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  1. Awesome! Bring on 6.9 with that new 5.4 kernel
  2. https://www.phoronix.com/scan.php?page=news_item&px=Linux-5.4-4.19-4.14-MCE-Fix-TR Looks like next point release for 6.8 will have new threadrippers work properly for those that have em
  3. https://slackbuilds.org/result/?search=nvidia&sv=14.2 It's actually slackbuilds that makes the drives for us from nvidia. Linuxserver rely on them for drivers.
  4. Did you try RC7 with kernel 5.3? RC9 is kernel 4.19 Curious if newer kernel has regression fixes.
  5. Unraid has added wireguard themselves. It isn't going away with any release. It will just get fixes and be better tested by everyone when it's mainlined in the kernel and multiple distro's start offering it.
  6. Unraid's wireguard support can only get better, Linux kernel will have this in either 5.5 or 5.6 at latest. https://www.phoronix.com/scan.php?page=news_item&px=WireGuard-Possible-Linux-5.5
  7. @CHBMB If you ever put us internet nerds before your daughters movie watching I will be forced to uninstall the nvidia builds.
  8. Sweet nvidia driver is updated on slackbuilds https://slackbuilds.org/repository/14.2/system/nvidia-driver/ Cmon Limetech
  9. I assume because 5.4 JUST finalized and intel is huge and probably has to run some sort of verifications? Gives you something to test out when you start building 5.4 unraid kernels
  10. Slackbuilds is responsible for that.. https://slackbuilds.org/result/?search=nvidia&sv=14.2 I assume the person responsible for this is just busy and hasn't had time. I hope they can update it before 6.8 final is out.
  11. Intel brought us a Turkey on USA turkey day https://sourceforge.net/projects/e1000/files/ixgbe stable/5.6.5/
  12. Pshhh.... think longer, I want Linux kernel 5.6 with wireguard support in kernel in the next RC. RC7 is stable for me. Enjoy Thanksgiving in the USA and then come back to us and our sesame street problems.
  13. But linus is still 2 weeks out for LTS kernel 5.4 and QEMU 4.2 is 2 weeks out too https://wiki.qemu.org/Planning/4.2
  14. QEMU 4.1.1 just dropped: https://www.qemu.org/download/#source XFS fixes i believe