for about 5-6 minutes before proceeding. I am unsure what is causing this. 2. When I am on the same network or even VPN, I can not access the web interface as it redirects to a xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.unraid.net that is unreachable. This is when I use http://IP:PORT or HTTPS://IP:PORT I can not reach the host at all unless physically attached via monitor.
  10. If your intent is to pass all ports to the same docker/vm you will be fine. If you want to separate the ports that card is not so nice. Overall throughput will not be 1gb per port and will Max around 700mb to 750mb per port. If that is acceptable then you will be fine. The Intel cards are worth the price difference.