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  1. If I want to change my deposit wallet, DO I only need to change it in the docker template? or will there need to be other places I need to change it in?
  2. It does not give me the option to update. The Fix Common Problems plugin tells me that it has been deprecated and I should change to the new one.
  3. I don't know if this post is appropriate for a support topic. I couldn't find a gratitude topic. I wanted to thank you for this amazing plugin. It has saved me from a lot of headaches more than I care to admit. I appreciate your hard work and what you do for this community.
  4. I love the simplicity of the whole system I would like to see built in server to server sync
  5. I've been using unRAID for 2 years, it's worked out very well. I bought two more licenses for other projects.
  6. I got the server rack cases for $25 a piece. The bottom one is my main server. the one above that is dedicated onsite backup. Both are in active use or I take pics of the inside.