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  1. Howdy all, First off, thanks to atribe for putting this together. So i've been running the graf/tele/influx combo happily for some time now. I recently set up a custom domain/duckdns reverse proxy as per spaceinvaderone and everything works fine except Grafana which just throws 502 bad gateway nginx/1.14.2 I've seen a small number of queries but never a definitive answer. If anyone can shed some light on this i'd be grateful.
  2. Hi all! Has anyone come across this before?
  3. hi guys, new to all of this, when i try to access the web ui i'm staring at this spinning gear and thats all i get. supervisord.log *edit* ok, found the answer in a sickbeard forum, its an issue with http vs https, I dont really know what the issue was or how the fix worked but...