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  1. Would be nice to have this enabled even as a beta to try out (io_uring):
  2. When you have time: https://www.nvidia.com/download/driverResults.aspx/176525/en-us 470.42.01
  3. https://www.nvidia.com/Download/driverResults.aspx/175539/en-us 465.31 For those lucky people running unraid on their RTX3000 series laptops
  4. No worries, I thought I would ask.
  5. Vulkan branch has latest extensions NOT in the branches on consumer site. It's meant for people testing upcoming Vulkan versions. I don't use it, but some may find it useful.
  6. Could you add the Vulkan dev branch for people who need it also? https://developer.nvidia.com/vulkan-driver Linux 455.50.14
  7. Another week another new driver: https://www.nvidia.com/download/driverResults.aspx/174582/en-us 465.27
  8. Ugh I have a time machine. I will dial it back down 🙂
  9. New stable driver out 465.24.02 https://www.nvidia.com/Download/driverResults.aspx/172836/en-us
  10. It's hard to release it in the USA and around the world at the same time. Someone is always sleeping. Also @limetech getting us the latest kernel the same day it was released. Hard to give the plugin devs the heads up when the linux kernel wasn't even released before they went to bed
  11. @ich777 will update them when he awakes. He is on the other side of the world
  12. New nvidia driver out: https://www.phoronix.com/scan.php?page=news_item&px=NVIDIA-465-Linux-Beta
  13. @ich777 is probably sleeping. They always release the new builds while he's snoozing. He's on the other side of the world
  14. Next point release can you update docker to 20.10.5 It patches 3 CVE's including these 2 ugly ones: https://github.com/moby/moby/security/advisories/GHSA-6fj5-m822-rqx8 https://github.com/moby/moby/security/advisories/GHSA-7452-xqpj-6rpc
  15. 6.9.1 breaks this again