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  1. Could it be the network switch? I suspect the second switch being the culprit.
  2. Facing this issue from noon. WebUI is available but not anywhere in the windows explorer. tower-diagnostics-20181126-0118.zip tower-diagnostics-20181126-0118.zip
  3. Changed to AHCI man. The machine turned ON . I could see the progress for sometime, it was rebuilding data when it was starting. Now the WebUI wont work. I need to restart the tower with command. May i know the basic commands ? For Shut down, Restart, Something like that ?
  4. Oh... okie then i shall stop it and change it to AHCI. From what i understood if it runs on IDE during built it may damage other disks too ?
  5. You mean in the BIOS right. I am guessing it should be in AHCI or Legacy mode already. I ll make sure it goes that way. If the current build fails at some point.
  6. Also can you gimme set of instructions that can help me assure that my network is secure ? Any tools ? How do i know that ?
  7. Okie man. Got your point but my problem is that am not able to understand where the problem is exactly. I ve tried everything even the psu was replaced recently. And as per your guidance the rebuild process has been initiated. Fingers crossed. Meanwhile is it okay if i access the data in disks? Will it cause any problem. Am just gonna only copy files, no writes or modifications.
  8. And again during rebuild if the system goes down with initial issue. Would that be a problem ? Coz i could expect that with my experience yesterday.
  9. Yeah i did unplug the cable. Issue remained though. I ll try repeating the process to see if there are any changes. I dont think any faulty hardwares at the moment. The version is very latest loaded through a pendrive inside the cabinet. And i have to mention that it was working all fine in the initial days though. Could there be a malware by chance?
  10. I can follow till "start the array with disk 4 unassigned" What are the exact steps should i follow post this point ?
  11. No i have checked the module. Inserted 1 alone 2 alone and 3. It seem to work just fine . Anyways ll do once again. For your words. Might have missed anything along the way.
  12. Yesterday the tower went down by noon when it was working suddenly the folders in the pc were gone. Went to check whether the tower is off by any chance. But it was still running. Cudnt figure out the issue. Tried to start it multiple times and always resulted in a dead end. Removed cables, rewired, RAM, Sata, CMOS everything removed and placed again. It does turned on (with uneven probability) for moments, when i checked for webUI, it showed for short time and post that its not responding anymore again. Connected the monitor to check for issue and there to i was getting different screen information everytime. Sometimes it reaches the tower login and sometimes it doesn't, sometimes blue screen, sometimes in pink. The situation was i cudnt even get the tower diagnostics to show you people. Later this morning i was able to login and get the tower diagnostics. MAIN showed different informations. Once 2 hard discs weren't available. Then rebooted and one was working fine. Rebooted again then the other was showing blue box. ( am attaching all of them as images and tower diagnostics taken in different times) Please help me out guys. Stuck with productivity. I got today to finish the bug. I have no other option at the point. Add on : i cudnt be there in person my team is handling things by sending screen shots to me. While i was typing this one of my buddy have just messed it more by adding the 4th disc in parity 2 unknowingly. I asked to stop the array when i noticed it. Now the 4th disc is being shown as a new device. 💁‍♂️ i don't know what more to say. Complete mess. I need some serious assistance guys. tower-diagnostics-20181124-2019.zip tower-diagnostics-20181124-1844.zip tower-diagnostics-20181124-2145.zip tower-diagnostics-20181124-2000.zip tower-diagnostics-20181124-1946.zip
  13. Tried in the morning also man. Nothing yet. Doesn't power off itself. Stopped the array. The UI refreshed after sometime. Then pressed the power down. It doesn't shut down by itself even after that.