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  1. I am trying to improve performance, I am running a Plex server on it. I think I will just leave it at 1900. I will be changing to a Synology unit soon more than likely.
  2. Hello, I am having issues when I set my MTU at 2000 or higher. I have checked the specs and my motherboard has Intel® Ethernet Connection I217-V and it supports Jumbo Frames. I can set it to 1900 but not 2000 or more. Thanks, Connor
  3. Well I installed a Windows VM check to see if it could connect and it could so it was defiantly something off with my PC reinstalled the OS and now it’s working.
  4. As you can see my windows computer is seeing it is a private network:
  5. Currently: Sever: PC: I can access the webUI but when I try and connect to it using the network section or even try and map a drive that error message comes up.
  6. Hello, I have recently moved house and have got Virgin Media I connected all the Ethernet cables up and expected it to work however it does not I get the following message: What is strange is that over wireless using my iPhone I am able to connect to the server fine and access the shares. Here is the syslog too: syslog.txt Any help will be much appreciated Thanks, Conmyster