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  1. Hei guys !! The monitor cable kind a blown today. The UPS shut down immediately. After starting with the unraid am missing 2 disks now. Not sure what to do. Will it be the smps or the sata cable ? I have an HBA connected to the config. Not sure what and all fried out. Help please !!
  2. Hurray !! thanks man. But a general query how do cables wear out physically? just by conduction?
  3. I happened to rebuild my data into a drive the other day. The power went down multiple times so the rebuild did not finish. Am not sure what happened in between. I tried to initiate the process today but the rebuild rate was very low showed me some 1000 days to finish. Then i realized there are some errors happening on disk 1 and disk 6 is the one to be rebuilt. I really don't know what to do at this point. Please help
  4. Hei guys the rebuild started but had to be interferred because of repeated power cuts here. I tried to rebuild today. Its showing 1000 days something for the finish time. also the speed is very very low. Like even KB's at times. Can you guys check with the posted diagnostics for whats happening ?
  5. Thanks guys !! Love you unraid people Its rebuilding. Is it because bad shut downs ? or something i can fix, its been happening every here and then. In addition can i get to know why there are errors in Disk 5 also how do i avoid getting such errors.
  6. May i know how to start the rebuild process? Steps would be easy to follow.
  7. I couldn't replace the cables but I did change the mode to ahci and rebooted. Attached the diags
  8. Its connected to the Dell H310 with a SAS connector and this is the first and only hard disc connected with the 310. I dont have any replacement cables available in the local market, should take atleast a week or more. And this problem hasn't happened in the same hard drive all 3 times, it was different drive each time. I ll check with the bios and change if needed., will post you the details.
  9. Hei guys facing similar problems here. Contents are emulated but disabled disk. Its the third time in the row not sure why this is happening, may be because of the disc over heating? Can i run -L in this? Disk 6 Also disk 5 is showing some errors in the dashbaord, would like to know what i can do about that too.
  10. I really dont understand i have reset my failed hard disc with a new one and still showing this way. Yesterday the data reconstruction was going on but the power went down. Now i turned on and there server shows the 4th disc to be disabled and content emulated with a red color x. Have posted the diagnostics as well hope the minds can help me in this.
  11. I am running a photography company where the files are mostly in GB's and GB's. We move lot of files everyday. The limitation i face is that due to the network limitations while copying or writing from a network computer to unraid takes huge amount of time. I am looking for a feasible method where if it is possible to copy files through the USB 3 ports of the unraid server directly rather than going into a network computer for the job.
  12. Oh thanks man. Just got to know there were some ip gateway clash between the router and my network switch both being under the same name. Changed it, now working. Another common thing, is the router DNS server safe ? I have set it as and under dhcp ip but in the above screenshot it still shows local ip!! is it fine?