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  1. well i did what you said and it worked. no errors to be found. Ordered a different drive as a backup, but either reseating or updating to the beta fixed it. thanks so much
  2. hmm just checked and errors returned. attaching new diagnostics
  3. testing now. Flash now reads append nvme_core.default_ps_max_latency_us=0 initrd=/bzroot,/bzroot-gui I'll report back with what happens later today. thanks //edit it's been hours and so far all is well. If it doesn't have issues by tomorrow I'll consider this solved.
  4. Hi all. experiencing some crashing. My dockers died and vm's died. logs show continuous errors. Aug 28 06:48:07 Jefflix kernel: print_req_error: I/O error, dev loop2, sector 180736 Aug 28 06:48:07 Jefflix kernel: BTRFS error (device loop2): bdev /dev/loop2 errs: wr 0, rd 4050, flush 0, corrupt 0, gen 0 The rest of the array seems to be online and fine. and the vm's show "One or more paths do not exist" I also already deleted my docker image and recreated it. that worked for a few hours, but the next day it was in this error state again. log attached. jeffl
  5. That seems to have done it. I'm running 3 streams without problem. Sent you some beer money. Thanks for all your work with unraid.
  6. unraid version: 6.7.2 nvidia (problem has occured in vanilla back into 6.6.x days) plugins: dynamix cache, ssd trim, stop shell, system buttons, temp. nerd tools for perl recycle bin unbalance unassigned devices hardware: amd 3600 on asus rog b450 -f board 32GB ram lsi sas9211-8i card going to a super micro backplane 846 24-bay unit This has occured on my old hardware as well which was an intel dual xeon setup. I've also swapped lsi cards with an h200 flashed to IT mode with the same results My ca
  7. emby blacklisted jell* on their apps so none work with jellyfin. There's an android app and androidtv app. roku is super rough so far. not sure what else is up. has more info
  8. Doing this completely borks my plex. I have my plex appdata on an unassigned SSD I'm using nvidia card for transcoding and I'm running the encode/decode user script. I assume one of those things is what's breaking it. I just get spinning circle. Even when I undo the change and set everything back I can't get things to load at home. Assuming a full reboot will be needed. Anyone else in this boat?
  9. No, stick with emby for now. You already paid and it's way more feature complete. Jellyfin has a lot of catching up to do. I'd keep an eye on it as it improves.
  10. hmm yeah so not really a UD problem. I wonder what I could do to help with that. I just can't get them to shutdown gracefully at all. I figured they'd time out and move on when they can't access files anymore, but yeah.. anyway, thanks.
  11. "unraid" assignments "jefflix" assignments web gui settings for both
  12. i have to grab them before rebooting right? the preclear was the only thing still working. the other server not running pre-clear had identical problems. What seems to be happening is my dockers that are expecting the files on the other server seem to lock up and I can't kill them no matter what and that is the real problem with locking up. docker kill commands are completely ineffective.
  13. Just wanted to hop in here and say I have 2 unraid servers connected together with unassigned devices. I experience trouble when I reboot one server without unmounting the share via the second server. Once i reboot server "unraid" while server "Jefflix" is still running I guess "jefflix" tries to connect to the "unraid" and it seems to crash unassigned devices. It will show unassigned devices as loading without ever kicking in. Eventually it locks up the whole server and a hard reboot is the only solution. Right now my mover is "running" but not actually moving anything, presumab
  14. excellent. I set my subdomains to "wildcard" in the container and set cloudflare cname to * and it seems to be working. Thanks a lot.