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  1. thanks for the advice, but seems to work in this case and doesnt help ` ` for that?
  2. thanks, but found out tail works /usr/local/emhttp/webGui/scripts/notify -i normal -s "Test" -d "Test" -m "`tail logfile.log`"
  3. yeah but how can i attach the file or output from rsync to the notify command /usr/local/emhttp/webGui/scripts/notify -i normal -s "Test" -d "Test" -m < test.txt does not work the content of the file is not showing in notification
  4. just do everything in one script, dont think there is a easy way. you could save a text file in the sub-scripts and wait for the file to appear in the main script
  5. Hey there, i would like to know how i can mail the whole output of rsync -av --delete --ignore-errors -e as notification thanks in advance
  6. That did the trick!, was set to powersaving, now perfomance 50Watt´s more but yay ... POWER Thanks!
  7. Yeah, i overclocked via UEFI/Bios Mainboard is Asus Prime x470-Pro even with default Bios settings, same result, only 2200 MHZ and like i said, this OC worked flawless as my Mainrig with Windows
  8. Hey there, i just changed from my i7-4770k to an Ryzen 2600x in my Unraid Machine, Overclocked - all Cores @ 4GHZ, c-States Off i have a Windows VM (Task Manager shows 4GHZ Clock) running on it with 6 of the 12 Threads, when i launch Prime95 on it, the Host CPU Clock only goes to 2.200 MHZ but max. freq is 4000 MHZ but i never see it. Processor was running fine (on Windows) with this clocks in my mainrig before upgrade (Mainboard is the same) any tips? se
  9. Hey there, very good plugin! But i have a question: can we maybe have subdirectorys? Example: /Backups/Scriptfolder so you can put all backup scripts in that one subdirectory and in the webui theres a drop down or something similar
  10. Thanks for the Tips the only Problem is that the Offsite is 600km away ? And i am atm at the Offsite. So i would need to travel 1800km, to do Like you said. Any other way without blacklisting the old stick?
  11. Hey Guys, now that im very happy with Unraid i want to add another Server offsite At the moment i have one with a 6 Disk Key and i want to upgrade it to the 12 Disk license and want to use the 6 Disk License in the Offsite Server. Upgrading is a bit more expensive as buying the bigger license. So is there any other way as "marking" the usb stick as damaged and changing the key to the other server that way? Because the old stick ist getting blacklisted then and i need another one.
  12. after ssome testing it seems that the host run out of memory i changed the memory to 8GB for the VM and now it has run without problem over night ... but thats realy odd ... the only thing i found in the VM log was: 2018-04-06 23:30:41.969+0000: shutting down, reason=crashed but there is no reason for the crash ...
  13. Hey guys, since today im using an Debian VM on my unRAID server as an Minecraft Server with 10GB ram, now i have the problem that the VM crashed/shutdown the third time, and i dont know realy why. i dont find any hints in the logs, any ideas? (last crash @ Sat Apr 7 1:30 CEST 2018) My System: - UnRAID 6.5.0 - AMD A7600 - GIGABYTE F2A88XM-HD3P FM2+ - 16GB DDR3 1600MHZ - 4x WDRED 3TB - 1x Hitachi 1TB - 120GB SSD (Cache) - 120GB SSD (VM)[Unassigned Devices]
  14. Yeah thanks i already saw that ... but my question is how do i attach the log to the mail?
  15. Hey Guys. im using a rsync script with this plugin, is there a way to send the log of the script as an notification to my email set in the notification settings?