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  1. I have some rclone mounts that need refreshing every day. To do this, I have to manually stop and start the array. How can I do this using userscript and cron? From the wiki, it looks complicated as stopping array requires to run multiple commands. How can I just simulate the same steps done by the webgui button when we hit Stop.
  2. Server ran for 3 days since I posted no issue. Today I did a reboot, and immediately after, parity check started. Reboot was done using Unraid GUI button. I have captured persistent logs on flash and uploaded to link below. Please help me check.
  3. Hi all, I have been having issues with my server lately, where it randomly just hangs, which cause Unraid web-gui to be non responsive, no smb share, no docker. The only way to rectify is to hit the reset button on my cpu. After reading over this forum, I had changed my C state settings in bios and also disabled VM Manager now. The issue is still persistent. Also, just 2 days back, another weird issue has started to happen - whenever I reboot the server, a parity check starts for no reason. Can anyone help to look into my diagnostic data and suggest what to do?
  4. It is erratic. docker, vm and community apps is gone. array is working. my cache drive also shows as missing. but plugins working surprisingly.. i created new usb, tried to register my key but even thats not working. i guess no way but to setup my server back from scratch..
  5. I wrongly passed my unraid boot usb to a vm and formatted it. both were sandisk thus confusion. Now, my server is still running from ram. How can i backup the running server config from RAM, create the usb again and put the configs again.
  6. I have 2 unraid servers, one with basic and one with plus. The plus server is now down with only 5 disks. The basic server has more than 6 disk and require a plus license. I know license are tied to flash guid, but how can I swap the two license without blacklisting the guid. Will it work if I apply the Basic key to the Plus server and vice versa? Physically swapping the flash disk is not possible is one server is remote and not easily accessible.
  7. Hi I run the official Plex Docker under unraid. I see that every-time I patch the plex transcoder to plex transcoder2, the next day it reverts back to original. Is the official docker doing background update check every day? Can anyone provide inputs...
  8. I faced the same issue. The problem was the bash script was not marked executable. Try to chmod +x for both Plex Transcoder and Plex Transcoder 2
  9. Anyone managed to get hardware acceleration working with binhex-jellyfin docker? I read somewhere that jellyfin docker does not support nvenc/nvdec. Anyone managed to get it working with some patch?
  10. Hi I managed to get it working using your Just that it didnt work initially so I had to manually do chmod +x on both Plex Transcode & Plex Transcode2. Maybe you should add this chmod+x command too in your script. Also, I noticed, that my cpu is still being utilized, but now significantly less than before. Does plex still use CPU even when we force NVDEC. I suppose maybe the audio is transcoded using CPU? And nvidia-smi still show the process even after stream is closed. Anyone have solution for this yet?
  11. I did all these steps but in my PMS logs I get the error below: /usr/lib/plexmediaserver/Plex Transcoder: 2: /usr/lib/plexmediaserver/Plex Transcoder: /usr/lib/plexmediaserver/Plex Transcoder2: not found I rechcked with 'ls' and do see both Plex Transcoder and Plex Transcoder2 file so why it shows error above? I am using official pms-docker
  12. Hi all, firstly great job linux server for this awesome plugin. I'd like to know from fellow folks, apart from Plex/Emby, anyone have used this for other dockers like MotionEye/Zoneminder/Handbrake? Can share how they have used it?
  13. Thank you very much kenji. I really appreciate your valuable thoughts and recommendations. You are right it may be an issue with the gateway with lowest metric takes precedence and it's gateway translates all request. With VM, I virtualize br1 as eth0 in the virtualized environment, thus the packets reach destination. For now, I am contended with solution of using the vm for my second LE container. Combing the wan in pfsense and forwarding ports there is not an option for me. My second wan connection is not pppoe but rather a static ip connection coming from an isp router from other house in the back lane. Pfsense is not dialing this connection to isp. Also, port forwarding rules are on isp router and not pfsense. That's why, having 2 nic, I send one lan from isp2 router directly to unraid (this is fastest speed connection). Isp1 connection terminates at my own house so my pfsense box dials to the isp with pppoe directly and the nat port forwarding is managed by pfsense directly. Load balancing this two connection with pfsense amplifies my outgoing speed only. For incoming I cannot load balance with two isp because of limitation above, thus the need arise for me to have 2 nic in unraid. Vlan tagging etc will requires managed switch which are not at my disposal, and since my unraid is for personal use and not commercial, I wouldn't bother upgrading my switches anyways. If you stumble upon or think of some way where I can program static routing in unraid ip tables where incoming packets on wan2 are managed by wan2 gateway, then let me know. I am comfortable with cli and doing some tweaking like that. But on top of all that, tons and tons of thanks to you for giving your valuable input in this. I am truly grateful to you.
  14. @ken-ji @bonienl I did further checking on my issue. To confirm that my netowrk setup is right, I created a ubuntu VM using KVM unraid and tagged to br1 NIC (2nd WAN), installed docker ce on it, and installed the same LSIO LE container (the same that is published on CA). With this setup, all my request reaches the destination properly. i.e. I now have 2 wan of different isp both pointing to the same unraid server docker. To conclude, I believe there is some bug in the unraid docker network. Second NIC on eth1, if exposed to internet will never gets its incoming packets forwarded to its destination. Only if I tag the nic to eth0 the incoming connection works. I hope for the next release, this issue can be looked into. Thanks.