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  1. Dazog

    [ 6.6.0-rc1 ] VM performance on threadripper 2990wx

    Well when you disrupt a monopoly things take time. I'd rather have a year of eypc/threadripper issues eventually be sorted instead of intel decided I don't need 32 cores in my unraid server for 10x less money 6.6 is shipping on the latest and greatest kernel which has alot better support over 4.14, it's just that most of the software wasn't worried about normal folks running 32 core machines en masse. Most corporations would just pay and or modify the linux kernel themselves for 1 off mass core counts
  2. Dazog

    [ 6.6.0-rc1 ] VM performance on threadripper 2990wx

    Just suggesting that there may be a regression in QEMU or the likes since 6.6 uses a newer version. Not many people have the 32 core variant, including developers of these applications. Shrugs.
  3. Dazog

    [ 6.6.0-rc1 ] VM performance on threadripper 2990wx

    3.30 is still I suspect its a threadripper 2 issue that a piece of software unraid uses doesn't like the 32 core cpu.
  4. Dazog

    [ 6.6.0-rc1 ] VM performance on threadripper 2990wx

    It's a possibility the issue is the core count. So far only people with issues have the 32 core version. I know linux/windows and driver vendors are scrambling to support server core count cpu's in consumers hands
  5. Dazog

    [ 6.6.0-rc1 ] VM performance on threadripper 2990wx

    Just to chime in. On my threadripper 1920x I am not seeing any issues on a asrock taichi running bios 3.30. Performance on my win10 vm is the same and no slow start up.
  6. Dazog

    Unraid OS version 6.6.0-rc3 available

    Update from RC2 to RC3 on Threadripper. No issues. A few more updates to possbily sneak in before Unraid 6.6 final? GCC 8.2 has replaced 8.1 series. OpenSSL 1.1.1 (New LTS branch) Nano 3.0 Samba 4.9.0 PHP 7.2.10 OpenSSH 7.8 I imagine the other applications would be updated in point releases, since this release already has a massive GUI change. Awesome work again dev team and community for plugins that are already compatible!
  7. Dazog

    [Support] brettm357 - UniFi

    5.9.26 is out: https://community.ubnt.com/t5/UniFi-Beta-Blog/UniFi-SDN-Controller-5-9-26-Stable-Candidate-has-been-released/ba-p/2489657
  8. Dazog

    Unraid OS version 6.6.0-rc2 available

    I have updated my list. Slackware slacks off on package updates, they are missing a bunch. Some of the ones they are missing I think have CVE's or huge performance/bug fixes. Not sure how you guys handle this, but having OLD packages years old isn't wise either. Since people could be exploiting old revisions with unreleased CVE's. Not trying to nag or complain. Just trying to give back to this awesome software!
  9. Dazog

    Unraid OS version 6.6.0-rc2 available

    Will we see these updated before 6.6 final? Some of these updates contain CVE patches! acpid2 2.0.30 btrfs-progs-4.17.1 cifs-utils-6.8 coreutils 8.30 cryptsetup 2.04 curl 7.61.1 dbus 1.12.10 dhcpcd 7.08 E2fsprogs 1.44.4 ebtables 2.0.10 (rev 4) encodings: 1.0.4 (rev 5) ethtool 4.18-1 findutils 4.6.0 FreeType 2.9.1 fribidi 1.05 fuse 3.2.6 gdbm 1.18 glib2 2.58.0-1 glibc-solibs-2.28-2 glibc-2.28-2 gnupg 2.2.10 gnutls 3.6.3-1 gptfdisk 1.04-1 harfbuzz 1.8.8 haveged 1.9.4-3 hostname 3.20-6 icu4c 62.1 inotify-tools 3.20.1 iproute2 4.18.0-1 iptables 1.8.0-1 iputils-s20180629-1 kernel-firmware-20180904_85c5d90-1 keyutils 1.5.11-1 libarchive 3.3.3-1 libcap-ng 0.7.9-1 libdrm 2.4.94 libepoxy 1.5.2-1 libgpg-error 1.32-1 libjpeg-turbo 2.0.0-1 libX11-1.6.6-1 (Most of the Libx need updating) lsscsi 0.30-1 lvm2 2.02.181-1 Mesa 18.1.8 Nano 3.0 nghttp2 1.33.0 nginx 1.15-3 openssh 7.8p1-1 p11-kit 0.23.14-1 pango 1.42.4-1 pciutils 3.62-1 php 7.2.9-1 pkgtools 15.0 (rev 23) procps-ng 3.3.15-2 rpcbind 1.25 rsyslog 8.37 Samba 4.8.5 shadow 4.6 shared-mime-info 1.10-1 ssmtp 2.64-12 sudo 1.8.25-1 talloc 2.1.14-1 tdb 1.3.16-1 tevent 0.9.37 ttyd 1.4.1 util-linux 2.32.1-2 vala 0.42.0-1 vte3 0.52.2-1 xfsprogs 4.17.0-1 xkeyboard-config 2.24-1 Xorg-Server-1.20.1 xterm 335-1 May have missed some but almost all above are outdated. Some have CVE's.
  10. Dazog

    Unraid OS version 6.6.0-rc1 available

    Posts in RC thread about waiting for final
  11. Dazog

    Make new UI a choice

    Set your browser zoom to 125 percent to have unraid fill the screen. I do this at 2560x1440p
  12. Dazog

    Recommended x399 Boards

    I am running a 1920x on X399 Asrock Tai Chi with latest bios 3.30. 32 gigs of 3600 mhz ram. No problems so far.
  13. Latest: https://snapshot.raintank.io/dashboard/snapshot/bUHqkj7sDstzaS5ZWCN6en6h9A8lgd6j Just have to fix CPU temps, they don't want to work with k10temp module and grafana yet!
  14. Dazog

    Unraid OS version 6.6.0-rc1 available

    Awesome work! Now for intel to get off there duffs and fix the 4.18 compile errors. Anyway one minor GUI issue on docker page with long repositories: The version tab is a little too close to the Application Field One last big request... Can we have an option in Display settings to Hide the ugly red version number below the awesome new Logo