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  1. Oh thanks man. Just got to know there were some ip gateway clash between the router and my network switch both being under the same name. Changed it, now working. Another common thing, is the router DNS server safe ? I have set it as and under dhcp ip but in the above screenshot it still shows local ip!! is it fine?
  2. I just noticed that my unraid is not connecting to the internet. Not sure what screwed up but may be the router got reset itself is what i have observed so far. Is there a proper way to check why this is not working and where to correct it. Adding the diagnostics data and the router status as well hope that helps. tower-diagnostics-20200122-1253.zip
  3. Error 04 on license upgrade. I have the set time to proper as well. Even the BIOS. Any suggestions ? And yeah the apps page doesnt load too!! Not sure how to check if it has internet access.
  4. what of the wires from the dell h310, where should i connect that in the board. The above post?
  5. Thats great. I go through it. Btw there are instructions where it involves that i ll have to reboot at stages of the process but how i reboot? like a command or through the power button? And where do i connect this pin in the motherboard (image)
  6. Now it makes sense totally. Hope that i have ordered the right one. Fingers crossed for now.
  7. Damn i have order for a cheap one though. Coz thats the only available option me at the moment. But what is that forward breakout thing in the first place. https://www.amazon.in/dp/B013G4EMH8/ref=cm_sw_r_wa_apa_i_v0ViEb3KZ1XYW is the one i have ordered.
  8. Am actually waiting for the SAS to SATA cable now. But meanwhile i can start configuring the Dell h310 into IT mode? It should work or shall i wait till the cables come so that i can connect and work with a live drive?
  9. Guys sorry start all over, newbee here. So i have no idea about formatting the board into IT mode and i started the thread here : As per the only help i received, i should just remove my unraid pendrive and hard discs on the same server. Mount the dell h310 card then the cable sas to sata and the sata connects to a new hard drive. I ll have to run freedos so then once the setup is done as per the instructions. i ll have to connect the unraid os and drives back. My questions are that will i be losing the parity or anything i might be messing with? because am removing the unraid os and drive cables?
  10. First things. so i have to detach the hard drives in my unraid first? Like remove that and pendrive? wont that affect the parity? Also can i do the IT mode flashing from different device? that should work?
  11. Am getting my dell h310 tomorrow may i know how to do the set up to make it capable of attaching multiple drives? A step by step process ll help me a lot. Thanks in advance.
  12. Tried with all the hardware adjustments, Doesnt seem to work. Could be the disc completely? Is it dead or dying ?