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  1. The issue being that the manufacturing date,date of purchase and warranty end are generally different and I would say be best for the user to manually edit. However what would be nice is.. When you install a new drive a popup window is opened and asks you to enter these details.
  2. Okay so after a quick test: I added /mnt/disk6 and /mnt/disk7 as paths within the Zabbix Agent docker (My server has no disk6 or disk7 installed). I then ran a manual discovery check within Zabbix and as hoped it only found the actual disks that are there. This means I expect the best method would be to create the template with the 30 disks max and the 1 cache. If @trurl could provide some assistance on how to and where to submit a template I would be happy to create it.
  3. The issue with adding /mnt to the agent docker is that it would calculate the total, used and free space of everything inside of it and would treat /mnt as one device. The issue with this is that each user share is in /mnt as well as cache and the disks. I guess a template could be made with a default of x amount of disks and cache added. I am unsure on how Zabbix would treat a disk that isn't actually there. (I will have to test this.)
  4. @trurl Personally I would do if I knew how to... If it came from CA then I would like it to have the ability to auto add the disks (or allow user to choose which disks to add). This way it is less of a manual task for the user.
  5. As you can see from image attached I currently have 15TB storage and I am fairly close to filling it. Fortunately I have a new HDD due to arrive soon. Which will increase my storage to 18TB.
  6. So it seems that with doing a bit more of a play around I can get the docker Zabbix Agent to work. See the image attached. As you can see to add disks it is a bit of a manual task each disk has to be added as a path to the docker. The only trigger within Zabbix I had to disable for my unraid server was "Lack of Swap" as it seems unraid does not make use of swap memory.
  7. Ok great to hear! In the mean time I may take more of a deep dive to try and get the disks seen by the docker container version of the agent.
  8. Myself I only need the agent as I run the sever in a VM on my Proxmox Environment. When you say "relatively easy" to compile a version of the agent to be a plugin. How easy would that be? As I am not overly confident when it comes to coding/scripting.
  9. I did attempt to use the Zabbix Agent docker (in privileged mode) how ever it was not able to detect the disks etc. Not to mention it was not getting all the data like a direct Zabbix Agent would get.
  10. I have edited my main post, hopefully this helps and thanks for the suggestion.
  11. As you can see from the title, my request is to either add or add the ability to add the Zabbix Agent. I run a Zabbix Server and although I currently use the SNMP plugin to be able to gather data from my unRAID server, I would rather be able to use the Zabbix Agent. I have added a Poll to see how many people want this added as a feature. EDIT: Thanks for the suggestion jonathanm. So Zabbix is a monitoring tool that allows you to monitor network connected devices. It allows you to see data such as CPU usage, RAM usage and Storage usage, within a unified platform. You can also setup triggers and message notifications of issues (eg High CPU, device down, port down, etc). For my setup I have multiple VMs running and recently it allowed me to see (due to a alert/trigger) that my VM was using a lot of its swap space. This then allowed me to investigate and find out what was causing the issue. I hope this helps you understand what Zabbix is and does.
  12. @limetech Going to BUMP this one as I need to know soon if the HighPoint RR2840A is supported by unraid (I only have 1TB free now)
  13. The following was posted in the 6.7 release post: "Parity sync/Data rebuild/Check pause/resume capability. Main fu nctionality in place. Pause/resume not preserved across system restarts yet however." No idea what that means for the ETA of this being done.
  14. +1 I would love a better login method. The current basic Auth is well basic and it being the first thing you see before the great dashboard it puts a downer to it imho. Would love to see a new designed login page.
  15. I would greatly welcome this feature, as I store all my movies and tv shows on disk, when a parity sync is running it can take longer for things to load. Not to mention loading SMB takes much longer when a parity sync is running
  16. I am unsure if the drivers for the HighPoint RR2840A 16 Port have been added as of yet. However it would be nice to see it added as I plan to get this card soon and I have seen one post before in General Support mentioning this card too. The Linux drivers are available here http://www.highpoint-tech.com/BIOS_Driver/RR3740A_840A/Linux/RR3740A_840A_2840A_Linux_Src_v1.19.0_19_04_04.tar.gz From what I can see with these drivers the card should be OOB or close to OOB. (Would need to test once drivers are added)
  17. I have been looking at getting this card myself too. From looking on the HighPoint website it says it can be used in JBOD/Non-RAID mode. Have you been able to get the card working with unRAID.
  18. Upgraded my server from 6.6.7 to 6.7 and everything went smoothly. I love the new dashboard, although I would like the ability to add your own server case, as the specific one I have is not on there. (I have a 3U case with the drives sideways) Other than this though everything is working as expected.
  19. Hello, I got this error today within Fix Common Problems. It mentioned "The output of mcelog (if installed) has been logged" I know how to get this plugin but how do I run this and find the log to provide it here for some help?
  20. Yeh I have seen other plugins preparing for the 6.7 release. I have been monitoring the forums since I first saw a plugin mention 6.7, however there seems to be no updates about the release or even the possibility of a release candidate..
  21. Hello, So I was going around and updating my Plugins and noticed that dynamix system stats plugin had an update from 12/01/2019 when I went to update it it gave this error: So once it said this I decided to click the "i" and it showed the following: After this I checked the update UnRaidOS but there it is not showing any update for me: Even after clicking "Next" it doesn't show any newer version avaliable: So my question is there something wrong with my UnRaid as it is not grabbing a new version or is there not actually a new version and this plugin update is just early... ??
  22. I used to use the spin up groups but then got annoyed with the fact that when I wanted to access data on the main array it would take some time for it to spin up the drives. I would rather have the drives on all the time and not spin down after sometime as that way I don't loose performance. Not to mention as I use Plex I don't want people waiting for the disk to spin up, search for the file and then play.
  23. My current system has 32GB of RAM and I am currently using approxx 30% most of the time. I will at some point probably upgrade to a new CPU, Mobo and RAM and when I do will probably opt for 64GB so I can run a few more services on it.
  24. Hello, Now I am unsure if this is even possible but I would like to see the clock speed of both the CPU cores/threads and the memory within the dashboard so for example below: Where each of the % usage of each thread and memory is it could have / [clock speed] This would be very nice to see so people can know that the CPU is running at the desired speed. I doubt this would be high on the list of features to add if it does get accepted but I am willing to wait. If there is a Plugin for this and I am unware please do let me know.