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  1. Not 5.3 :0 Atleast we know now 5.4 in Nov is next LTS
  2. All my Appdata on Cache drives, never had any corruption through all the builds. Possible to setup a survey for us to all fill out to generate data for you? And is the server you are testing on, tried a 6.8 build with new kernel to rule out a 4.19 regression?
  3. Can you do a PR on https://github.com/limetech/webgui/tree/master/plugins So the dev's can see it and make the changes for 6.8?
  4. 6.8 is on the horizon. Possibly kernel 5.3 since it's due to be stable soon It could also be the new LTS kernel.
  5. Will we see a 6.7.3 with updated kernel before 6.8 series starts? Since the 6.7 series will be used by some people for a time after 6.8 releases and while it's being tested. @limetech
  6. Yes, alot of them got added into latest telegraf build.
  7. @digiblur https://github.com/Nico640/docker-unms New maintainer for UNMS docker!
  8. QEMU updates arrive with major point releases. I assume unraid 6.8 will have QEMU 4.0 or possibly 4.1 since it will be final soon.
  9. sorry, your right. Once i run the command it works I just have to set persistence mode on at each boot :0 * i justed tested emby, it latches to p0 for transcodes and goes back to p8 once trasncode stops!*
  10. Card is always at P0 Stream or no stream. I will wait to see if someone creates a docker or script to fake the desktop to trick nvidia's cards into letting us not having to run P0 24/7
  11. It's sad that people have now made this awesome hard work become a post worthy of: https://old.reddit.com/r/ChoosingBeggars/ Please remember before this came out, we had to buy expensive large core processors AND use more power to do what we are doing today. Thank you again for all your hard work. Without it we are back to what we had before which is nothing. *I hope your family member is doing well. No amount of software/Computer work is worth not having those memories of said family members.*
  12. Wow AMD DID have a cve that the linux firmware update patched: https://www.phoronix.com/scan.php?page=news_item&px=AMD-SEV-Vulnerability-Micro-Up Unraid patched it before CVE became public :0
  13. Dazog

    6.7.0 NFS

    I will try 6.7.1 final in the next couple of days and report back.
  14. Have to wait for 5.x kernel. Which i ASSUME will be Unraid 6.8 beta series